Monday, July 17, 2006

Exuma - Life [1973] @192 (bahamas folkpsyche)

Comming soon!!

Exuma - iko iko..
Exuma - Paint it black... friends :)
would you like to join me for a small journey thru these sweet countries :) well i am off to work today..and i selected some treasures from the past..some friends of mine with me..playing instruments..sun shows its full power..drinking peach nectar..
i am now uploading samples for this bands..oh i am sure you will like them..some of them are really rare..some of them are well-known in their own country's..with my 8-10k upload speed..i try to upload all of them today..i think everybody happy with those mini the way you should listen prognotfrog radio podcast the herbalist show now :) when the radio goes online i am will be no:1 online radio on the world..i talked much..i dont wanna let you wait much..uploading process started..let me try to find some useful information for the bands..see you later and take care all of you :)


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TheBassPlayer (slsk) said...

Thanx so much for this post! I never wanted it for the music. I wanted it for the album cover. Whoever that is on the album cover, it's the spitting image of my mother!!!

Anonymous said...

Tra La La La La Please more EXUMA!!!
Do you have his Mercury recordings???

Anonymous said...

please! any chance of a re up of this classic!? i cant find it anywhere... or any of his!
thanks JB

Anonymous said...

can you re up please please thank you

Anonymous said...

new link

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