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Jimmy Page "Lucifer Rising" {UK} (1973) (Psychadelic-Space)

We all make our misstakes....Maybe this one is Jimmy's biggest, the avantgarde film maker Kenneth Anger ask Jimmy to do a soundtrack to his movie Lucifer Rising. And he's asking the right guy. Back then Jimmy owned Aleister Crowleys house Boleskine in Scotland, he also got the second largest collection of bocks that Crowley have written. A dispute between Anger and Page made that Jimmy's soundtrack never were used. It only exists on rough cut of the film. Some people said that Mick Jagger is the one that made the soundtrack. Thats not true, Jagger was involved to make a soundtrack and it was Anger that inspired him to made "Sympathy for the devil". But Jagger thought the satanic aura had been to much. Finaly (I think thats correct) Bobby Beausoleil (later a friend to Charles Manson) did the soundtrack. In 1980 Anger sold the the movie and the soundtrack to a collector. That made a clear blue 12" vinyl and released it on Berleskin Records in 1000 copys.
This is not the best OST that exists but if you are collecting Led Zeppelin and related stuff this is something for you. If Tangerine Dream would been a garage band this is have they would how sounded. I have seen the movie it's not so good I have to say but the music its pretty good.

Lets get ready for 23 min of evil!

Some information:

A big thanks goes to Bax that showed me this one.

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Best wishes from Sweden

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bruce Haack - "The Electric Lucifer" {Canada} [1968/9] (Electronic Experimental)

This was recorded between 1968 and 1969 and released in 1970.

Bruce Haack's awesome The Electric Lucifer stands as one of electronic pop music's pioneering works. You might see the album as an American equivalent of something like the White Noise album, but while Derbyshire, Hodgson and co. were experimenting with homemade contraptions and concrète tape splicing Haack was wiring up his DIY analogue synths, making this psychedelic concept album masterpiece. Ignore the tags on the tracks which say Recorded 1979 and released in 1968 - Something VERY wrong there. With the starting track think Kraftwerk if you wonder what it sounds like.

The following comes from Bruce Haack Web:
"THE ELECTRIC LUCIFER" is totally unlike anything ever recorded before. It is truly a voice of the future. Listen to "Electric To Me Turn" and the anti war "War."

The credentials of the creator of "THE ELECTRIC LUCIFER" album are as diverse as they are fascinating. Bruce Haack was born in a mining camp called "Saunders Creek" in the Canadian Rockies. There were no roads in or out. I guess one either way would have served both. But only the train came in once a week to pick up coal. As a child Bruce turned-on to the mountain wind, the screams of golden eagles, the mine tunnels and the one electric light forever shining outside the mine supply store (the symbolism zonks me). After striking out for the nearest town as a young man, Bruce soon learned to turn his natural inventiveness, especially at

the piano, into his own means of expression. He went to the University of Alberta where he majored in psychology and extra-curricular activity, mostly performing and composing. He was always into something; two weekly radio shows, a performing group of piano, bass and drums. Club dates. Playing real country piano for real country dances. He even won a gold literary award. Then encouragement, even insistance from the renowned actor Charles Laughton compelled Bruce to go to New york. Since then he has earned an imposing list of credits- (his compositions have been performed at Carnegie and Town Halls, he has written ballet music, Broadway music ("How to Make a Man"), off.Broadway music ("The Kumquat in the Persimmon Tree"), pop songs (he penned three of Teresa Brewer's hits). Bruce has created hundreds of singing commer cials and is the inventor of "dermi tron," an electronic device which allows the human body to be played

as a musical device by means of skin contact. Wow. His music for the Nicolo Marionettes and Bliss Displays are heard on a national scale.

But despite all this,. Bruce devotes mast of his time to working with, and inventing fascinating electronic toys for, children.

Bruce invents, builds and plays his own electronic musical instruments. He composed and performed all the music on "THE ELECTRIC LUCIFER" as well as creating the synthesizer on which he performed. He picked up the parts for less than 50 bucks on New York's Canal Street.

And although there is a lot of meta physics in the messages of his songs, the album's appeal will be the beautiful mix of music and magic. Good rock. The appearance of the electronic voice on the album could be the most revolutionary thing about it. But as for me, I just dig it musically.

