Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kim Eu Chul – “Norae Moem” {Korea} [1974] @192 (accoustic folk psyche)

Late here..and tomorrow gonna hard day for me..i will sell some routers to some companies & will configure them..iyyk..
before flying thru bed i start listening kim eu chul. i like to go sleeping with accoustic music. a few days ago i uploaded this album to rapid. maybe my sleepy condition or a need of accoustic music remind me to share this album with you now.
i am not sure the history of this album..as i learned some songs are lullabies.soft guitar chords/solos follows sweet voices in a dreamy scene.i love all the songs in the album..but especially lover's lullaby & the cloud of that sky it follows are awesome..wish i know korean language to understand them..the lyrics must be awesomme..i would like to learn the english meanings of the lyrics..there is one instrumental song in that album also..that many may like..now i start listening this album..and flying thru bed..goodnight to me..and goodmorning/afternoon/evening/night to you all :) links in comments..

Kim eu chul/the cloud of that sky it follows...
Kim eu chul/lover...


Anonymous said...

This way ---> Kim eu chul - Song vowel

Algarnas said...

Nice one Naha!, thanks man

Anonymous said...

Someone must have translated the title with a web translator. The Korean title 'Norae Moem' means 'song collection'. Just 'collection' seems adequete.

Norae = song
Moem = collection
('Moem' also means 'vowel' but not in this case.)

I'm 100% sure of it.
Cause I'm Korean. :-)

Pretty surprised that foreigners are intersted in long-forgotten (even in Korea) Korean music.

Anonymous said...

oh... another thing.

Despite the misleasing title, this isn't a compilation album.
This sure is his first album.

nahavanda said...

thank you a lot my friend :)
now i corrected the title
Korea has a special place on my heart, this is the country of one of my best vinyl collector friend.

Good music must not be forgotten..and thats a mission of all music lovers..have a nice and easy day ;)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy a lot of this

alvega said...

This is a first for me... but I liked the samples. :-)
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

i can't download this file
This file has been deleted.
Reason: No download for a longer period. Inactivity-timeout exceeded.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this?
I'd love to try the whole album.

Anonymous said...

new link: http://lix.in/-47fcce

Anonymous said...

link down

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