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Supersister - "Iskander" [1973] @ 320 (Dutch Progressive Rock)

It is said usually that Iskander is less listenable album of Supersister than early albums of this band. As though, Iskander is “avant-garde”. I do not think so. Yes, this album is more difficult for perception and understanding. Yes, this album is closer to “avant-prog” or “RIO” than early Supersister works (Present from Nancy and To The Highest Bidder). But the same situation took place with music of the other leading prog-bands of those years. In other words, Iskander was natural, organic product of the musical evolution of Supersister, and this evolution was, to some extent, similar to the evolution of some British prog-bands in this period. Iskander is the concept album which is devoted to Alexander the Great. Please do not forget that 1973 is the year of the prog concept albums. Music continuously develops, and this album is the most monolithic, coherent work by the band. Moreover, this development is symphonic by its nature. Therefore reviewed album is not “avant- garde” like Frank Zappa, Henry Cow or Soft Machine (although the general features can be found). Yes, we face with a lot of “avantish” dissonances, breaks and changes in tempos, rhythms and measures, but symphonic component matters. Another important thing is the presence of Arabian “motives”. Arabian elements in the progressive rock are the extraordinary rarity. Iskander is opened by brass wind solo which creates “Near-Eastern” mood from the beginning of the album. And further Arabian “motives” are intertwined with many themes and “pieces” of this album. It is almost impossible to mark out the best tracks, it is breathtaking from the beginning till the end. But it is necessary to mention marvellous and wonderful melodies in “Roxane” and “Looking Back”, and also really progressive development of themes in “Alexander” and “The Battle”. Iskander is indeed an innovative album which has surpassed time. Iskander is a must know for any lover of prog.


Highly Recommended!

Track 4 - Confrontation Of The Armies.....
Track 5 - The Battle......................

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BlackwatchPlaid said...

Here is the link:


Pedro said...

I don't know the existence of this group!Very similiar with the Soft Machine!
WE WAnt the other albuns of this fantastic band!
Pedro from Braga-Portugal

BlackwatchPlaid said...

Hey Pedro,
Here are a few links to where you can find a few other Supersister albums:

Supersister - To The Highest Bidder:

Supersister - Present From Nancy:


M47 said...

Supersister is one of the greatest Dutch progrock bands from early 70's up to now.
Don't forget to visit for more great stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks for SUPERSISTER
req SUPERSISTER Supersisterious
(Live, 2001)
nr1 on my wanted list

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