Saturday, July 01, 2006

Passport - Doldinger 1971 @ 320 (German fusion)

The man behind the many excellent Passport albums was Klaus Doldinger and on this their first release, he names the album after himself. The band, in various guises went onto to make about 20 albums before being disbanded in 1996.

This was not his first group, he was a member of The German Jazz Quartet from 1962, until forming Passport.

The Passport sound is here, but probably not fully formed. It is , however, very good fusion.


Klaus Doldinger - alto, soprano & tenor saxes, keyboards
Jimmy Jackson - organ
Olaf Kübler - tenor saxophone, flute
Udo Lindenberg - drums
Lothar Meid - bass guitar


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micaus said...

The links are:

Anonymous said...

Passport was a great band and I have been hoping to find some of their work on the net. Thank you, and if you have or find more, please post it!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Doldinger also composed the title track for the Tatort krimi.

Like anonymous 1 said. If you find more please have them coming!

Anonymous said...

Really cool post! Thanks a million for this one! I love the creative sounds from Passport! Thanks again!

Pawn Hearts

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog, including Passport. For the enthusiastic visitors above, I found more - still active after a couple of months - get them fast...

Passport - Looking Through,
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Passport - Infinity Machine, 1976
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Enjoy, Chimera

Anonymous said...

Before Passport, Doldinger was also on Motherwood. Anyone? (PLEASE!)

Hägar said...

He was in a band called (Doldinger's) Motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Oooops, I meant if anyone had the first Motherhood (I Feel So Fre) that could be so generous to share. TIA!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for Passport !
Excellent blog.

Lothar Meid - bass guitar was in Amon Duul II.

Roger (Brazil) said...

These two albums of Passport are very very good. Thanks for both of them.

I've been trying hard to find in the net another very good Passport album, in my opinion, and which is "Cross-Colateral". I'd greatly appreciate someone could tell me where to find a post of it.

John Joannou said...

Hello thanks for a great post!
I'm a fun of passport too.
Unfortunately, the extra links died (for Passport - Looking Through, and Passport - Infinity Machine, 1976.

Does anybody have a clue if we can still get them somewhere?


Jambi92 said...

Hello there, anyone knows if there is any torrent link to the full discography of this amazing band? Thanks!

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