Monday, July 17, 2006

Asin - Himig Ng Pag-Ibig [1979] @320 (philippines folkrock)

"Now, more than ever, the message of peace must spread throughout the country and the whole world. And one of the best ways to reach out is through music. Music that uplifts the spirit, music that challenges the mind, music that simply says, “We are here, let us communicate our dreams, our aspirations, our sentiments, and our hope for a peaceful land. Let us all work together to attain it.” This is the music of ASIN. Ito ang HIMIG NG KAPAYAPAAN. Ito ang HIMIG NG PAG-IBIG ng ASIN"
Keep Listening!!

(this paragraph was taken from Asin's website)
you can visit their site here:

Asin - Sandaklot...
Asin - Balita.........

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Im proud to be Pinoy.And I believe are our musci heroes.Lolita Carbon is coming to California.Mabuhay ang Asin.

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