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Alphonse Mouzon - "In Search Of A Dream" [1977] @ 320 (Jazz Fusion) Kindly submitted by Martin

Alphonse Mouzon is the Chairman/CEO of Tenacious Records. He composes, arranges and produces, as well as acts, but he is most well-known as a percussionist. Born on November 21, 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina of African-American, French and Blackfoot Indian background, Alphonse Mouzon's popularity as a performing artist first became realized in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

He received his first musical training at Bonds-Wilson High School and moved to New York City upon graduation. He studied drama and music at New York City College as well as medicine at Manhattan Medical School. He continued receiving drum lessons from Bobby Thomas, the drummer for jazz pianist Billy Taylor. He played percussion in the Broadway show "Promises, Promises", he then worked with pianist McCoy Tyner, then he was a member of Weather Report with Larry Coryell on guitar, Joe Zawinul on keyboard and Wayne Shorter on saxophone. After that Alphonse Mouzon signed as a solo artist to the Blue Note label in 1972.

This is an obscure Alphonse Mouzon recording, which, along with Mind Transplant, accounts for Mouzon's best work as a solo artist. The presence of former Weather Report band mate Miroslav Vitous provides for much of the session's excitement ("The Light" being a standout). Fusion vets Philip Catherine, Stu Goldberg, and Joachim Kuhn also turn in fine performances, as does the relatively unknown Bob Malik. There is a great deal of integrity on this session, a quality that was often missing from Mouzon sessions both before and after this. Highly recommended.

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Alphonse Mouzon: drums, percussion, organ, electric piano
Philip Catherine: electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar
Joachim Kühn: electric piano, acoustic piano
Stu Goldberg: electric piano, acoustic piano, mini moog, organ
Bob Malik: tenor saxophone
Miroslav Vitous: electric bass, acoustic bass, mini moog, electric piano

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Hey Nature Boy,
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Thanks for this one! FYI- track 6 cuts off abruptly.

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