Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Voice of the Moon # 2, with The Herbalist (Second podcast, egocentric amusing collection of great songs mixed with self indulgent babbling)

I did it again. Another Podcast. This is much better than the first one, I think. I bought a better microphone (cheap!) and had more time to think about the music. I also fixed some sound glitches in the teasers and intro. It is still far from what I want to do in podcasting and I need further practice on my english flux and rythm, but it is an improvement, that I dedicate to you all.

Your comments helped me a lot. Thanks to all who listened.

This time I wanted to broadcast music that is very unknown among the usual public that comes to this blog. Bands like Drums & Tuba, Blackbright Morning Light or The Changelings are not what proggers and psychers are used to listen to. I did that on purpose so people here get to listen to new and a bit different things.
The good thing about proggers and psychers is that their ears are alwayes wide open to new sounds. This collection of songs is an tribute to that virtue.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Please write something in the comment's section. Your opinions are highly appreciated.

Big Hug from Herbaltown, in Prognotfrogland.

Your friend and BrainSmasher,

The Herbalist


The Great Garkha said...

Very Well!!!
Please continue your efforts, you may improve your work with some more practice... and don't change the mood of your comments... it sounds very odd in good sense, and odd (not ordinary) things are good for me!!!

Brett said...

good episode! i saw mark lanegan play with the twilight singers, so it was good to hear some of his stuff. thanks

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