Monday, July 17, 2006

Stephan Micus - Implosions [1977]@320 (world? jazz?)

This truely is a desert island disc to this contributor. It has been held a special place since I first heard it many years ago. One of an amazing collection of albums by the enigmatic Micus.

Unless you have heard him before, I can assure you that you have heard nothing like this before, mainly because his music comes from another place, literally.

Micus is a master of an ever increasing range of world instruments that he uses, not to play the music of the instruments origin, but rather to create something totally new. For example, the instrument he plays on the cover is a sho, a Japanese mouth pipe organ. The sounds he makes from it are truely modern. You can hear a little of it in the first sample.

Micus plays all the instruments, as he always does and overdubs to create his sonic pieces. He has been a long time artist for ECM Records, so the recording and production is second to none.

The centerpiece of this album is "As I Crossed The Bridge Of Dreams" and what a centrepiece it is. A long instrumental (all vocals are wordless things of beauty) which slowly builds to a beautiful climax and finale.

I cannot recommend this album too highly, it is an important and magnificant. Just listen.

For The Beautiful Chan
For M'schr And Djingi

Keep listening !!!


micaus said...

The links are:

The Herbalist said...

Nice one! You won't believe me but I know Stephan personally. We met 10 years ago while I was working as an advisor for an alternative cultural festival and suggested his name. Actually we spent some time together at my house where I attended a Stephan Micus Concert..just for myself!

He needed to practice so I just sit and listened to him for 2 hours...!

I haven't talked to him recently. He emails me when he is in Germany but he spends long periods in the middle east and India... and I don't know his actual whereabouts.

I am glad you posted an album by him...

See you!

Max said...

This is my favorite Micus album--a great post (& a great blog BTW). For those interested in hearing more, there are a baker's dozen of Micus releases available from this blog:

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Sérgio Jesus said...

Don't you have any available link of this album?

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