Note there is a CD reissue Electric Lucifer Book 2 which has interviews and Bonus Tracks.
1. Electric To Me Turn
2. The World (Narration)
3. Cherubic Hymn
4. Program Me
5. War
6. National Anthem To the Moon
7. Chant of the Unborn
8. Incantation
9. Angel Child
10. Word Game
11. Song of the Death Machine
12. Super Nova
13. Requiem

CD Version has 14. Being Silent 15 - 23 Interviews and 24. Electric To Me Turn (Alt Version).

Perhaps this post will inspire someone to post that too or some other wonderful works by Bruce.

The Third Eye - "A Tibetan Initiation" {World} [2000] (Folk New Age)

This is slightly different. Sort of New Age World Folk. I have no idea of the country it comes from - I doubt it is Tibet.

Certainly Tibet and Buddhism is the source of The Third Eye and this is also the title of a book published in November 1956. It was written by a British man named Cyril Hoskin (1910-1981) who claimed that his body was occupied by the spirit of a Tibetan monk named Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. It may be an early example of the New Age genre of channeling books. Quite a controversial book apparently. Also the Hindu "Kundalini" is similar to Opening The Third Eye. Although that is based upon Chakras etc.

What this music is for is to assist in opening the Third Eye or possibly just a relaxing sound for meditation.

There are 2 track listings for this (mine is the same as the German one I found) and very little info on the net at all.

The .nfo file that comes with it has the original source. It is interesting.

1 - Karmapa
2 - The Third Eye
3 - The Exorcism
4 - Samye
5 - A Smile Of Buddha
6 - Incarnation

Huckleberries - "Jigweed" {UK} [1998] (folk bluegrass)

The Huckleberries are a UK Folk band who play a unique style of Bluegrass that really excites me.

The Huckleberries began life in 1996 as a busking duo on the streets of Bournemouth, and has now grown to a five piece band that comprises 5-string Banjo/Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Electric Bass and Drums. The band gather their musical influences from traditional folk, bluegrass, latin, eastern and celtic music and combine this with global dance rhythms and good time stomps! which is proving to have a wide appeal in all sections of the music loving public. In the last few years they have performed at a wide range of festivals and venues around the country which include Glastonbury Festival, Stainsby Folk Festival, Towersey Festival and the Larmer Tree Festival to name a few, as well as receiving wide recognition for their albums 'Reelgrass' and 'Jigweed'. They also recently appeared in the BBC series 'Down to Earth' and their music was featured throughout. The soundtrack C.D from the series is now available which includes material by the band.Below is a clip from the series. (from

"Jigweed" has a Caribbean tinge to it with softer fiddle and slightly more prominent banjo. Wider mix of percussion and bongo rhythmic drums make it more of a varied instrumental album - a 50/50 mix between self penned and traditional. The Huckleberries have built up a huge following from their continued busking in the towns of Southern England. (

01 - Huckleberry Island
02 - Timour the Tartar /Boys of Malin
03 - Lark in the Morning / Last Nights Fun
04 - Apples and Sloes
05 - Feargal o' Hara
06 - Sphynx
07 - Maid Behind the Bar
08 - Sailors Return
09 -TurkeyKnob
10 - Chicken Chaser
11 - Farewell to Erin /Gravel Walk
12 - Pulse
13 - Lost at Sea
14 - Grandad in the Lift

If you want to hear what they sound like all you need do is visit their official website here: Huckleberries Home (be sure to Click on Discography to hear their sound).

If you like Banjo's and Fiddles played with an exciting slant then this one is for you.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Spice, Pre-Uriah Heep "ST" {UK} [1968-69] (Heavy Rock)

