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Piirpauke - Piirpauke 2 {Finland} [1976]

Piirpauke was founded by Sakari Kukko in 1974, and it's one of the foremost world music groups in Finland. Since 1975 the band has released 24 albums, mixing world music with jazz and often incorporated foreign musicians in its lineup.
01. Laulu (Song) Old traditional from Eastern Karelia
02. Sirtos Greek dance from the Rumeli district - the rhythm is called kalamatiano
03. Fyssouni Greek dance tune from the Epirus (or Ipiros) district, the rhythm is called karsilamas
04. Prazider Adeus (Sanon hyvästi) (I Say Goodbye) Brazilian melody composed by Edu Lobo
05. Agjek Improvised melody
06. Peäldoaivi Improvised melody
07. Penang Parts 1 & 2 Composed by Antti Hytti and Sakari Kukko, dedicated to the fight for the black people's rights in South Africa
08. Imala Maika Composed by D. Janev and K. Stefanov, after Bulgarian folk tradition


-Sakari Kukko: saxophone, piano, woodwind, percussions, gopijantra, bells, finger cymbals, flute, vocals
-Hasse Walli: guitar, cymbals, tambourine, bells, finger cymbals, maracas, vocals
-Antti Hytti: bass, finger cymbals, katzango, gong, Indian harmonium, vocals
-Jukka Wasama: drums, gopijantra, gong, percussions, vocals

03 Fyssouni
08 ImalaMaika

Piirpauke (1st)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baris Manço - "Yeni Bir Gün" {Turkey} [1979]

Born January 2, 1943 (1943-01-02)
Died January 31, 1999 (aged 56)

Rest In Peace!
The sudden death of Baris Manço (Baris means “Peace” in Turkish), predominantly a renowned pop singer but also a journalist, TV producer and traveller, deeply affected the entire Turkish nation.

No doubt, he will be remembered with great pride and wistfulness by all segments of Turkish society.

It is not wrong to say that Manço did not alter his style, both in terms of his musical preferences and his stance as an artist, from the beginning of his career in the late 1950s. Despite that, he succeeded in always remaining one of the most beloved of public figures. But what made him become the focus of such great popularity and admiration for old and young?

Baris Manço was among the first proponents of `ethnic-rock’, a musical genre which adheres to the synthesis of a rock beat with the harmonic structure of traditional Turkish folk music. From `Daglar Daglar’ to `Sari Çizmeli Mehmet Aga’ and `Gülpembe’, he demonstrated how Western and traditional elements in contemporary Turkish music could be combined and produced in such profusion. In this respect, he was surely before his time, an avant-garde composer and performer. Later on, pursuing his own path, he never yielded to the ephemeral demands of the popular music industry.

However, this musical dynamism had always been backed by original lyrics. Baris Manço never concentrated on cheap love themes. Rather, he took his themes mostly from everyday life and the daily inter-relations between people, focusing heavily on the problems rooted in the major cultural transformation taking place in Turkey. No doubt, it was his frequent reference to the “loss of traditional human values” which made him a perfect ethical role-model in the eyes of the public. He always adopted a critical stance against the recent distortion of the cultural realm, reflected in a suppression of honesty, selfless love and solidarity in favour of possesive individualism. Therefore his music, as well as his private life, invoked a clear social message.

Towards the mid-1980s, Manço intensified his efforts for the cultural improvement of the Turkish people. In this manner, he attached great importance to children and launched a TV show, called “7’den 77’ye” (7 to 77). In that series, he presented his journeys to almost every corner of the world with the aim of expanding the cultural and informative horizons of the Turkish people. In the “Adam Olacak Çocuk” (The Child Who Will Become a `Man’) segment of his show, he interviewed children every week and tried to imbue them with true virtues concerning mutual relations and self-care. Meanwhile, he served as a de facto “cultural ambassador” to the entire world, giving numerous concerts in Europe, America and the Far East. In turn, he was endowed the title of “state artist” in 1991.

