Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bubu - "Anabelas" [1984] @ 256 [upgraded rip] (Outstanding Argentinian Progressive Rock)

Bubu are an outstanding representative of Argentinian Progressive Rock. The band touches across many different styles yet imitates no one. Bubu are a band to influence not to be influenced. As a matter of fact, fans of Atavism of Twilight will recognize some themes from Bubu's 19+ minute track, "El Cortejo de un dia Amarillo." There is, however, recognition of past masters, the most obvious being King Crimson and Magma. The Crimson influence is mostly through the guitar of Eduardo Rogatti which is Fripp-like in many places and is the closest this band comes to imitation. More obvious as an overall influence, however, is Magma as Bubu performs driving marches with dramatic vocals (often with no lyrics) and Wagnerian intensity. You can also hear shades of the Canterbury scene from Henry Cow to Soft Machine, Italian Symphonic, jazz, fusion, Stravinsky and much more. The music is not schizophrenic despite these seemingly very different styles; the band is completely focused and in control. There are seven band members plus an eighth listed as composer and arranger of this complex music. And complex it is. With violin, flute, sax, guitar, bass, drums and voice there are many different forms of interaction between instruments. The band switches from high intensity multi-layered and intricate themes to simple and sonorous violin passages. Bubu is a band to challenge your listening skills and is a great place to start to get into the more "adventurous" styles of progressive rock.......

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Bubu's Anabelas, in my opinion, is not only the best progressive rock album to come out of Argentina but also ranks as one of the best prog albums to come out of the seventies. This album features music that sounds like a mixture of King Crimson and Änglagård. Bubu was quite a large band. Along with the usual guitar/bass/drums, the band also had a violinist, flutist, and saxophonist. They are also helped out by a part-time pianist. The album consists of three long compositions written by a composer who does not play in the band. Their music is complex, energetic, and diabolical in a King Crimson-ish sort of way. Many sections feature exciting interplay between the guitarist, flutist, violinist, and saxophonist. The last two tracks feature short passages with spanish vocals, and even Magma-influenced choir. If you're looking for an introduction to the Argentinian progressive rock, or if you're a fan of Änglagård, this is an album to add to your collection.

-- Ground and Sky

Highly Recommended!!

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A really great album I picked up before. Have to endorse all the comments made here already, this IS 70s prog rock at its very best.

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please, can u reloaded Bubu!!!

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