For all you hardcore Uriah fans i give you this...
I have been collecting for several years both vinyl, CD's and audio files and never seen this one. And Uriah Heep is one of my favorite bands. This is really good music and reminds me of early Uriah Heep and its pretty groovy sometimes. I dont know if this copy its some kind of bootleg from some master tapes (no worry the sound is excellent) becuse they never released any album only a couple of singles that costs a fortune to buy. How ever here is some facts about them.
SPICE was the predecessor of Uriah Heep. The band was formed in 1967 and they
released one single in 1968 and recorded several songs in 1969. In early 1970 after
Ken Hensley had joined the group the name was chandeg to URIAH HEEP. Some of the songs recorded originally as Spice appeared on the first album 'Very 'Eavy ... Very 'Umble' and some remained in the vaults until they were released on 'The Lansdowne Tapes' compilation in 1993.The roots of the Uriah Heep story extend back to the heady days of the mid-1960s, when vocalist David Byron and guitarist Mick Box performed together in an R&B, soul covers band called The Stalkers in and around London. In 1968, the two friends decided to form Spice with bassist Paul Newton, a professional live band mixing popular covers with original hard rock, jazz numbers, recording a one-off single ('What About The Music' b/w 'In Love') for United Artists. By ‘69, with an initial band line-up including keyboard wizard Ken Hensley, Spice had evolved into Uriah Heep (named after the unctuous character from Charles Dickens' novel ‘David Copperfield’). Hensley, a multi-talented guitaristkeyboardist, songwriter had served his musical apprenticeship with a variety of groups on the live circuit from Kit And The Saracens and soul group Jimmy Brown Sound to Toefat and The Gods (alongside Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor). Finding a permanent drummer for the adolescent Heep line-up was to prove a labour of love for the band. Former Spice skinsman Alex Napier was soon replaced by Nigel '”Ollie” Olsson (later to make his name with Elton John on his classic album, 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road').

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Roundtable - "Spinning Wheel" {UK} [1969] (baroque folk jazz..)

If you like baroque elements mixed with medieval folk, if you believe some of the best music done by bands like New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, then this is for you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years.

If you like a combination of jazz, folk, baroque, gospel and blues - kind of medieval music with pop influences - injected into eight well-known numbers and performed by a group of superb musicians plyaing such ancient instruments as shawms, crumhorns and regals, then you MUST buy this album. The stars are David Munrow (also on descant recorder) and Chris Hogwood (harpsichord), two highly-respected interpreters of medieval sounds, but the effect achieved when they mix with three flugelhorns, two woodwinds, piano, organ and a driving rhythm section powered by two drummers is quite amazing. You will hardly recognise Laura Nyro's 'Eli's Coming', Lennon & McCartney's 'Michelle', or Blood Sweat And Tears 'Spinning Wheel'. 'Scarborough Fair' and 'This guy's in love with you' are also gems and the arrangements are so complex that it will take you a dozen plays to pick out everything that is going on. It is impossible to describe the beauty or fascinating rhythms on paper. All I can say is that it is one of the finest albums I have ever recommended.(Ilford and Red. Pic., February 11th 1970)

Girl I Use To Know..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jazz Orkestar Radio-Televizije Beograd {Yugoslavia} 1978 (jazz fusion)

"..In 1978 RTB Big Band celebrated the 30th anniversary by releasing this double album consisted of recent works recorded from March 73 - February 77. The title wasn't as imaginative as the music itself and it was just called 1948-1978 that was a bit misleading for the contest of the album. It had a small inscription at the back of the cover saying "With Guests" so also it might be known under this name as well. Guests in this case on some of the recordings were Dusko Gojkovic, Alan Skidmore, Gerd Dudek, Bora Rokovic. The well known track "Balkan Express" made the original record sought after and quite expensive but very few had a chance to actually hear the whole album."


more at

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carolyn Hester "Magazine" {US} 1969 (Acid Folk Psych Fuzz)

Long time no see. Well here we go again this album was a big surprise for me. American folk music use to be pretty lame and very country inspired. This one reminds me of Susan Christie's album, with some heavy parts and parts with dreamy female vocals. But Carolyn albums its a little bit more heavier.
i think that this record could be her 3rd album or something. It is hard to found anything about the album. But the music speaks for it self, enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Void Generator - "We Have Found The Space" {Italy} [2006] (psych prog stoner) Exclusive for Pnf!

One of my hobby is to make Orfeo got bored from me, with telling him my fantasies about opening a pizza delivery store and sending to customers cd-r copies of italian prog bands as a promotion. (hey my dream about coming true, cousin opening a pizza store in the city!! so why not? ;) ) would be a nice marketting & franchasing model out of Italy and people taste "Good Prog" by this way! :) months before i requested him some new bands from Italian new scene. a week later than my request, i got a package from mail, with 6 cds.(thanks a lot man!) i listened all of them, but one of them stayed in my old cd player for a long time. i asked my friend about who is that guyz. he gave me their site. and i just wrote a fan -you guyz great- mail. the reply mail was calm. and we become friends. i must add the groups guitarist/vocalist's passion & knowledge to 70s prog bands that stayed in vinyl amazed me. After opening that myspace, time to time we pop in and look around what is new. I saw a new song from them. and it is really beautiful and this reminds me their album. with a little bit shyness, i knock their door to share the album with PNF. They said go ahead. So my thanks goes to them to give me a chance to introduce that album to you. :)

