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--->ATTENTION: REPOST/ALBUM RE-RIPED<--- Vytas Brenner - “Hermanos” {Venezuela} [1974] @256 Essential South American Prog

Hello! Someone complained about the rip of this album so I re-ripped it and decided to post it again. Sorry for the inconviniences. I'd recommend that you get it again.

Vytas Brenner, was a Venezuelan in his heart although he was born in Tubingen, Germany in 1946. His parents emigrated to South America in 1948 and he studied in the famous Emil Friedman School, an institution dedicated to form composers and performers since an early age.

In 1958 he travelled to Italy and Spain and there he formed several juvenile bands like Vytas Brenner Quartet, Brenner’s Folk or The Pic Nics. In 1967 he went to USA to study electronic music in Tenesee Conservatory and later in Nashville College where he graduated with honors in 1972. That year he went back to Venezuela and started a long relation with Venezuelan folkloric music, an influence that permeates all his posterior works. At that time he was also obviously influenced by the electronic kraut scene (specially Cluster and Tangerine Dream) and devoted himself to the possibilities of synthtizers and the potential of the fusion of modern electronic sounds, progressive rock and acoustic aboriginal and folk elements.The unique and marvellous results was edited in 5 albums, with his band “Ofrenda” (Offering) at the time the most important prog rock outfit of Latin America, with great albums as “Hermanos” , “Jayeche", and others including the spectacular “En Vivo” (Live).

In all of them one finds a dizzying connection that bonds afrolatin percussion, Venezuelan cuatros and maracas, frantic Joropo and Golpe rhythms, abstract pre ambient noise, natural effects, all that seasoned with rock combo of bass, electric guitars and drums.

Although he could have followed the path of other latin musicians as Santana, or even go to join the Fusion Army that plagued vinyl industry at the time, he choose to stay on the symph-prog and art side of things. Nevertheless he was very successful in Venezuela and achieved certain local fame in Latin America.

Sadly the political and economical situation of the country after the currency crash in 1983 (The Black Friday) , obliged Vytas to leave to Europe. He never achieved there the success he had in South America and preferred to stay in the shadow, semi retired and managing a recording studio, although he visited Venezuela briefly during the 90’s and gave a free concert at Plaza Morelos with a simpler line up: only his keyboards and percussionist extraordinaire Nené Quintero.

His last two works where the suite Oro Negro, Performed by Venezuelan Symphonic Orchestra in 1989 (Oro Negro means Black Gold, an obvious refrence to the Venezuelan richness in oil) and later the aboriginal ethnic-new-agey “Amazonia" (1995).

Sadly Vytas’s untimely death caused by a heart attack in 2004 took from us a great musician, which I believe was about to give us more surprises. Life seems truly absurd at times.

Eventually I will post all his albums.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prog fans or not, it is an honour to give you, Vytas Brenner.

Keep Listening…!!!

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The Herbalist said...

This way to re-ripped Vytas Brenner

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for re-posting this excelent album, the other rip has little jumps in a some tracks.

If you can i'll be very grateful posting more albums of this artist.

Gretings from Spain

The Herbalist said...

Voy a ir poniendo todos los de Vytas. (incluyendo los que no existen en CD) Dame tiempo porque tengo una larga cola de cosas por poner.
Gracias por visitarnos.

Ariel said...

Por favor, me gustaría más discos dese gran músico y amo. ¡Por favor!!!
Yo soy su entusiasta...

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Seebaer said...
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Seebaer said...
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Anonymous said...

Que gran sorpresa encontrar una produccion de ese gran musico que fue Vytas Brenner aqui! incluso en Venezuela su musica es muy dificil de conseguir, lo cual es una gran lastima. Saludos desde Venezuela, esperamos con impaciencia la aparicion aqui del resto de la discografia de Vytas.

amazonia said...

Would you please repost Vitas Brenner albums. I've been looking for them for years and now that I found them the link is dead. Please i would be more than gracefull. Congratulations for this excellent blog its THE BEST of his kind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

y otro venezolano por aca have to say in his latter years vytas was a personal friend of mine and yes his music is unique

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