Friday, March 31, 2006

Dark - "Dark" [1986] @256 (Superb Ethno-Psych Avant-Prog)

This band, commanded by the excellent percussionist-keyboardist Mark Nauseef existed for a brief period in the mid 80's as a key piece of the visionary CMP label (which also signed artists as important as Trilok Gurtu). Unfortunately both the band and the label suffered from poor distribution and by the end of the decadeCMP had dissapeared into oblivion.
That's a pity. But the history of good music is full of this kind of unfair episodes. Dark deserved more and better results. This extraordinary album is an eclectic mix of ritualism, nocturnal fears, unexpected explosions of virtously articulated noise, exotic and languid laments and cries, progressive riffs and obscure and surreal dreams.
The song Heavy Metal express what the words "heavy metal" mean for intelligent people. King Krad is a blatant (and most brilliant) tribute to our beloved King Crimson. Du Reptile is an exercise in slow and deep fear. Some might find this work as dark as its name suggest. Most will find that it is an undeservedly unknown masterpiece.
Highly Reccomended!

Keep Listening!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

We should stop listening to all this weird music

I swear I saw a frog jumping into your right ear Fred...

We love danger!!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Agitation Free in Egypt (1972)

This video is of minor quality. See it as a historical document.

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