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Ripaille - "La Vieille Que L'on Brula" {France} [1977] (Prog Folk) (@192)

These guys knew how to have fun in the studio (faire RIPAILLE is to feast). They only managed one album on the very collectable Ballon Noir label and had almost completed a second one when their label went bankrupt. If not a commercial success, at least musically speaking was RIPAILLE a major gem that has now been re-released by Musea, with three bonus track of that second album that was never to be. Their music is definitely axed at medieval times telling a story of a old woman getting burned for sorcery (sounds familiar?), but the music is so well played and descriptive that you are riveted to your seat (provided you understand French of course until the end of the album. The music may remind you of GRYPHON or GENTLE GIANT, and is right up there in terms of artistic success. Recommended for a real good time and for something quite different from your ordinary prog.

There are three outstanding gems on the highly collectable Ballon Noir label, the solo albums of Emmanuelle Parrerin and Laurent Thibault and the fantastic Ripaille album. This is simply one of the best combinations of lush symphonic rock and folk-rock ever made! Similar to the music of Gryphon, Fruupp and Gentle Giant, this is just as personal. Ripaille's music sounds surprisingly unpretentious, perhaps on account of their great melodic talent. Medieval elements blend well alongside jangly electric guitars, sound effects and hovering synthesizers. The relatively short tracks display great variety and lots of invention. Little could be improved here! (Another great album in quite a similar direction was released by Troisieme Rive in 1978.) A second album was completed in 1980, but Ballon Noir had financial problems as the major labels didn't bother with this kind of music. Taken from Scented Gardens of the Mind - A guide to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock (1968-1980) in more than 20 European Countries, by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-12-2

01 - Fils de la Lune (4:29)
02 - Le Jardin des Plaisirs (5:38)
03 - Il n'y a plus Rien (3:29)
04 - Satane Jardin (2:41)
05 - La Veuve de Nicole (5:08)
06 - Le Sabbat des Sorts (3:55)
07 - Les Loups (2:40)
08 - La Vielle que l'on Brula (3:52)
09 - Epilogue (4:18)

Musea bonus tracks:
10 - Ah! Faut Profiter (5:10)
11 - Gratis et en Plein Air (4:13)
12 - Les Chameaux (5:20)

- Patrick Audouin / Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, spinet, acoustic guitar, tubular bells, rattle, cymbals, vocals
- Patrick Droguet / acoustic & electric guitars, triangle
- Michel Munoz / drums, rototoms, cymbals, crotales
- Gérard Duchemann / lead vocals, synthesizers, string-ensemble, spinet
- Jacquy Thomas / bass, string-ensemble, vibes, tambourine, vocals
- Michel Santangelli / drums (10-12)
- Hugues De Courson / rototoms, crumhorn
- Robert Le Gall / violin
- Alain Hergouarch / tambourine
- Emmanuelle Parrenin / triangle, vocals
- Jo Courtin / accordion
- Pierre Holassian / Alto saxophone
- Bruno Menny / sound effects

02 - Le Jardin Des Plaisirs ...
08 - La Vielle Que L'on Brula ...

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Thanks! I've been looking for such prog-folk music, it seems that it's very rare, unfortunaly!
Years ago I heard Malicorne and love it,
always wanted them to be more prog-oriented, I hope this band would fulfill my expectations. Few months ago I've heard Breche, hope it's even better.
Please, keep up your good work!


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