Saturday, July 15, 2006

Abstract Truth - "Silver Trees" [1969] @320kbps South African Well Crafted Prog Musical Toy Box.

Days Ago a friend of mine gave me the Abstract Truth “Silver Trees” lp with the usual…

“C’mon man, this aint soft rock!, you only heard it once… and you were completely drunk”

“Yeah right… the same you told me with the Bee Gees…” (MENTAL NOTE: 1st and 2nd BeeGees albums are AWESOME, don't miss them!)

-“No way man,! –mmmmm- believe me it’s kinda a South African Big Star + Belle & Sebastian + Lots Sax & Flutes”

“Ok, I was drunked that time, but right now you are totally stoned...”

Finally I agreed, so, when I arrived home, after dinner & take a shower, I put the lp on my Thorens TD-145 while sat on my bed, start reading a novel and giving that lp the benefit of the doubt, shortly I began to put more attention to the lp than to the novel…

Surprisingly I noticed myself that Abstract Truth’s 2nd certainly is an unpredictable experiment!, Jazzy at moments (In a Space), truly avant-garde (Silver Trees) or Beautifully folksy (Moving away), indeed a truly well crafted musical piece, not to be missed.
After some readings, I realized that Abstract Truth -alongside Freedom’s Children- got a well-deserved place in the South African Rock history.

I have become a great fan of this band, got their other lp (totum) and my friend is still begging, trying to recover his lp… now, he’s gotta be drunk!

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Abstract Truth-in a space

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Algarnas said...

Abstract Truth-“Silver Trees”

Dragon Phoenix said...

Interesting music- could you post more from this band? Cheers and keep up the good work! DP

Algarnas said...

Sure, this week i'll post other works from A.T. Glad you like it, Thanks

El Swami Hermitus Solus said...

awesome i was looking for this one
big thanx

baron samedi

Algarnas said...

Glad you like it, awesome band samedi by the way!

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