They also said for the new album we dont wait that much, and even give me some samples from their latest works. I also put one of them to the package. Some information for the band;

On Void Generator's Myspace web site they say that the members are all united by a passion for psychedelia, space rock and stoner music. WOW… is that ever apparent from the music on this album! The band is from Rome, Italy and consists of Gabriele Fiori and Gianmarco Lantaffi on guitars, bass & vocals, Massimo Matrone on synthesizers and Maurizio De Angelis on drums. Their first, self-titled album, was released in 2004 and We Have Found The Space was released this year.

The songs are characterized by hard and heavy metallic space rock 'n roll that brings to mind other contemporary bands like Litmus, First Band From Outerspace and Space Mirrors, but also Black Sabbath and Monster Magnet, and Norwegian psych rockers WE often come to mind. In fact, some of the vocals are a dead ringer for the singer from WE (either Gabriele or Gianmarco). Anyway, it all makes for a deep space rock 'n rolling stoner metallic party in the cosmos. Throughout the album we're slapped around by blazing guitars, a solid rhythm section and trademark space rock electronics, all of which make for a tight and read more here

AstRal Manipulations..

from the upcoming album;
Void GeneRator - Stretched Sunlight..

further more


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1860 Band - "1860 Band" {New Zealand} [1978] (prog funk jazz)

After "Snakes Alive" from Australia, let we enlarge our tour in australasia. I heard many good things about this album, but couldnt find to listen till this month. searched this band a lot without knowing anything about them. and just learned they were pre Quincy Conserve and they were from New Zealand (thanks lars) Its one of a hidden treasure, that every lover of this type may enjoy.

some information i found;
The Quincy Conserve was formed in Wellington in late 1967 by Malcolm Hayman. Malcolm was an extremely talented musician who had already been on the music scene for twelve years by that stage. Hayman was only 15 years old when he arrived in Wellington in 1955 as a member of the Maori Hi Fives showband. The following year the singer-guitarist formed the Trademarks, long-time residents at the Mexicali, a popular nightspot owned by American expatriate Harry Booth. The Trademarks were very popular, and after four years of constant playing, queues formed to see them every time they played. Over the years, 30-odd musicians passed through the ranks of the Trademarks, before Malcolm disbanded the group in 1961. The Trademarks owed more than a little to the Maori showband tradition, where Hayman had learnt his licks, but the group gave Wellingtonians their first taste of rock'n'roll. One member of the Trademarks was Rodney "Dody" Potter, who was later a member of the Keil Isles and Dallas Four.

Following the demise of the Trademarks, Malcolm spent 18 months at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music, followed by two years on the Australian-Pacific cabaret circuit with a variety of bands. Malcolm was a severe diabetic and in 1965, during a residency in New Caledonia, he came down with tuberculosis, spending the next 14 months in a Noumea hospital. He returned to Wellington in the middle of 1966 and formed a new band called the Soundells.

The Soundells had a residency at the Downtown Club in Wellington and at the end of 1967 they were enticed to go to Auckland to play there. They accepted the offer, but Malcolm decided not to go. Now without a resident band at the Downtown Club, owner Roy Young had enough faith in Malcolm to give him a budget to recruit, equip and rehearse a new band for his club. Malcolm immediately tried the rhythm section of Sounds Unlimited, who had just dissolved, but at rehearsals found that they were not appropriate. He then started scouring the countryside, looking for the best musicians, with a promise of a regular gig and more here

california dReaming..

thanks to my friend arv to make this lp available :)


Monday, December 10, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day - Today (1973)

Here goes this very hard to find album(at least for me), from the very well known band from the San Francisco Bay Area, i couldn´t find it anywhere so for those who are looking this one enjoy, im not sure if this is the right cover but is the best i could find...Theres no David LaFlamme on this album so there is a different sound, also we can appreciate more the beautiful voice of Pattie Santos and the compositions of Pattie and Bud cockrell.

