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S Vremena Na Vreme - "S Vremena Na Vreme" {Yugoslavia} [1975] (Prog Folk)

Vremena Na Vreme (Eng. "From Time To Time") was formed 1972, with original line-up consisting of: Miomir Djukic - prim, guitar, vocal; Vojislav Djukic - guitar, vocal; Asim Sarvan - vocal, guitar; and Ljubomir Ninkovic - guitar, vocal. They grew out of an informal assembly of musicians who gathered from time to time in order to record songs and soundtrack for Radio Belgrade broadcast programmes. They also gained reputation as prolific composers and arrangers for numerous TV, radio, film and theatre performances and shows. They were pioneers of introducing traditional folk elements into popular and rock music, utilizing old instruments such as prim or sargija and making crossover between genres. Drummer Nikola Jager became more or less a regular member of the band since their debut album, while many excellent musicians appeared as guests on their studio works. They built a slow but growing reputation releasing several important singles from 1973-78, many of which hit the top charts in the former Yugoslavia. However, their eponymous debut album from 1975 remains as the most successful achievement to date. The band decided to split up in 1979. Debut album "S vremena na vreme" from 1975 is highly recommended to all prog folk and folk-rock fans. It features a mix of acoustic and electric songs with occasional backing sounds of flute, organ and mandolin-related traditional instruments. Arrangements sometimes associate with earlier works of Magna Carta, Incredible String Band or Jethro Tull, with harmony vocals resembling Simon And Garfunkel influences. (review taken from ebay listings)

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