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George Romanos – “Two Little Blue Horses” [1970] @256 (Excellent Greek Acid Folk) (Kindly Submitted by Manelis)

George Romanos began his career singing songs composed by Manos Hadjidakis inside the traditions of folk greek music.
In 1965 he participated for the first time in an Hadjidakis’ album("Kapetan Michalis").
In 1968 Romanos relased the album "In concert and In the studio" was released.
In its first part ("In Concert"), there are songs composed both by Manos Hadjidakis and George Romanos. In the second part ("In the Studio"), there are songs composed by George Romanos, accompanied by members of the band “Aphrodite's child". (Yes, the first Vangelis band) Those songs were the first signs of what was going to follow two years later.

In 1970 the album "Dyo mikra gallazia aloga" (Two Little Blue Horses) was released. Nowadays it is considered as one of the best greek rock albumsof all times.

Its style is deeply acid and psychedelic, with some greek, ethnic elements. Alekos Karakantas (the guitar player) made lots of musical experimentations and effects in combination with the vocal distortions of George Romanos, which were unconventional to the greek rock stage of the time.

The album is full of distorted wha wha and fuzz pedals which in combination of the Mediterranean touches and the excellent and solid Romano vocals make this album a great example of non western psych.

Albums like this remind us that psych rock and even rock in general, were not, since the very beginning purely anglo saxon musical pop manifestations. There were great local bands and artists everywhere around the world. The psych phenomena was global since his early childhood.

Thanks to Manelis for letting us know this great singer-author.

Pure Acid Folk from the Olympus

The Gods must be happy… and stoned.

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George Romanos - My Little Girl...


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