- Val Fuentes / drums, vocals
- Pattie Santos / percussion, vocals
- Bill Gregory / guitar
- Fred Webb / keyboards, vocals
- Greg Bloch / mandolin, violin
- Bud Cockrell / bass, vocals
- Greg Bloch / horn


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snakes Alive - "Snakes Alive" {Australia} [1974] (prog rock)

After uploading the album, while searching for an info i noticed mysteryposter sent it months ago. I think this album still protects its mystery. searched the net, band name is so common & couldn't find an information..There is a well balance on relax & agression on this album. thanks to hwabian,Miri & pnf room @slsk for tiny critics of the album :) any info welcome.

Snakes Alive - Fruit Pie..


Friday, December 07, 2007

Bridges - "Fakkeltog" {Norway} [1980] (prog rock)

A hidden treasure, and one of my favorite from norweigan scene. some copy/paste:

Pål Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen's first group was called Bridges. They released a self-financed LP on the record company Våkenatt in Norway only called "Fakkeltog" (Torch-light procession). 1000 copies were made, but very few of them sold. The music is heavily influenced and inspired by The Doors. This record is the most sought-after record among a-ha fans and you must expect to pay an awful lot of money to get your hands on a copy of this record. ..... The album was produced by Svein Erichsen, mixed by Svein Erichsen and Tore Aarnes. It features Pål Waaktaar on guitar and vocals, Magne Furuholmen on synthesizers, Øystein Jevanord on drums and percussion and Viggo Bondi on bass guitar. The track "Vagrants" features Øivind Nusle and Hans Morten Stensland on violins, Svein Ivar Fors and Elisabeth Moe on cello, Ingvil Kaalhus on obo. "September" features Gro Hanne Fors and Sissel Grønlund on tumpets. The songs, arrangements and lyrics are all by Pål except for "Vagrants" which is arranged by Erik Nygaard. The songs on this album are all sung in English. This is the only album released by Bridges, the band started another album by the name of "Poem" but it was never published. The a-ha song "This Alone Is Love" features song text from the Bridges songs "May The Last Dance Be Mine" ("It will make my last breath pass out at dawn It will make my body dissolve out in the blue") and slightly adapted lyrics from "Every Mortal Night" ("Travel by trap-doors our souls are a myrid of wars And we are losing everyone"). more here. thanks to RD :)

The Oncoming of Day..


Monday, December 03, 2007

Thomas Natschinski & Gruppe - "Wir über Uns" {Germany} [70s] (hard psych, prog)

I have listened very few artists from east germany's 70s Amiga label, but whatever i listened from that scene are most of the time quality,good works. Its one of the mysterious label, and discovering is enjoyful. One of the good works i have listened is, Thomas Natschinski's early works. Well there are many information for him at net, but most of them i found is in german language, here i copy paste from german wiki, & any info welcome;

"...Thomas Natschinski, der durch seinen Vater, den Dirigenten und Komponisten Gerd Natschinski, schon früh mit Musik in Berührung kam, begann im Alter von 9 Jahren, Klavier zu lernen. Mit 16 schrieb er seine ersten Lieder. Nach Abschluss der Schule 1964 begann er, an der Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin Komposition, Klavier und Musiktheorie zu studieren. Einer seiner Lehrer war Rudolf Wagner-Régeny. Noch während des Studiums gründete er die Band „Team 4“, die sich musikalisch vor allem an die Beatles anlehnte, allerdings mit deutschen Texten von Hartmut König. Dass die Texte deutsch waren, geschah nicht auf Druck der Zensur, sondern war das eigene Anliegen der Band. Durch die deutschen Texte hatte „Team 4“ allerdings einen Vorteil gegenüber der Vielzahl anderer Gruppen, die einfach nur englische Titel nachspielten. So kam es, dass schon kurz nach der Gründung ihre erste Single aufgenommen wurde. Zu „Team 4“ gehörten damals außerdem John Knepler und Gerrit Gräfe...." ..more here

auf deM bau..


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collaboration with pnf is a young turkish site, reviewing music from 60s to todays,

Those guys have some thousand of vinyls from the scene, mostly psych,jazz,pop,prog...

The language of the site is turkish, however there will be many audio and visual elements that will add some fun for all who interested.. feel free to pop in!

Çetin Bukey & John Hassel Orkestrası ('6X,TR)