Saturday, July 29, 2006

Laszlo Hortobagyi & The Gayyan Uttejak Society (Mind Blowing Futuristic Ethno Psych For Free!!! )

"The members of the Gâyan Uttejak Society and The Gáyan Uttejak Orchestra in Budapest have made it their duty practice and to study the world heritage of the traditional cultures - among them the classical Language of the Hindu-Moslem Tradition of the Hindusthani Music - but also the bioastronomy, Kathakali, songs of the whales ("whale-canto"), Tinctoris'compositions, nigromania, computed fractal engines, Raga-mala paintings, cyborgs, Kuandalini sex, reports from the Arecibo Radiotelescope's Post Ozma Project..."

This fragment is what you find at the very begining of Laszlo Hortobagyi's website. It is sort of a satement that works as the base on which the opus and research of Gayyan Uttejak Society is build.

Now, what is the Gayyan Uttejak Society?

Well, that's a difficult question because the society and the orchestra only exist inside the amberine laberynths that lie deep in the mind of a Prefessor os Musicology at Budapest University, Hungary, whose name is Laszlo Hortobagyi.

He is also a composer, remixer, editor, sitar player, record collector and musical engineer.
My first encounter with El-Horto (as he calls himslef) and his out-of -this-world conception of art, was at an obscure record store located in the biggest town of an island at the north west african coast. How the CD ended there is a major mystery. The amazing cover of the album called my attention and I bought the cd out of a hunch. (" album with this cover and this name can't be bad...")

The album was "Traditional Music of Amygdala" . Two years later I was the happy owner of all his albums.

As Jorge Luis Borges, who used to invent whole philosophical countries and academical planets, Hortobagyi is a civilization maker.

In his mind Amygdala and many other societies exist. And he composes and play their folkloric and ritual music.
In most cases, these musical-imaginary civilizations are parallel to ours (Amygdala, Arcadia) in other they are just one possible variations of the ones we know (The futuristic and vertiginous India of " The Conference" , or the remote past of the Tribes of Aeon)

Hortaobagyi has created one of the most intriguing body of musical work of modern music. As professor of musicology Hortobagyi commands one of the biggest collections of Middle Eastern and Eastern music on the planet. With this musical archive and his technical skills he creates new harmonic and sonic universes.

Some might think that we're facing another pseudo shaman, that uses synths to cmake cheap new age albums from samples. But this is far from being the cae. Actually Hortobagyi's music is not easy at all.

It is deep. Ritual. Subterranean. Telluric. Even Scary.

He goes, down the rabitt hole of the collective conciousness and takes back to light odd objects, forbidden jewels, magical artifacts and beautiful monstruosities.

The Gayyan Uttejak Orchestra moves with a frightening easiness from the distant and unknown future to the remote and dark past. Those travels end in our troubled present.
To end this cronic I must add that Hortobagyi is Mad.

He is Crazy.

He gives away his music for free.

Seventeen albums, including the covers which are a total trip. (Most are not only worth seeing but also reading!)

Plus: never published material, videos, amazing cyber-art.

Welcome to the twisted personal Nirvana of a mad genius.

If you want to know how to get his stuff , see the comments section.


Keep listening!!!


The Herbalist said...

0) Important: Please take a minute to e mail Mr Hortobagyi after you download. Tell him that you found his link at prognotfrog, he will be happy to know we're spreading his music.

1) Go To hortobagyi's website by clicking here

2) Click on the first image to enter the site

3) Scroll down and hit "disco"

4) Select an album.

5) You can download every song by right-clicking on the mp3 sign and selecting "save as"

6) All the covers and booklets are there. They are worth downloading!


Anonymous said...

Once again, YOU BLOW MY MIND!!! This is incredible stuff from an amazing man and group of musicians... Holy Cow Batman... Awesome! Your site keeps expanding my mind on a daily basis!! And as an old hippie music freak, I thought I knew music.. heh! What did I know... Freekin' Beautiful stuff.. Please everyone who reads this.. go check this stuff out.. pick an album.. you will not be disaapointed! Herbalist.. man you did it again!! What a killer discovery. Peace, Dr. Q

Anonymous said...

excuse broken english...
thanx so much for this...
had one album with sons of arqa only incomplete,
looking heardly since years to complete it without succes...
now I found your article here, unbelieveble!!! THANX!!!

it is strange to give all your work for free,
but is this a reason, be titled as mad?

Anonymous said...

The link to Lazlo's site is not working.
The downloads from Lazlo are not full albums they are only samples probably lasting 1 min per tune. What is amazing is the complete artwork.

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