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Goblin – “Il fantastico Viaggio del ‘Bagarozzo’ Mark” [1978] @256 (Excellent Italian Prog)

Goblin was a high quality prog band from Italy, although they were better know for being the composers and performers of the soundtracks of horror films, notably those directed by the extravagant blood-spilling dilettante Dario Argento.
Their work for bloody masterpieces like “Deep Red” or “Suspiria”, is incredibly effective. No one can doubt that Goblin’s keyboardist Claudio Simonetti achieved with his scores a sense of dread and ominous threat that was enough to create a whole new style that was coined by Spanish psychologist Rafael Llopis as “Horrorrock”
That doesn’t mean that Goblin’s music is pure sonic terrorism or cacophonic noise. On the contrary, it can be extremely harmonic and delicate (which makes things even scarier and weirder).
Goblin’s scores are plagued and parasited with mysterious and arcane music boxes, the tick-tock of the soft and viscous steps of a killer marked with the bass one by one, the muted but horrendous laughs of mechanical clowns, faint beyond the grave whispers…. and the list of suggested fears goes on and on, and on…
The real value of Goblin’s music comes from the fact that they needed to “imagine” the music for the film situation. So they had to create incidental background with a rock ensemble, thus expanding the possibilities of the typical bass, guitar, keyboards & drums combo. Before them film scores in italy belonged to the orchestral spectrum. Argento had the vision to use rock. It worked horrendously well.

One could think that with keyboards those possibilities of sound are limitless but Claudio Simonetti was never a keyboard abuser. (Like Wakeman or Emerson were at some point). For him the keyboards were just another colour in the whole painting. His organ playing would have pleased Vicent Price and Boris Karloff very much.

Due to the need of creating an abstract canvas on which the scenes were drawn, Goblin’s music is quite different from the rest of the Italian prog ensembles. I believe that Goblin sound can stand the flow of time much better than many other bands of the 70’s. They were, thus, ahead of its time.

Beyond the horror scores Goblin released two simple prog rock albums. One is “Roller” another good exercise in the psychology of musical fears. And the other is this one “Il fantastico Viaggio del ‘Bagarozzo’ Mark” which is Goblin’s conceptual album of sorts.
The story told here is the recovery of a drug addict and his painfuil rehabilitation process. It was written by Massimo Morante, singer and guitar player of the band.

It is topld in the form of an initiation trip for the “Bagarozzo” Mark, the guy embarked in a long and painful travel to save his soul and body from the deceptive embrace of chemical pleasure. Isn’t that scary enough?

Save yourself too and…

Keep Listening…!!!

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Goblin - La Danza...


Anonymous said...

Go Here:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Italian Prog, do you by chance have any Area? Specifically Arbeit Macht Frei or Crac!

Thank you for the wonderful music, keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Goblin! Just got Roller not a few days ago, and was hoping I'd happen upon this one sooner rather than later. You've made my night!

Tim said...

For Area and practically every Italian prog LP you'd ever want to hear, go to this guy's blog:
No Rapidshare either, which is a bonus, because it means no waiting around for an hour between downloads.
I'm a big fan of this record. Hell, I'm a big fan of any Goblin record

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton Tim, I've never seen that blog, looks very good.

60&70 Rock !!!! said...

Thanks a lot mates,
Really a GREAT album !!!


Ummagumma said...

Thanx friend!This one it is the only one that I haven't got in my discography,ciao e grazie.
Ps:in Italy Goblin are considered not good prog band but only an horror picture band and I talked with Simonetti during my interview and he sayd:to us all that is ok (it was 1975 after their live performance).Ciao

Dolf said...

I hate to make a correction to this post (BTW, thanks for the share. Awesome album!) but there was another non-soundtrack Goblin album, and here's a link to it, and yep, the download link works as of 8-13-06. It's a good listen.

Here's another Goblin project from the same sight.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

These links are dead... Italianhorror is no more, Like demusicaalterque...

Do you know some more blogs/websites where I can find the same atmosphere, and Volo mp3s ?

Thanks !


isabelbc said...

hi GlennD,

try here

isabel :o)

GlennD said...

Thanks a lot for the link, I found a lot of crazy stuff there !

...but I didn't find what I wanted, because I didn't explain it well... Actually it was the "Volo" album by GOBLIN !!

Do you know where to find it ?

Thanks so much !!

isabelbc said...

hi GlennD,

here you can find all tracks (8) from Volo

isabel :o)

GlennD said...

Thanks so much !!!

But, you know what ? I was expecting to find a song that I had a while ago, and I was sure it was from Volo... And finally it is not ! And I can't find this song... I even sang the bass riff to Fabio Pignatelli and he didn't even recognize it ! So I'm really wondering what it is, finally...

isabelbc said...

hi GlennD,

have you some detail more about this song you looking for? track name, artist is Goblin? are you sure?

isabel :o)

Ruby Holidays said...

Il mondo è un libro e quelli che non viaggiano ne legge solo una pagina..................Viaggio in India & Vacanze in India

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