The `Manço philosophy’ was primarily a combination of Turkish human values and progressive modern civic norms. His unusual ultra-modern outer appearance (with his long black hair and downward-slanting moustache, supplemented by fur coats and gigantic rings) and his orderly private life in full compliance with the national cultural structure have never been perceived as being contradictory by his 65 million adherents. On the contrary, he lived his life as a unique expression of devotion to music and the Turkish people, in which he was extremely successful in clarifying its underlying motive: the creation of a modern Turkish nation following the path laid down by Atatürk.

Rest in peace, Baris! You remain a role-model for every one of us with your diligence, modesty, ethical values, your love for the Republic and your faith in the Turkish people.
Baris Manço Fan Club http://www.barismanco.de/index-bm.html

+ info: http://progressive.homestead.com/Baris_Manco.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baris_Man%C3%A7o

01 Sari Çizmeli Mehmed Aga
02 Gesi Baglari
03 Çoban Yildizi
04 Bir Selam Sana
05 Ne Ola? Yar Ola
06 Aynali Kemer
07 2024 Ikinci Yolculuk
08 Ham Meyvayi Kopardilar
09 Yeni Bir Gün
10 Bir Kelebegin Yasam Öyküsü

01 Sari Çizmeli Mehmed Aga
02 Gesi Baglari
04 Bir Selam Sana
07 2024 Ikinci Yolculuk

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Piirpauke - "Birgi Buhtui" {Finland} [1981]

Piirpauke is a Finnish band that combines folk music, ethno and jazz in their music. The band was founded by Sakari Kukko in 1974 and over the years, a number of musicians from various countries have played in the band. Some of their most famous songs include Konevitsan kirkonkellot, Soi vienosti murheeni soitto, Swedish Reggae and Imala Maika. The band has toured throughout the world and has played at such major music festivals as Provinssirock, Ruisrock and Pori Jazz in Finland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piirpauke

1. Joropo llanero 3:16
2. Samsunun avleri 6:02
3. Anjukka, Suaren neido 4:45
4. Birgi buhtui 4:36
5. Aagul nju 6:50
6. Nu aro vi redo att vandra till skogs 4:30
7. Nicin bende uzum pipo yok 7:36

- Sakari Kukko (woodwinds, keyboards, kantele, percussion and vocals).
In addition, the following musicians have been part of the band at some point in time:
-> Guitar
- Juha Björninen
- Malang Cissokho (kora, vocals, bass)
- Badu Ndjay (+percussion: congas and talking drum, vocals, keyboards)
- Pekka Nylund
- T. T. Oksala (+synthesized guitar)
- Pekka Rechardt
- Jukka Tolonen
- Hasse Walli
-> Bass guitar
- Ville Herrala
- Antti Hytti
- Jorma Koivulehto
- Tauno Railo (+vocals)
- Ilpo Saastamoinen
- Olli-Pekka Wasama
-> Percussion
- Tom Nekljudow
- Aku Nyyssönen (+vocals)
- Markku Ounaskari (drums)
- Ismaila Sane (+vocals)
- Jukka Wasama
-> Vocals
- Cinta Hermo (+acoustic guitar, percussion, incl. castanets and flamenco shoes)
-> Keyboards
- Joonas Ahonen (piano)
-> Violin
- Karri Koivukoski

1. Joropo llanero
2. Samsunun avleri

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Jack Intveld - "I'll Sing of Life" {USA} [1978]

Yes-influenced basement progressive from high school kid multi-instrumentalist.

Private press progressive rock psych record from Minnesota.

