Sunday, July 09, 2006

Marc Benno - Lost In Austin (Eric Clapton & Albert Lee) [1979] @320 (rock)

When virtual unknown Marc Benno wanted to make another album of his songs, he felt it only natural to ring his mates to be the backing band. In this case, Benno was a part of the Leon Russell / Shelter Records group of musicians.

Clapton had had his "sea change" as a result of listening to The Band' "Music From Big Pink" and had earlier toured with Delaney & Bonnie, so he had a connection with Benno's band. So here
Benno the unknown manages to get together a dream band including:

Eric Clapton, Albert Lee - guitars
Jim Keltner - drums
Carl Radle - bass

You'll find Radle on a heaps of 70's albums, including George Harrison's "Concert For Bangla Desh".

That said, Benno writes good songs and has a distinctive vocal style, the sample below is a good guide, note the dirty slide from Clapton.


Hotfoot Blues

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micaus said...

The link is:

leesa said...


I would love to hear this album. I'm a big Marc fan, especially his first solo album with "Franny" and "Speak Your Mind."

Would it be possible for you to repost this please?

Do you by any chance have his first album also?

Thanx so much!

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