Friday, July 28, 2006

To The Jerk - "It's Over" {Earth} [2006] @ 320 (Logical and Proggressive Answer To The Bad Comments We have Been Receiving)

Well... it seems that there's somebody out there who doesn't like us. It also seems that he can’t read.

I have explained several times that this is an eclectic blog and that it is impossible that anyone will like everything we post here, because we cover many styles.

Anyway... to this person, who disguises behind several usernames for unknown reasons, (Is he shy? Does he suffer from split personality?)…I'd suggest to go somewhere else to look for the music he likes.

There are dozens of good blogs out there! Why coming here?

If you don't like what we post why do you keep coming back?

It is very obvious that you don't really care about music, all you want to bother us, and that you have free time to do it.

We won't stop posting whatever we think we should post, no matter what you say.

I insist, if this blog is so horrible, why do you keep coming back?????

You have serious issues inside you, it seems. (homophobia, insecurity, envy…)
We, at ProgNotFrog, are free-thinkers. We do not, and will never, discriminate people because of race, gender, religion or sexual conditions.

We respect your opinions about music. But you keep disrespecting us.

From now on, comment moderation will be enabled. Thanks to you. That doesn’t affect us. But it affects the users of this blog, because I am sure they want to see their comments posted as soon as they write them. We’ll do our best to keep pleasing them.

Have you taken one minute to read Algarnas enthusiastic reviews, for example? Man, We’re serious about this. We’re already in Usenet. We’ll be soon in E mule, MySpace, torrents, rss feeds, etc. Surprises are coming!!!
We act with deep respect for musicians and we believe in their rights. That’s why we only post out of print and old music. For new music we have ProgNotFrog Radio.

Actually no matter what you do or say, we’ll keep posting great music, which it seems you’re totally unable to appreciate. (the Vangelis album is a good example, you seem to know and like only the most common and mainstream-ish Vangelis (which is also good by the way, but you are unable to understand an album which is regarded by serious critics and one great pice of Greek contemporary music. I’d like to know what you think of “Beauborg” , hehehe…)

Our goal as Nahavanda says, is to get people together. Your schizoid goal is to take people away from each other and to tear good things apart. Not good for you, buddy.

Have a good life!

And..Keep Listening…!!! …But somewhere else…!

ProgNotFrog Orchestra – Our Song For The Jerk…


pat said...

hello it s the first time i write here a comment but i know your blog! and all i can say is that you have allways great music !you make a gret job and i will thank you for all the pleasure a have with your albums! voilà and thanks again.

ProgDemon said...

I don't know who this guy is you're talking about, but I'd like to take this opportunity to say he's an idiot. Almost everything you post here rocks! How narrow is this guy's musical tastes that he can't appreciate something out of his comfort zone when the quality of musicianship is top shelf? I'd like to express my appreciation for what you guys are doing here- thank you, and rock on!

ProgDemon said...

I don't know who this guy is you're talking about, but I'd like to take this opportunity to say he's an idiot. Almost everything you post here rocks! How narrow is this guy's musical tastes that he can't appreciate something out of his comfort zone when the quality of musicianship is top shelf? I'd like to express my appreciation for what you guys are doing here- thank you, and rock on!

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog on a daily basis. You have continued to expand my music horizons. You have one of the high quality sites that I have found. I am very saddened to hear that once again the "jerks" of the world are doing their best to destroy something beautiful. Please continue! I feel so bad for sites like Chris Goes Rock, who finally gave into them and stopped his blog. What a shame. I admire greatly what you are doing and the way you are doing it. There are hundreds of people like me out there.. often the silent majority you appreciates what you are doing!! Rock On! Don't let them take you down. Dr. Q

Anonymous said...

Hi ! I'm grapho... I changed my name and opened a new blog :)

Anonymous said...

I would like To Echo the comments about the negative person who has been criticizing your site. He must really be fromthe Dark Side. His Land Is Crumbling, and One Of These Days...

Keep up the wonderful work you've been doing with this site. I'm an extreme music collector, but I've still been turned on to numerous outstanding works that I've never even heard of in some cases. Sites like this exist for the lovers of music, not the haters. No need to ever criticize. If you don't like something, just don't read it or download it. Or even come to the site. Find your happiness somewhere else.

Thanks for everythin!

Anonymous said...

