Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pell Mell - "From the New World" [1973] @256 (german prog rock)

Pell Mell were formed in Marburg in 1971 by Thomas Schmitt (violin, guitar, vocals), Otto Pusch (organ, piano), Rudolf Schon (vocals, recorder, guitar), Jorg Gotzfried (bass) and Mitch Kniesmeijer (drums). Their home city also gave the name for their debut album, recorded during 1972 at the Dierks Studio, Stommeln, produced by Peter Hauke. This contained an inspired form of symphonic rock comparable to Nice and particularly Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Like these, Pell Mell often borrowed classical themes. Pell Mell's sound was characterised by colourful, swirling Hammond organ, a violin (which Thomas Schmitt played with great virtuosity), mellotron, recorder and... read more here

From The New World/Pell Mell...

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