A1 Never Mind 7:21
A2 Through Your Window 2:53
A3 Circles 4:20
A4 Stargazer 7:49
B1 The Lake 6:59
B2 To My Friends 4:23
B3 Phantasies 8:37
B4 Soaring 2:24

Jack Intveld - I'll Sing of Life

Posted by KC on ProgNotFrog-Forum: http://pnfforum.com/index.php?topic=7536.0

Thanks a lot to KC for the rip :)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Syncrisis - "Sunny Crisis" {Germany} [1982] (prog/fusion)

This album is so new for me, during the day i amazed myself listening over and over again.. it says; "top archive copy of extremely rare German private pressing from 1982 in laminated full colour cover by excellent progressive krautjazzrock quartet around guitar crack Titus Köstler - highly recommended to friends of European 70s fusion. this band could be called a krautish counterpart to Return to forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra in their early days. including heavy fuzz guitar, played as fast as Al Dieola or John Mclaughlin, but with more soul and feeling. all in all a typical German underground production with that fascinating krautrock groove and flair by very professional, but totally unknown musicians - a killer!!!" taken from coloured rain A hidden treasure! What a coverart! ;)

SuNNy CrisiS..

Our thanks goes to osurec for the rip!!

Mariner - "Two (The Ancient Mariner)" {Japan} [1980] (hard/heavy rock)

I remember the day Bert's (mountainhigh) suggestion for the Japanese band Strawberry Path years ago. That was the first album that i tasted from Japan and it was extremely nice mix of blues hard rock and prog. (thanks Bert!) Perhaps that is the reason when i meet with a new collector friend i always ask, "Are there any hidden hard rock for me from Japan?" A few months ago Chicoppe sent Ginbae to pnfforum, and munju pass it to blog. Make me busy and happy sometime. A few weeks ago, an email came from a good soul, with the link of this band, Mariner. This is Mariner's second album that has good musicianship to put a smile to the faces of hard'n heavy lovers. Not sure but as i know this band has connections with other Japanese band Murasaki. Cover(art) is not my type, but i may tell inside is way better. The first album is available here and there, which is also enough good not to be forgotten.  Well some google translated info here

FoR WhOM The BeLL ToLLs..


Graced Lightning - "The Graced Lightning Side" {USA} [1975] (prog)

Well i couldnt find information for this mysterious band, one sided 18 minutes record, consists of 3 tracks. Recorded late spring 75 in Illinois. After listening the album you may say; 'wish it was more long!'. A hidden treasure quickly become one of my fav. Line Up: Gary Gand - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass..Chris herman - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass..Joan Burnstein - Piano Synthesizer Electric Mandolin, voice..George Edward - Drums, Vibes, Thunder Sheet, Bird, Voice, Chimes, Percussion

Graced LightNiNg Side..

Thanks to osurec for the rip :)

Sume - "Sumut" {Greenland} [1973] (prog/psych)

Perhaps this is one of the most known 70s Greenlandic band outside of Greenland. However their first album still protects its mystery and in my opinion their first album is their best. 

Somewhere it says "Sume's LP was an overwhelming success. In a very short time it was sold nearly 10,000 times to Greenland's 50,000 inhabitants. However, while Sume was the face of the old Greenlandic Renaissance, the people's rediscovery of their own culture and the grafting of that culture on to the wild beast of Rock'n'Roll, Nuuk Posse represents the new Greenland. Modern (and hyper-modern) as Nuuk Posse sound, they carry the traditional Inuit culture to a new generation -- for example old Greenlandic drum dance recordings have been sampled on their latest CD. Along with Nuuk Posse, other artists like Ole Kristiansen, Iisaavaraq Petrussen and the rock band Inneeruulat are experimenting to combine tradition with modern music. But from limited knowledge, it would seem that Nuuk Posse is leading the pack at present.

Artists such as Issarnerit and Sume sang about Inuit identity and made themselves present at many political gatherings. In 1973 Sume was actually the first Greenlandic band to release an album with Greenlandic songs in Greenland. The title of the album was ‘Sumut’ which translates to “where to” as a reference to what the future of Greenlandic people and language should be. According to an interview done by Karen Mohr Sokkelund with Karsten Sommer, the first person to produce and record Greenlandic music, “One of the goals of the project was to preserve the musical interest and musical life of a small country with a small number of people who speak their language.

