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Ole Lukkoye - "Doo-Doo-Doo (Remedy For a Dwarf)" {Russia} [1998] (Ethnic Space Prog) (@192)

Ole Lukkoye is a relatively new band from Russia that tries merge droning space rock and ethnic music from the Middle East/Central Asia. The resulting sound comes across like a mix of Ozric Tentacles/Korai Orom and the "neo-ethnic" US band Azigza. The vocals are usually "with an Eastern vibe," a rather droning, reciting way of singing is used. All albums show a strong presence of percussion, airy synth lines and a rather darkish atmosphere. Most tracks have a great long-drawn groove.

Their first three full length albums Zapara, Toomze and Do Doo Doo (Remedy for a Dwarf) all sound quite similar. Zapara sounds slightly more reflective than the others to me. Some tracks remind me of the related band Samkha. Toomze sounds a bit like a transitional album towards a more aggressive, electric sound. More (ethnic) instruments are featured this time. Toomze also features keyboard-programmed horns, which don't work that well in my opinion. A good album, but possibly their straightest album. Do Doo Doo (Remedy for a Dwarf) is for me their best. The overall sound is still the same, but the whole album sounds more spirited than the other two. All albums are worth hearing, but I would recommend starting with Do Doo Doo (Remedy for a Dwarf) and work your way back, if you like what you hear.

Go a bit beyond Ozric Tentacles' Druidic reggae-rock hamlet, slip past the heavy Hawkwindish Tribe of Cro territory, and cross the frozen tundra to the permafrost kingdoms of Russia's tribal trance-rock rulers. Tunguskan fire-winds above, wolf claws rattling, darbuk calls, synths twisting sound, dwarf howl-screams, jimbees, chimes, Don Cherry like horns, bassoon effects, ritualistic vox, ample but sparse guitars, way-spacey programming aneath yon ice ring halos around an ancient Arctic moon that call you to other worlds of nomadic ancestors. Mix the Orb's underworld excursions with Oldfield's concept albums and the Ozrics and Tribe of Cro trance-dance, add a dash of that Steve Tibbetts/ Marc Anderson percussive dirge, then a pinch of Jai Uttal's Footprints with a dose of Sisters of Mercy guitar work. Sift it all through an ethnik-tribal-vworld-musick strainer. Ole Lukkoye is: Boris Bardash on keys, guitars, and crooning a bit like a Russian David Byrne, Andrey Lavrinenko on bass, Frol on bassoon and ocarina, Yuri Lukjanchik on jimbees and darbuk. Also appearing are Oleg Shar, Sergev Radovsky, Evgenia Radovsky, Aleksander Kovalenko, and Vadim Kouzenkov. Nearly all of the band was doing some form of percussion as well! ~ John Patterson, All Music Guide

01 - Wedding Of Deaf-Mute (5:13)
02 - Fairy Tale (9:28)
03 - Tuva-Tuva (12:44)
04 - Children (5:50)
05 - Lega Lazit Dub (15:56)
06 - Rainbow (5:03)
07 - Mana (Doo-Doo-Doo) (16:49)

- Boris Bardash: Keys, Guitars
- Andrey Lavrinenko: Bass
- Frol: Bassoon, Ocarina
- Yuri Lukjanchik: Jimbees, Darbuk

03 - Tuva-Tuva ...
04 - Children ...

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