Saturday, July 22, 2006

ProgNotFrog Radio Presents The Voice of The Moon #005 With The Herbalist (Another Eclectic Blend of This and That Seasoned With Some Inspiring Words )

Well, this fifht show has gone a bit deeper and darker than the previous ones. That doesn't mean we're following that direction from now on. It just developed itself that way.

This is meant to be an eclectic show (as the blog is meant to be as eclectic as possible). So it is impossible that one person likes all the songs in the show as it is impossible that someone might like every recommendation we put here. (See the comments under Tom Robinson's North by Northwest)

Our goal is to open people's ear and expand their harmonic references to new forms of sound organization. We encourage a "progressive" way of appreciating music, and here progressive means an attitude, not a musical genre (and for sure not that rock genre, although we have deep respect and admiration for it)

Ok. Having that in mind, this week's journey starts with percussionist Glen Velez, and his dazzling frame drumming, then we'll move to the meeting point of Pablo Neruda's poetry and Avant-garde propositions with Pan Optikon, from german., Soon we'll find ourselves in the depths of the nocturnal ensemble Woven Hand, and after that we'll fly back to Trugunska with our old acquaintance Alan Parson and we'll end in the sweet embrace of Anja Garbarek's voice.

But do not believe all I write. Listen for yourself because there are a few hidden surprises.

The Moon is a Lunatic Factory.

Get Crazy. Become a Selenite by coming here.


The Great Garkha said...

Excellent Work! As good as the previous productions, I hope you may continue that way, showing so rare but superb music.
Waiting for more!

loudmax said...

I've greatly enjoyed the previous Voice of the Moon podcasts. Whatever you're doing with those herbs, keep on doing it.

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