Man, this is the best music blog ever. The quality and diversity of the albuns opened a whole new world to me. Keep posting! Don't bother them, it's just the envy talking.

The Herbalist said...

Thank you all!
Because of people like you we are and will remain here...!!!

Be Well...!!!

Seebaer said...

Don't feed the trolls

Anonymous said...

As the previous person said: Don't play with whoever is doing this.
Do your blog and delete whatever they say.
Once you play the Game, you might as well quite!
But don't, and by not addressing this person,
they don't have any power! See You!

Anonymous said...

Come on man! keep up the great work you're doing, not only as listener of good music but also a teacher...

Best regards from Santiago, Chile

The Watcher said...

Haven't you worked out yet that the music being shared here and on other blogs is dimetrically opposed to the sellout mainstream "punk" or gang dancing dribble that the global interests are seeking to subtly control your minds by. With this in mind it is therefore not in global business interest to have it being propogated in any way shape or form..... they would've been hoping it dead more quickly than it has lingered on for, as what this music represents was a time when there was a potential to incite some form of free will and thinking.... God forbid the ability to make an informed choice and fuel creativity.... any monkey sinking low enough to launch attacks on these sites for whatever purile reasoning should be aware that they whether they realise it or not, are doing the bidding of the masters of the machine driving the push for your subconsciuos subjagation....... and they think they get a little kick out of ruining these things ...!! What they're really doing is assisting in the robbing of your mind of the totality of existance and in effect treasonous to humanity of kind.... You might say, "well it's only music", sure, but take your head out of the sand and notice how many other facets of our lives are being affected by this type of manipulation , subjagation and rule....and NO I'm not being paranoid either.... it's so obvious these days it's a joke to think otherwise.
Oh and boys, it's the bloggers choice to post whatever they feel like.... if you don't like ... STIFF! No one else needs to know your opinion and any self centred airing of it in the fashion we've already seen displayed on this blog is not welcome.... so please, BUGGER OFF!
So don't give up Herbalist, get even by persistance !!

The watcher said...

Hey Troll,
If you're sooooo tough , how about you post your name and address and see how long you last..... tiny minded semi evolved simeon...!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see this happening. Such assholes should be stopped. I do have a feeling about who this jerk may be, since this person also tries to ruin some chatrooms in soulseek. Some of the posts done by this person, is faked with usernames from that very soulseek room (including mine). This asshole surely hmust have a misarable life and to much time on his hands.

Keep up the good work!

Joak said...

Don't bother! Don't waste your energy! Keep posting the music you like and we appreciate. This is a wonderful blog and all I have to say is: thanks for sharing!!

Greetings from Mexico City

Anonymous said...

Marcie K here, from a place that is no longer.

Yay! Resist the negative, and all success and happiness to you.

I'm glad to have discovered this ecelectic collection, and to rediscover some old friends as well.

chuckmyr said...

I also don't care for all the music that you post but I check the blog everyday a find some great music. Great site. said...

Hello. As I've only been aware of this blogring for a month or so, I've had little opportunity to post thanks to each site. I cam in through 8 Days In April and spent most of my time there until about two weeks ago when I began to check out the links and found this other world. If there is any human analog for the String Theorist's conception of multiple dimension and parallel universes, this must be it.
But, as well, if there is any similar one to The Black Plague, it must be the disease of deletions running through this community. I was stunned to go to Groovy Fab Alliance and find a wispy scrawl of goodbye. I watch as Chris Goes Rock and Chocoreve are decimated, Garden of Delights abandons her full posting, and have only a mild hope that Mr. Gar Colga at 8 Days will continue as, one by one, the lights go out.
I confess I am baffled at people who remove these links. When I download something, it is out of curiosity, not to rob anyone of their just due. Would I go out and buy the same after reading a review? Possibly,but it has been a long time since I have had that kind of surplus cash... Of course, there is the argument that this robs the artist of their royalties. What I fail to see is how, say, 113 downloads (a high average for some of these) could harm anyone's pocketbook? It doesn't make sense. And who would have that kind of vendetta? I admit, this aspect of the human condition puzzles me; why ruin something for others who do nothing but share simple pleasures?
I would like to write some comments to you eventually, and perhaps even suggest some items to add or offer some of my own. I hope you will continue to survive and thrive in this dark hour.
Best wishes.

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