Sumut’ was in fact a trend-setting album that inspired generations of young people to produce music in their own language in conjunction with a movement towards establishing a government-Home Rule-which is independent and functions primarily in Greenlandic. Now, young people see beyond their local borders and aspire to create music that can also exceed them."
..read more here

Nye tiDeR..
Ode tiL HeimaeY..


Shusha - "Love Songs & Mystic Chants" {Iran} [1971] (trad. folk)

If you like good female vocal, if you like ancient background created with traditional instruments, then this one is for you, become one of my fav. she also has an interesting life story behind. bear in mind, this is a vinyl rip (out of print cd reissue can be seldomly seen here and there)

"Most people remember Shusha reaching international fame in 1977. She was another Iranian female artist besides Pari Samar who had gained the respect of critics and fans alike. I was lucky enough to find "Persian Love Songs and Mystic Chants" CD in San Francisco in 1992 and have not seen it anywhere else. Hope everyone will enjoy her beautiful voice (with Duncan Lamont playing the flute and Behboudi on zarb). From the cover: This recording, dedicated entirely to her Persian roots, captures a performance of exquisitely beautiful songs of love, betrothal, separation and mystical wisdom, sung in the intimate and sensitive style that has made Shusha an internationally known performer. These are songs of deep, heartfelt, sincerity and unpretentious subtlety, that transcend all cultural of national boundaries, touching the listener's spirit. Bask in the richness of the flute and Zarb accompaniment and immerse yourself in the cool, soothing timber of Shusha's voice."
..read more here

the loR yoUth..
tHe wheaT FloweR..


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Vãn Züllatt - "O Casulo" {Brasil} [2008] (prog/fusion)

Sometime ago a friend of mine pass me a download link of a band from Brasil (thanks Paulo!) It was Vãn Züllatt's O Casulo album. Vãn Züllatt is a band from Brasil that formed in 2002 and making music since then. The album reminds me 70s belgian band Recreation which i shared with my friends nearly 3 years before. There are extremely nice moments on the album, It starts like Yes's Heart of Sunrise then quickly change to a samba fusion, goes with Santanaic funk and your journey begins, good that tempo never downs and rapidly the atmosphere changes. i searched the net hoping to find some more info, then i learned the album that i am sharing with you now, allows me to distrubute freely (http://palcomp3.cifraclub.terra.com.br/vanzullatt/) ,make me happy to share with you. There is also some more info at that page to dive deep to Vãn Züllatt.

members: Marcelo Silva (drums) Gabriel Mattos (bass) Jonatã Müller (guitar) e Cleber Vaz (keyboard)



welcome back ;)

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The Blues Goes On - "The Blues Goes On" {Germany} [1971]

from a review at RateYourMusic:
there is not much info on this band
Seeing the label involved , it's probably a bunch of studiomusicians jamming on a exploito label
musically it is mainly raw heavy blues but nothing to rave about.
production is ok.
on the same label appeared also several Hendrix tribute albums under the name '' Live Experience '70''

more info welcome

A1 Big Pink Vol.1 (Give Me a Horsecat) (5:35)
A2 He Died in Prison (5:49)
A3 Rimmler Blues (3:23)
A4 Hey Joe (3:37)
B1 What Do You See When You Turn Out This Life (13:37)
B2 Tribute to Lorenz Westphal (3:30) <<<< new link B3 Randolphs Nerver Song (2:57)

A2 He Died in Prison...
B1 What Do You See When You Turn Out This Life...

Thanks a lot to Vio from Romania for the rip :)

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Nicodemus - "Spacechild Squall" {USA} [1977]

Recorded May 15, 1977 .... Live at Dungeon Hall - "This is a live recording - Inspired by a vision of the past...." from back cover.

Nicodemus is an outsider biker folk fella from Michigan. This album was recorded “live” in 1977, complete with fake applause track. Total “smoking a jay around the campfire” jams. Amazingly the guy actually has a pretty good voice. He repressed 500 copies of the LP a few years ago. http://waxidermy.com/2006/01/

Mysterious underground US freak who creates a bizarre mixture of electric and acoustic psych weirdness. Incredibly diverse styles are used by Nicodemus as he creates garage psych symphonies that overlay insightful and damaged lyrics.

