Thursday, July 06, 2006

Charlie Mariano, Philip Catherine, Jasper van't Hof - Sleep My Love [1978] @ 256 (European modern jazz)

I have posted a few albums with Mariano and Catherine elsewhere in this blog. They were in the context of fusion, heavily relying in electric instruments.

This is different in that it is mainly acoustic and is in a trio setting, much more intimate and personal.

That's not to say that you won't hear an electric piano or guitar, but the use and context are a mile away from Pork Pie's "Transitory" and Michael Gibb's "The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra", both of which you'll find in this blog.

A modern jazz album, not a fusion album.

This is about the dymanics between great musicians in a small group setting, their interplay and invention, great stuff.

Here we also get to hear Catherine, the electric bass player. He's good, so good that there is no doubt that he could also have been a very successful bassist.

Enough from me, enjoy.


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micaus said...

The link is:

Luciano said...

Anonymous said...

it's a nice album, but unfortunately it's not avaible a rapidshare anymore, could you reapload it, please?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Luciano is right, woulda be nice if somebody would reupload that album

Barnaba "b-side" Siegel said...

Hi there. I've found today this LP in music store for just 5 euro! Really fine thing.

Can anyone re-up this in mp3?

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