Monday, October 27, 2014

Yockie Suryoprayogo & Chrisye "Jurang Pemisah " (Indonesia ,prog pop,1977)

  Yockie Suryoprayogo & Chrisye "Jurang Pemisah " (Indonesia ,prog pop,1977 ) 



This album was finished 50th in the 150 Indonesian albums (selected in 2007)


Friday, October 24, 2014

Guruh Gipsy (1977,prog,Indonesia )

Guruh Gipsy (1977,prog,Indonesia )

Second upload followed by nahavanda  in 2006  here

The album was recorded  twice .......First recording was July 1975 - February 1976, and the second rekoding was May 1976 - June 1976  (total 200 times dubbing).  The progressive rock GEM in Indonesia. combining elements of Western and Bali music.

  • This albums was selected as best Indonesian albums 150 in 2007 (as No 2 rate )

This is once vinyl reissued  by Shadoks in 2006,but  it is not a legit one......from a cassette rip....
Guruh Gipsy is always (LOL) scheduled to be reissued  in Indonesia,but always (LOL) failed until today because of the problems of copyright ......
Hope it will be reissued as CD as soon as possible  in the near future  because it is a real GEM  for us  progheads ....

B-4 is a bonus track,and it is no relation with Guruh Gipsy ?
Some one knows about the bonus track ?


BTW,the other day(in August ?) ,Guruh Gipsy's tribute album was released in Indonesia (2 CD set).
Rick Wakeman performed in the album.
The following is the PV about the tribute album..(Rick is also watched for a moment...)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jed "Merlin's Song " (USA,medieval folk ,1982 )

Jed "Merlin's Song " (USA,medieval folk ,1982 )

This file was ripped from youtube and split into tracks and removed noises and remastered (volume control and both speakers balance control...and so on....)

Thanks a lot the original ripper (darkfakt).
 It is rumored that only 300 were pressed

A 1  The Michaeline Hymn
    2   Wintes Glade
    3   The Palmer
   4   Rhiannon

B  1   Riddling Maid

B  2   Sand Dancer
B  3   The Arthurian Trilogy

(1) Morgan Le-Fay
(2) The Ballad Of Bedivere
(3)  Merlin's Song

If you ask me your request from youtube, I will help you.




Thursday, October 16, 2014

God Bless "Cermin" (1980,progressive HR ,Indonesia )

God Bless "Cermin" (1980,progressive HR ,Indonesia )

God Bless is an Indonesian legendary HR band that has released 6 albums to this date.
Unfortunately ,only this 2nd album "Cermin" never released as CD in spite of the best album of their 6 albums.
That's why the master tape can not be used anymore because of the broken condition.

Yockie Suryoprayogo (key) played in almost of their albums ,but about "Cermin" Abadi Soesman (ex- Guruh Gipsy) played on all the tracks ,and he blew his a lot of jazzy and progressive feelings  into the album,so we prog lovers can accept it  as one of the Indonesian prog masterpieces ...
Abadi has rejoined God Bless as a regular member since 2002 after withdrawing from the band in 1980 (?).




GENOCID "Beyond the mask c/w It's three o'clock "

 GENOCID  "Beyond the mask c/w It's three o'clock "( 198? ,Belgium ,Genesis-vein )

 GENOCID was a Belgian prog band influenced by GENESIS (4 men )
 They released 2 single records during early 80s....maybe




Monday, October 13, 2014

Abbhama "alam raya " (Indonesia ,prog,1978 )

Abbhama "alam raya " (Indonesia ,prog,1978 )

As you know, this is one of the masterpieces of Indonesian prog albums.
These days,it was released as legit LP & CD at last. (April,2014 )



I bought the CD very soon because it has been my favorite one for long years.
But ,unfortunately, the CD has terrible sound too much .....
Who made the CD ...???  oh my.....

So you must not buy the CD (I'm not sure about the vinyl )

I will upload my lossless file and mp3 from the cassette ripping because more prog lovers will know why this excellent music is real GEM through my ripping ,not the terrible CD .....just like a bootleg sound....(about the package,excellent one,beautiful package ,perfect making,I think)

The band's vocalist "Iwan Madjid "  died on July 18 ,2014.....RIP.......