Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents The Voice of The Moon # 004 With The Herbalist (Another Collection of Great Music Followed By Comments by You-Know-Who)

Here we go again.
As you know, in The Voice of The Moon, we play music that we will never post in ProgNotFrog sites for a variety of reasons, although we think it must be made known by all of you.

The Voice of The Moon is still in an experimental stage and we're doing efforts to make every new chapter better.

It is also the first step of ProgNotFrog Radio, a project we will be developing in the next few months.

Thanks to all the people who have commented the previous shows.

This week we'll start by appreciating some artists that belong to the Americana movement (16 Horsepower, some rare Sufjan Stevesn songs) then we'll jump to France (with the exquisite Jorane), Norway (guided by Ketil Bjornstad), Germany (to be psyched out by Fit & Limo and finnally we'll end in England with Michael Brook and Sir Robert Wyatt (What? Haven't them named him Sir yet...?).

But that's not all, there other surprises in this new Voice of The Moon broadcast that mixes the Sublime (Ostrich Janota) with the Cruel (Nick Cave), The Modern (Millenium) and the Antique (Garmarna).

I blend my elixirs and infusions, just for you. Enjoy them and...

Keep Listening...!!!

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Anonymous said...


downloading the 3rd one now..and 80 mins later will download the others.

Cheers folks! U do great.


Anonymous said...

another great mix, thanks!!


The Herbalist said...

Thanks for the encouraging Words

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