Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ruth – “Polaroïd/Roman/Photo” [1985] @192kbps Synth-Pop-Avant-Garde… à la Carte

-Germany has Kraftwerk & Neu!, Japan has The Yellow Magic Orchestra, England has Gary Newman… but France?.. Who has France in the Avant-Garde-Synth-Pop realms…? …And hereeeeee’s our Herooo!, please welcome Mr. Thierry Müller (aka ILITCH)…

-Pssst, hey man, stop talking!, the script points that Thierry Muller is a late 70’s-Early 80’s dark electronics wizard.

-Off course!!!. Mr. Muller conceives 2 amazing electronic albums under the alias Ilitch (Periodikmindtrouble –1978- & 10 suicides –1980-) but in 1985 the synth pop mosquito bites him, and under the Ruth moniker gave light to his “Polaroïd/Roman/Photo”.

-Ahh, ok… go on… go on… sorry.

-Well, this awesome album it is as if you had a group of avant-garde composers controlling the synths plus a complete chamber ensemble (a ten piece band with horns, violin and spoken female vocals.). A well balanced concept, indeed; in one hand concrete electronic structures, very experimental, on the other, all the freedom and spontaneity of a crowded dance floor, Fractal records define this work: “like a relax mood erotic-melodic-synthe-80’s pop album.”

-¿And what about the songs?

-Nicely conceived, for example, the title track got smooth male and female vocalizations full of horn blasts & implacable metronomic rhythm (kinda sexual rhythm).

-Sweet! as my friend Napoleon would say!

-And that’s not all!, in this lp lies the first cover-version ever made of Can’s “she brings the rain”, awesome by itself!.

So what you readers are waiting!? You know you need this album… go on, and enjoy!

Keep Listening!

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Algarnas said...

Here's the link

Anonymous said...

Many thanks mr.PROG for L.L.SMITH! NATURE BOY. Anyone who wants B.COBHAM-SPECTRUM go to www.headfonehaus.blogspot.com

BlackwatchPlaid said...

I saw the post for Billy Cobham - Spectrum on that blog, 128 kbps :-( Stay tuned to The Sky Moves Sideways blog the next day or so for a 320 kbps rip. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

btw, it's 128 in AAC, which is similar to 192 in MP3.

Anonymous said...

btw, it's 128 in AAC, which is similar to 192 in MP3.

Shish said...

Damn ! I saw that post too late. Link is down...can antbody re-up please ?

michel,isabelle,lion,otto... said...

i agree! reeup reeup reeup reeup oh please reeup!!!

thanks for the other great shares anyway!


Matt said...

Please re-up with sugar on top! You are the man though and you've got a great site!

Devil Sparkles said...

hey! could you please upload it again?

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