Thursday, July 13, 2006

Simply Saucer – “Cyborgs Revisited” [1978] @192kbps Industrial Psychedelic Ambient Garagerock?

Velvet Underground + early Pink Floyd + Hawkwind + 13th Floor Elevators + Can = ?

Imagine that you were an anxious teenager of Hamilton, Ontario, waiting for your brother at the Lloyd D. Jackson Shopping Centre, you see the clock and worry, suddenly a shadow in the distance approaches, and a smile is drawn in your face:

-Finally Chad…! Did you managed to obtain the Pink Floyd tickets?

-Yes, but bad news for you lil’ bro, I’m going with Sara!

-What in the Hell, but that’s my money too

-See you creep!

So, let’s assume that you are still at the Lloyd D. Jackson Shopping Centre, at Hamilton Ontario, angry as hell, almost crying and kicking a can, when you hear a bombastic metal sound that comes from nowhere, you raise up your head and see a not so huge crowd of teenagers like you in the rooftop of the mall, you go there quickly and realize that is a free concert for kids, but, why the parents are taking their kids away? The answer: a quartet of guitar, bass, drums, primitive oscillators, tone generators, and theremin!, as recalls Adrien Begrand: “the real Pink Floyd were playing in the city that very day over at the local football stadium, the only grown-ups on that rooftop downtown were probably parents there to pick up their teenaged kids, and that band, who for that short period of time had sounded like Canada's rock 'n' roll saviors, went on to be largely ignored for decades, remembered only by the hippest of rock fans.”

Simply Saucer never enjoy their achievements… until now, Adrien Begrand again: “Simply Saucer were not fully appreciated until 1989; for, despite some modest success with a seven-inch single in 1978, the band never put out an official album. In '89, though, Mole Records issued the limited edition vinyl LP Cyborgs Revisited, which wasn't exactly an official album, but more of a compilation of two separate recording sessions: one from a studio with a couple of soon-to-be-famous brothers producing, and one live performance, more specifically, that infamous rooftop set on top of the mall. After a limited release on CD by Fistpuppet Records, the album was able to reach more people, where it was lavished with praise from critics and fans alike. Now comes the final push; Hamilton's own Sonic Unyon has finally released the definitive version of Cyborgs Revisited, completely remastered, and with loads of bonus tracks as well. There's no excuse for this band to be underappreciated anymore.”

So its your opportunity to hear the band of your dreams:

Velvet Underground + early Pink Floyd + Hawkwind + 13th Floor Elevators + Can = SIMPLY SAUCER

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Simply Saucer-Dance the Mutation
Simply Saucer-Low Profile(Demo)


Algarnas said...

Here's the Link:
Simply Saucer- Cyborgs Revisited

halrom said...

Awesome stuff, Love Hawkwind, big big fan, this shyt is most excellent!

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Glad you like it" suggestions welcome

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Groovy album. Thanks.

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Megaupload is dead =( Could someone re-post this please? The review sounds very promising and interesting.

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