Sunday, July 09, 2006

Taste of Blues - "Schizofrenia" [1969] @224kbps Swedish Metronomic Farfisa Voodoo Madness

OK, fans of early Can!… hold up your arms! A lot of hands, aren’t it?! Let’s see now… fans of the “Farfisa sound”!, say Here!… whoa man!, cool!. And at last, all the fans of cheesy 60’s “witch doctor wannabe” vodoo films soundtracks!, Jump!… Is that a bunch of crickets making noise or what? Were all the people went? Why that man is turning off the light?!

Ok people let’s calm down. If you are a person that likes –at least- one of the above-mentioned categories, certainly you will love Taste of Blue’s “Schizofrenia” album. They were from the same bunch of remarkable Swedish bands like Mecki Mark Men, International Harvester or Panta Rei, just a little detail… they didn’t gained the international recognition of that bands, they stay in the underground circuit but they sounds like nobody!

The first track (Schizofrenia), is -as I told you before- an epic 17 minute hypnotic vodoo spell: A metronomic journey full of Hawaiian guitar sounds, spacey effects, groovy jazz-sax, flutes… in short, a hysterical apocalyptic a go-go dance, NOT TO BE MISSED.

All the tracks besides Schizofrenia are short –max 4’ 52”- but they all are killer bluesy themes sang in English by the only American in the band, Mr. Don Washington. Here you will find effective complex guitar solos, great Farfisa presence and nice vocalization… by the way they play an awesome version of John Mayall’s “Another kinda love”.

Ok, go pick your miniature heads, put your bone in your head, and let’s dance the Voodoo!

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Taste of Blues-on the road to nidaros


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this is a great lp. recomended. a thanks, Bruce

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whooow... what an amazing album!!!

thanks bro for sharing it :)

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Glad you like it man, we are here for sharing!

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