Saturday, July 29, 2006

ProgNotFrog Radio Presents The Voice of The Moon #006 With The Herbalist (Mix of great tracks with strange words from a messed up mind)

Another week has sunk into the past and millions of songs have been performed, played and aired on this troubled planet. This is our humble contribution to the general cacophony.
We start in Brazil with Milton Nascimento, one of the founders of the Tropicalia movement. We’ll let ourselves flow with Francis Cabrel who will take us to the border between France and Spain. One high point in this week's travel is going to be Charming Hostess a peculiar female band founded in Israel some years ago.

We’ll visit Sweden with Midaircondo, We’ll be amazed by an Italian cover of a Robet Wyatt tune and finally we’ll go back to the south American jungle with Simon Diaz and Caetano Veloso.

Thanks for your encouraging comments about the previous shows. I hope you like this sixth blend.

It was done for you. Keep Listening…!!!

If you are interested, please go here.

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kqwiet said...

Hey there, is there any way I could get a repost of this one? Cheers!

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