Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nuevo México - "Hecho En Casa" - {Mexico} [1975] (flute driven heavy prog)

Hola amigos! A few days ago i sent an album "Fun Of It - Meditation" but it was wrongly tagged Murphy Blend - First Loss (71) album..i was searching Fun Of It band for a long time. When i found & listened the album..i like it, it was my taste of music and decided to share in here..Well i never listened Murphy Blend before..and wrongly tagged album fooled me..i am like you, searching for something different..and i am learning 2..thanks for the warning comments..i removed the post from the site..and i am sorry to introduce the album wrongly & waste your rapidshare time..

here is some copy/paste: "With the aggressive flute playing, general rhythmic stance & bluesy/jazzy feel, this Mexican band from the mid-late 70s recalls most vividly the Jethro Tull of the "Stand Up" /"Benefit" era in the early 70s. This CD reissue collects together on one disc both their 1975 debut album "Hecho En Casa" and their 2nd Lp from 1979 "Ceramica". Though moments on their LPs certainly sound alot like Jethro Tull, there are other bands with lots of flute playing who come to mind sometimes as well. Camel, Gotic, even alittle PFM here and there. Fans of flute-driven prog will love this release. Unfortunately, this was a ltd ed of 1000 copies and has been out-of-print for some time. I found a handful stashed away in a forgotten box and as soon as they are gone....." This album may make day of jethro tull lovers.keep listening.

links in comments..

eL tALoN dE AqUiLes..
DesPueS De La MueRte..


nahavanda said...


Anonymous said...

...sounds interesting - definitive a good addition to the collection of the PFM / FOCUS & TULL - Fan ;-)

thanks for this one... cheers Thijs van Leer (...just kidding ;-)

Anonymous said...

You say:

This CD reissue collects together on one disc both their 1975 debut album "Hecho En Casa" and their 2nd Lp from 1979 "Ceramica".

But no, only CD Hecho en Casa and the 2nd LP no come.

Thanks for this album, is very historic for me

Sorry for my english, i hope so you understand me


nahavanda said...

my english bad too.. umm this is only "hecho en casa" i couldnt find a review so i copy/paste the review from other sites.. i am glad you like the album

good days :)

Don Buen Gusto said...

Excellent post. I've been looking for this. This was a Mexican Band in the middle 70's. The guy that played the flute has passed away recently. His name was Jorge Reyes. He was well known in Mexico as in other countries. visit this,
here you will find his albums, some of theme very interesting.
Thanks a lot

Ana Mariaaa said...

Hi there: is there any possibility to get this link? We had this album in a post but its link is dead and it's hard to find for me. Thanks a lot,

O mejor: Muy buenas. Se podría conseguir el link? Teníamos publicado este disco en nuestro blog, pero el enlace está caido y me está costando trabajo conseguirlo. Muchas gracias

katetoskopio (lasgalletasdemaria)

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