A1 - Greenland Rider (4:00)
A2 - Flowers In The Cracks (2:36)
A3 - Red Sky (6:48)
A4 - Take Me (4:24)
B1 - Somewhere In The Distance (3:10)
B2 - So I Won't Be Let Down (3:26)
B3 - Adrain The Naval King (3:24)
B4 - Spacechild Squall (3:00)

A2 - Flowers In The Cracks...
A4 - Take Me...

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Ibis - "Ibis" {Sweden} [1974]

Har hört att det ska vara en fortsättning på Vildkaktus med i stort sätt samma uppsättning. Mycket rare platta i jazz-rockens fotspår med Vildkaktus personliga touche. http://progg.se/band.asp?ID=645

Sida A:
1. Maneten (1:22)
2. Fransk Pump och Elektriskt Vatten (5:07)
3. Remrus Selegra (12:06)
4. Anja's Klocka (2:05)

Sida B:
1. Oster och vaster (11:16)
2. Alvan (3:11)
3. = 60 (1:08)
4. Blixtens Gamla Buss (2:59)
5. Horisonter (3:58)

- Gosta Nilsson - Piano
- Island Ostlund - Trummor
- Olle Nilsson - Gitarr
- Tommy Johnsson - Bas

A2. Fransk Pump och Elektriskt Vatten
B1. Oster och vaster

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Baris Manço - "Daglar Daglar" {Turkey} [1970]

Today is the tenth anniversary of his death.

Merhaba. Baris Manço was one of the most influential Turkish
musicians of all times. In his early career he and his bands contributed to the Anatolian rock movement by combining traditional Turkish music with rock influences, which is still one of the main trends of Turkish popular music.
His visual image characterised by his long hair, mustache and big rings softened the reaction of otherwise conservative Turkish public opinion regarding the marginal visual appearances.
His experimentation with electronic instruments in the late 1980s contributed to the 1990s sound of Turkish popular music.
His lyrics with diverse themes, mostly following a somewhat modernized version of the "asik" (wandering folk poets) tradition were heavily marginal in the popular music scene...

Baris Manço (also spelt Baris Mancho in some European album releases) (January 2, 1943 - February 1, 1999) was a Turkish singer, composer, television producer and celebrity. He composed about 200 songs, some of which were translated into a variety of languages including English, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian and Arabic. He was, and still is, one of the most beloved public figures of Turkey. more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar%C4%B1%C5%9F_Man%C3%A7o

Iyi pazarlar ;
Ma'nin Tinisi ve Terra Incognita bu haftaki programlarini 10. ölüm yildönümü sebebiyle Baris Manço'ya ayirdik. Sabah Ma'nin Tinisinda 60'lardan 1976 dek tarihsel sira ile nadir 45liklerinden ve albümlerinde gözardi edilen parçalarindan örnekler çaldik. Terra Incognita'da ise 1979'daki Yeni bir gün ile baslayan ve 1985'teki 24 Ayar albümüne kadar süren 4 albümlük bir bölüm yeralacak.
Have a good sunday ,
Ma'nin Tinisi and Terra Incognita's homage to Baris Manço. Today is the tenth anniversary of his death. We remembered his early days at "Ma'nin Tinisi". We'll continue his glory days from his great 1979 album "Yeni Bir Gün" till his last good album with "real" Kurtalan Ekspres 1985's "24 Ayar"

01 Daglar Daglar
02 Derule
03 Kagizman
04 Seher vakti
05 Katip arzuhalim
06 Unutamiyorum
07 Anadolu
08 Bin boganin kizi
09 Iste hendek, iste deve
10 Ay osman
11 Kol dugmeleri
12 Kirpiklerin ok eyle
13 Aglama degmez hayata

01 Daglar Daglar ...
02 Derule ...
12 Kirpiklerin Ok Eyle ...

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