Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Assagai – “Assagai” {Zimbabwe} [1971] @320 (funky jazz rock)

bonjour tout le monde!! last time we visited many countries all together like
Usa, UK, Columbia, Philippines, Japan, Fiji, Bahamas, Canada..now our travel begins from Zibabwe with Assagai..here is a review by motown67: Assagai was an Afro-Beat group consisting of South Africans and Nigerians that recorded in England. What I like best about their sound is that they had concise, well structured songs unlike some Afro-Beat groups that composed epic tracks that devolved into extended jam sessions. Telephone Girl makes an excellent beginning with two full measures of open drums before short horn stabs come in on the one. Eventually the vocals and the rest of the band join in. That’s followed by a nice instrumental entitled Akasa that also features an Afro-Beat drum break. The equally funky Cocoa follows. The rest of the album is more Afro-Beat oriented with the laid back Irin Ajolawa and Ayieo comparing well with the more upbeat Beka..Links in comments.. keep listening!!

[Edit] i uploaded Assagai - Zimbabwe (@192) & their rare first lp (only 2 songs on it @192)..here is the samples:
Assagai - Zimbabwe (1971) / Barazinbar....
Assagai - rare unrelaised(?) (197x) / Kondo...


Anonymous said...

God bless you !! Finaly real good choice.I'am searching for Zimbabve album for 30 years ! Thx forward with best wishes !

Anonymous said...

holy mama! where did you find this masterpiece? I've been looking for years!

nahavanda said...

thank you my friends..with my non-stable 6-7k upload limit i tried to upload this to rapid..it was really painful & stressful..but when i see this comments..that really make me happy..tomorrow one of my engineer friend gonna talk to his boss of the isp server for my home connection. wish me good luck.so i can upload 1001 jewels to share with all of you..have a really nice day to all of you :) cheers!!

This way my friends --> Assagai

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this superb album thinking that is realy long missing "Zimbabwe" album but I'm a little bit dissaponted because this is Assagai first album.Have You maybe second album (Zimbabwe) containing Barazinbar? Anyway thanx because I have bad vinyl rip from this album till NOW !!

nahavanda said...

hello..zimbabwe indicates the country of the band..i have their zimbabwe album also..here is the track listing for other album:
assagai - afrorock (also known as zimbabwe)
1- barazinbar 2- wanga 3-la la
4- dalani 5-bayeza 6-sanga 7-come along
8- kinzambi happily i can say..this album (zimbabwe one) is own vinyl rip of one of my friend..i try to post this album in my next posts..its in 320bitrate..but dont expect a great quality..its a vinyl rip you know

nahavanda said...

for anonymous
(ps take a look at this comments again..now i find 3 different bitrates for assagai - zimbabwe album..@192 is better than all..i will leave computer open to upload to rapid.. i will post the link here when ready)

Anonymous said...

HI !
It's me again who posted you first comment and follow up request for "Zimbabwe" album.I have posted first Assagai album at Demonoid.com as sto54 (as I said a vinyl rip) 3 month ago( CD was reissued by Repertoire Rec. but I missed than to buy it).I waited on Zimbabwe album but this is nnot released as CD yet.Don't bother me if this album is vinyl rip I'll love to hear it again.
You must have golden heart to grant my wish so very very luck and healthness wish you and once more thanx!!

nahavanda said...

Hello again..Thanks a lot for your best wishes..maybe you dont believe me but i am now 2mbit connection!! wow!! and i would like to share my happiness with you..yesterday i asked to my friends to find a better vinyl rip..and i found a good vinyl record @192 (i also have 320 but that rip maybe taken from a bad vinyl) one more thing is..i reached their 2 really rare song..some says these 2 songs are assagai's first works..some says that lp never relaised..well i dont know the story..but that rare 2 songs are great also..

here are the all works of assagai:

Assagai-Assagai (1971)
The link is: http://tinyurl.com/l3v8m

Assagai-Zimbabwe (1971)
The link is: http://tinyurl.com/koel6

Assagai-Rare 2 songs (197x)
The link is: http://tinyurl.com/ekuot

happy listenings :)

Anonymous said...

Try to find those records since I don't know when. Could somebody PLEASE re-post them. THANX

Carlos said...

Hii I'm from Mexico and i'm so sad because the link is inactive and no downloading fro longer period!
What can i do to get the files of 2 albums?
Just in case: calisan2000@gmail.com
Thanks for your help
This is my favorite BLOOOOGGG!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much...
Assagai-Zimbabwe, a really hot discovery for me.

But, is it possible to re-post Assagai-Assagai and Assagai-Rare 2 songs? Please.

Thank you for advance to the afrobeat aficionados...

SpankyMonkey said...

Hi there

just found you looking for a decent digital copy of Zimbabwe - my vinyl copy is ready to become an ashtray (as if I would) - any chance of a repost of Zimbabwe?



Anonymous said...

all links are dead :-(

Anonymous said...

hi friends,


- http://elsapopasuche.blogspot.com/2008/09/assagai-zimbabwe.html - > 34MB

- http://myfavvouritesound.blogspot.com/2008/10/assagai-zimbabwe.html ->

more info about Assagai (Dudu Pukwana) -> http://wallofsound.wordpress.com/2008/10/18/dudu-pukwana-discography/


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