Monday, December 22, 2014

Cardboard Village "Sea Change" (USA,1973 ,psych folk )

Cardboard Village "Sea Change" (USA,1973 ,psych folk )




Tuesday, December 16, 2014

David Sancious & Tone "Dance of the Age of Enlightenment" (USA,symphonic jazz rock,1977)

David Sancious & Tone"Dance of the Age of Enlightenment" (USA,symphonic jazz rock,1977)

I have got some CD-Rs or mp3s of this album to the date .

But they were not my favorite ones about sound quality.
However,at last ,I've got excellent lossless file .
So glad to enjoy this unreleased real treasure with all of you together !

 In those days around 1977 ,David Sancious & Tone were an anomaly to Columbia-Epic and also Arista. They didn’t know how to market the band. The band  told the companies to just put them with all the fusion artists, but those marketing boys were kind of crazy. .....Sometimes they can’t see the forest before the trees as they say.....It was the big problem with ‘'Dance of the Age of Enlightenment”. Both Columbia-Epic and Arista couldn’t conceive of the concept of a symphonic fusion band.  People didn’t realize that "Dance of the Age of Enlightenment" was scored for 20 woodwind, 20 string and 20 brass parts. That’s 60 singular individual orchestra parts that were all done on “ONE” yes one single minimoog synthesizer by David .The engineer, Bruce Botnik almost had a nervous breakdown (lol) as they had to sync three (3) 24 track MCI Tapedecks together and calibrate them every fifteen minutes to keep all the tracks sync’d up. ......Quite an undertaking.The record companies didn’t think that anyone would buy it so they tabled the project one month before the release date.It was very disappointing to the band. But it led to them creating the " True Stories  "  which is by far one of better produced records of all time. Eddie Offord was truly a genius.

This record were disposed soon although they were manufactured 1000 copies  first.No album cover, although one was created .Never went into production.............

Track 1-3

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Harry Roesli "Titik Api" (1976,prog ,Indonesia)

 Harry Roesli "Titik Api" (1976,prog ,Indonesia)

This album was finished 53 in the best Indonesian 150 albums selected in 2007.