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P.L.J. Band - "Armageddon" {Greece} [1982] (Psych Space Rock) (@256)

The album "Armageddon" by the formation PLJ Band is often considered as the most acclaimed Greek progrock music. It was released in ’82 but immediately forbidden because of the blasphemical lyrics and the albums had to be destroyed. Fortunately at about 300 records survived and ended as highly sought after ‘collector items’ (value more than US $ 300,00) in the arms of some very lucky and wealthy progheads many years later! The progressive German label Second Battle re-released "Armageddon" on CD from the original LP because the mastertapes were lost. The musicians: Laurentis Macaeritsas (lead vocals, 12-string guitar and keyboards), Antonis Mijelos (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Jimmy Vasalakos (bass, backing vocals), Pavlos Kikrilis (rhythm – and classical guitar) and Tolis Skamajouras (drums and percussion). The sound is very unique: a captivating progressive blend of acoustic – and electric folk and (space) rock with a strong psychedelic undertone. The stunning surrealistic cover art is in the vein of Salvador Dali. Perhaps his mind reigns over this album?

The album "Armageddon" is one of the most original progrock albums ever made. The tension between the acoustic – and classical guitars (twanging and rhythm) and the soaring and spacey keyboards on one hand and the fiery and howling, distorted electric guitarplay on the other hand creates a lot of tension and compelling climates, emphasized by the hypnotizing vocals. If you want a psychedelic experience without drugs, this one is yours!

01 - Intro (5:03)
02 - I See People (4:29)
03 - Ezekiel (3:49)
04 - Oye (4:54)
05 - Armageddon I (7:29)
06 - Armageddon II (7:03)
07 - Void (2:12)
08 - Theme (4:58)
09 - Starwish (1:44)

- Laurentis Macaeritsas / Lead Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Keyboards
- Antonis Mijelos / Lead guitar, Acoustic Guitar
- Jimmy Vasalakos / Bass, Backing Vocals
- Pavlos Kikrilis / Rhythm, Classical Guitar
- Tolis Skamajouras / Drums, Percussion


Link for download "P.L.J. Band - Armageddon" in comments ...


isabelbc said...


Vlasdance said...

Hello my friend...
this one is good!!
could you re-post Tharsein Xrei Album because the link is dead??

i am looking for tharsein xrei..
please if you could, i would appreciate it so much!!

Keep up the very good work...

Anonymous said...

My god how good it is.
People don't miss it!!!!
By the way, thank you and for all interesting (different) music you shared with us.

Anonymous said...

I love that band!
I bought a Vertigo issue on CD 12 years ago and I love their music!


isabelbc said...

Hi vlasdance

Link to "Tharsein Xrei Album"


panos1 said...

I can say that not because its from greece,but because its a music monument!
Ofcource i got it[secondhand,in a bazaar],and its amazing why this gem was forbitten!the words are not blaspheme, they just repeat ther words of APOCALYPSE[of prophet jonn]!obvious priests thought that rock is antichrist music!thanks god this in not forbitten anymore!
Just to remind you that they forbit,Nikos Kazantjakis "last temptation'' in 50's a book who won all the awards and special comments around the world and many other think!
SO my advice for people who are believers [i am but not blind ofcource] DONT MISS IT!

The musicians are not "amateurs" they are all high class virtuoses,and especially Laurentis Machaeritsas is one the best greek musicians of all the time!
The music is a variety of prog rock,never the hardest,asometimes relly hypnotic and epecially the moment when laurentis is speaking [not singing],the words of John about the future of the city Armaggedon is outstanding!

find the words of apocalypse and read it while you are listening!
Your soul will fly to the sky and your senses will be explode!
I have the luck to be a greek,and understand all the words!
The language is Ancient greek,the language,in which the first translation of bible and apocalypse were writen!


I ASK THE PERMIION TO POST THE LINK in to a greek[mostly] blog,and another 100% modern progrock!

Anonymous said...

Another band I've been looking for some time now along with Karuna Khyal. Thanks.

Vlasdance said...

o thank you so much my friend for the link tharsin hri...
thanks a lot...

isabelbc said...

Hi panos1,
my english is not good
yes you can take link to post in "to a greek[mostly] blog, and another 100% modern progrock!"

Thanks for the comments and downloads!


Anonymous said...

My name is Pavlos Kikrilis and i am one of the composers in this record. I am so glad that i hear so many people still like our record!!!
for more information...
there you can read (in Greek) the story of PLJ band later as Termites Band.
Thanks alot all of you.

isabelbc said...

Hello Pavlos,
I'm glad to hear that you have appreciated see your album here
Our thanks to you for this amazing album

Φαροφύλακας said...

I strongly doubt that the album was “forbidden” and “had to be destroyed”. This is a very unlikely scenario and surely for Greece in the year 1982, under the fresh regime of the socialists.

Whoever wrote the text above is most probably reciting an urban legend.

isabelbc said...

hi Φαροφύλακας,

maybe you are right, but above you can see a comment from one of the band members (Pavlos Kikrilis), he don't expressed opposition to the review done by ProgArchives...

thank you for comment :)

isabel :o)

Anonymous said...

No..the album wasnt forbidden and dint had to destroyed....
Pavlos Kikrilis

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!


Thanx :)


Thanks for album

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