Monday, July 17, 2006

Bwana - Bwana [1970] @256 (nicaraguan funky jazzrock)

Unfortunately i couldnt reach a good information from net. You are very welcome to share your knowledge/links in comments..i can also add them to here..This energic band from columbia must not be missed..i am sure most of you will like that band..not only a few tracks, all tracks at the album is awesomme..Let you listen the samples and let you decide yourself :) drums awesomee..vocals awesomme..integrity of instruments awesomee..what to say more?
Keep listening!!

Bwana - Tema De Bwana...
Bwana - Motemba............

Links in comments..

PS. By coincidence this album was posted almost at the same time by our friend Garcolga from 8daysinapril.


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AveragePuertoRican said...

This is the best thing I've ever found on your site.

Please tell me you have more by this amazing band.

They sound like the original Santana.

nahavanda said...

Glad you like bwana..
i love santana..
unfortunetely i have only this album from bwana..i dunno if they relaised another album in time..i am no good on googling :)

dakila - dakila (1972) (philippines(?) ) may make you happy with a smilar taste..will be one of my next post..

Anonymous said...

Hey Naha!

Bwana isnt from Colombia they are from Nicaragua my beautiful 2nd home :)



Anonymous said...

Bwana a group from Nicaragua released only one album. The group disbanded following an earthquake in Nicaragua (December, 1972). Some ex-members live in California and others in Nic. such as Ricardo Palma (active musician).

Anonymous said...

Dakila were a San Franciscan group consisting of David Bustamante (guitar), Bert Ancheta (guitar), Fred Ancheta (bass), Frank Magtota (drums), Romeo Bustamante (organ), Carlos Badia (congas), and Michael Gopal (timbales).

Immigrating from the Philippines, Dakila settled in San Francisco in the early seventies, releasing this, their only album for Epic in 1972. Great heavy Latin rock like a heavy version of Santana with dual guitar attacks, 5 out of 6 tracks are very ok! there is also a fuzz bass-solo on one track. Recommended!!!!! if you like your guitars loud. (purpleoverdose RYM)

Track Listing

1. Akibaka/Ikalat
2. Persiguiendo
3. Make Me A Man
4. Gozala
5. El Dubi
6. Searchin’ For My Soul


isabelbc said...

hi Leon,

Thank you!
Dakila is here too

Isabel :o)

Anonymous said...

hey! they are from Nicaragua :) you can download the cd in this page

Anonymous said...

The link is dead, can you post a working one please :)

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