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Extradition – “Hush” {Australia} [1971] @320 kbps - (Aussie Primeval Folk Brotherhood)

OK kids, what would happen if you put in an Australian blender: Incredible String Band, Shirley Collins, crazy experimental field recordings, oriental acoustic instruments, droney analogical sounds & the most pure hippie earthly feeling? Ok!, ok! I know you hate the fucking “what if”, but certainly with the above characteristics is a nice way to start this review, and of course you know the answer to that blend: “Extradition”

Extradition was an Aussie hippie brotherhood, they belong to the earth and surely they showed it. Our cycle begins with water, pure and crystalline, as the first title “A Water Song” claims, you can actually hear calm water flowing mixed with the sounds of acoustic guitars; wooden sticks hitting each other accompanying the wind, distant flutes and of course the unearthly lush vocals of Shayna Karlin.

“A Love Song” opens with the same lush vocals with some quiet guitar, but then a shamanic beat of a mute drum and a harpsichord appears in this litany of love.

For me “Original Whim” it’s the earth speaking, screaming and singing by herself, I know, I know… it sounds extremely hippie, but you can actually feel a very deep and organic vibe (no bullshit pal). Gerald Van Waes describes this piece better than I can possibly do ever: “It's an experimental meditative track, again as if driven and carried forth from the elements itself, starting from a more aerial element, like wind, with wood clicking sounds (Actually, according to the booklet, these must be stones, sticks, palm leaves, a tree, a Lebanese bell, Chinese and Turkish gongs, with some percussion instruments), becoming more melodic through Tibetan bells and chimes, and ending with the more deeply penetrating gong, all with the effect of an introductory musical "OM" for the next track.

… Thanks Gerald!, the next track “Minuet” it’s a transitional piece, a very simple but effective and beautiful tiny classical repetitive dance with a piano laying in an harmonium, a joy for the spirit!

A static holded note appears at the beginning of “A Moonsong”, sonically I interpret that holded whistle as a unique concentration point for what it comes… a litanic repetitive kinda prayer-chant, with a tabla marking the beat an a chorus repeating the prayer… mystical.

“Dear One” is the lengthiest track of the lp, again quoting Gerald Van Waes: “On this track, Richard Lockwood sings as well”… “This is created with piano and harpsichord mostly, with similar balancing and slowly evolving individual notes, on chord organ near the end, and with some acoustic guitar”

“A woman Song" is a melancholic theme with some violin indian vina.

In the beginning “I feel the sun” It’s a classic woman vocals folksy song a la Anne Briggs with piano and Harpsichord, but surprisingly at the middle it turns into “Ice” certainly a Hammillean epic tour de force with solid male vocals, developing with drums, keyboards organ, cello and choir into an kind of anthem.

With "Song for Sunrise”, the cycle ends as calm as it begins with the primeval wind blowing his message.

Extradition’s Hush instead of be just a folk album, it’s a tradition breaker using the tradition itself, an “Ouroboros” (snake swallowing its own tail), a perfect circle amidst the chaos, creator and destroyer itself. I mean, you got all the traditional folk elements, but used in an innovative and effective way… this is no crappy “elfish” stuff, as I said previously, this is the Earth speaking, screaming and singing herself, The Real Deal!

Extradition - "A water song"


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Algarnas said...

Here's the links:

Extradition-“Hush”. Part 1

Extradition-“Hush”. Part 2

Anonymous said...

Fuck,another useless post! What kind of trash are you trying to pawn off on people here anyways?

Anonymous said...

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Algarnas said...

Naha, that's one for you pal!

Anonymous said...

Algarnas, thank you so much for the excellent post. Awesome!

TheUnknownWordsman: STFU.

Algarnas said...

Thanks to you, we'll keep working for our users. Enjoy!

nahavanda said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I've been searching for Hush since 5 years ago, finally I found it in your great blog.
Requests: Charlie Tweddle - Fantastic Greatest Hits (Companion)
David Hemmings - Happens (Rev-ola)
L - Holy Letters (VHF)Mecki Mark Men - Running in the Summer Night (Universal Sweden)

Algarnas said...

Glad you like it, I got some of the items you want, so be aware to future posts! rgds

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this, have been looking around aust 2nd hand shops for years and bugger me you had it
these guys were actually what was left of Tully a great band of 60s & 70s I used to see live at Sydney Uni quite often usually with Tamam Shud and a band called Plastic Tears with a young Daryl Braithwaite who ended up in Sherbet
Got some great vinyl you possibly would be interested in posting also
how about posting the Captain Beyond album please

Anonymous said...

Google 'Palestine Blues ' Tully video - for a pleasant surprise.

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