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Einstein In Eden (Bernhard Jobsky) - Einstein In Eden (1981 Very Heavy Symph Rock)

A symphonic rock synthesis performed by an unnamed group of 6 rock musicians and 32 members of the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO). It features a fairly memorable electronic music sequence, an Andrew Lloyd Webber-walks-along-the-Rhine pseudo-rock sequence, and accompaniment by the BPO. No names of people behind the synthesizers, sequencers and other electronics are mentioned. All notes on the inner sleeve are in German and seem to be serious in presenting the work, which was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BPO, with the help and involvement of Herbert von Karajan. Maybe this is the reason why it's often presented as work from "Mitglieder der Berliner Philharmoniker, Rock & Electronics" since this is far more prominent on the back-cover then the real artist's name.

ADer aufrechte Gang

a. Am Anfang...1:52

b. Einstein in Eden6:17

c. Das Lied der Erde4:38

d. Walzer vom aufrechten Gang2:02

e. Pu 942:45

f. Kein Ende3:11
B1Caprice No. 242:31
B2Aznatam Al5:24
B3Konkurrierende Klangkörper10:55

Caprice No. 24

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Cem Karaca - "Die Kanaken" {Turkey} (1982) psych/prog

Merhaba! I think this album stands for its lyrics more than its melody, Cem Karaca was one of the left-wing artist appeared an turkish scene at late 60s. Because of his view and albums, he faced some difficulties, and moved to Germany at early 80s. This record pressed at Germany

"For millions of Turks the musician Cem Karaca, who has died of a heart attack aged 58, was a phenomenon who, for nearly four decades mirrored the transformations of his homeland, displayed resolute unwillingness to accept the dead hand of authority, and embodied aspirations for peace and social justice. The rock singer - who had a voice of extraordinary forcefulness - became successively a leader of the left, a fugitive from Turkey's military government in the 1980s, and finally an advocate of coexistence between Turkey's secularists and Islamists. Through his music he reached out to the people of Anatolia and bridged the gap between them and the musical life of Istanbul's western-oriented middle classes. Karaca was the son of actors and he began life in Istanbul. He was most at ease when among that city's bohemian circles. His parents sent him to Robert Academy, the city's American high school, in the hope that he would become a diplomat, but after Karaca discovered that his singing impressed girls, he turned to music. His mother encouraged his singing and Karaca was also dabbling with theatre. In 1967 Karaca and his group, the Apaslar, won a song contest and he went professional. He was soon one of the country's most popular singers. read more here

es camen menschen an..
mein deutscher freund..

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"Yes, we want unauthorized copies off blogs, there are blogs with authorized material and there are many many other places to hear the songs and albums legally that make these blogs pointless. So basically you pirates are caught up in your own web of excuses and lies. If you want to turn people on to music, then write about it and point to legal places to listen to it. If your only real interest, despite your protestations, is to pirate it and help other people to pirate it, then you will do things like post it and put it on torrents. Take a few moments to step back and be honest with yourself about your own habits and your own objectives."


Well.. Same people deleted the links again.

They are:

Shawn Gordon (progrockrecords.com)
Hansi Cross (www.progressrec.com)

first they distorted the genre with naming 80s melodic metal as prog, with bands like IQ and Pendragon. Now they are trying to rename pop and alternative music as prog. (you would like to listen output of these artists at pap mplayer)

Funny that chillingeffects finds nothing wrong on that site, even if they find something they use the word "please to remove", that people find rights to delete the works of real artists. This is called arrogance.

Anyway we wont stop. (9 new servers on the way, will take some time..)
Happy? :)

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Nairu Själsmasturbatören (Music video!)

Here's the music video for the song "Själsmasturbatören" from the Nairu album "Ljudbild".
And the good thing is that it got english subtitles!
So all of you that don't understand the beutiful language they speak will also understand.

I will give you some information about it, this video is a clip from the Ingmar Bergman movie Fanny and Alexander. And this clip shows when the two brothers from the Eklund family is at the bishop house. And trying to get custody for Fanny and Alexander and also trying to get a divorce between the bishop and the childrens mother Emelie Eklund the brothers sister.
Read more here: http://imdb.com/title/tt0083922/
The youtube version: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FwSIkI32h9o

Marsyas - Kousek Přízně & Pieces Of Favour (Folk rock band from Czechoslovakia)

Marsyas was formed as Folk Rock group in 1973 in former Czechoslovakia. After first years they made lot of changes in musicians. Their first album was released in 1978. They still playing together.

Band Members:
- Zuzana Michnová - vocals, acoustic guitar
- Petr Kalandra - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
- Jiří Vondráček - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
- Pavel Skála - vocals, electric guitar

I posting here their best LP: Kousek Přízně and his English version: Pieces of Favour

Kousek Přízně 1982 (Czech Version)
1. Na poslední chvíli
2. Blues navečer
3. Zlato a stříbro
4. Studená koupel
5. Od pondělí
6. Tajemství
7. Znamení býka
8. Podívám se zblízka
9. Výletní hnízdo
10. Za městem
11. Slunce a déšť

- Znamení býka
- Tajemství
- Od pondělí
- Za městem
- Týden

Pieces of Favour 1982 (English Version)
01 The last moment
02 Early evening blues
03 Gold and diamonds
04 From beginning
05 Since monday
06 A secret
07 The sign of taurus
08 Take a look from close by
09 Roadside inn
10 Meeting out of town
11 Fire and rain

English Version Track 1 (quality of rip in rar is much better)
The last moment

Czech Version Track 1 (quality of rip in rar is much better)
Na posledni chvili

I like more the czech version better vocals are on it but English have better acoustic guitar

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Silvano Chimenti - "Droga" {Italy} (1972) psych/prog

Hello friends, There are many informations for Silvano Chimenti at net but unfortunately in Italian language. As far as i know in this album you can listen very first works of Silvano, One of a hidden gem.

info i found in Italian;

"Figlio di operai, dopo aver studiato pianoforte al conservatorio sceglie di passare alla chitarra, che impara da autodidatta, e comincia a suonare con alcuni amici.
Chimenti inizia la sua carriera fondando il gruppo beat dei The Planets, con cui si trasferisce da taranto a Roma ed ha le prime esperienze discografiche, e con il quale appare anche in alcune pellicole.
Continua la carriera di chitarrista nei Pataxo and the Others, iniziando però anche la carriera di session man presso la ARC e la RCA: in Un mondo d'amore di Gianni Morandi l'arpeggio di chitarra con cui inizia la canzone è suo.
Nel 1970 incide Viaggio attraverso i problemi dell'uomo: droga per la Roman Record Company di Gaetano Pulvirenti (il cofondatore della Karim): si tratta di un album interamente strumentale, con i flussi beat, jazz e psichedelici, che da molti viene considerato uno dei primi dischi di progressive italiano.
Nei primi anni '70 suona in alcuni dischi che hanno fatto la storia della musica italiana, come Questo piccolo grande amore di Claudio Baglioni, Tutto Modugno di Domenico Modugno e Non al denaro, non all'amore né al cielo e Storia di un impiegato di Fabrizio De André.
Ha collaborato inoltre con Ennio Morricone, suonando nelle colonne sonore dei film Quattro mosche di velluto grigio e Sacco e Vanzetti.
Insieme al jazzista Enrico Pieranunzi forma nel 1976 i Pulsar: il loro unico album viene usato per la colonna sonora del film Milano violenta di Mario Caiano.
Chimenti è poi entrato come chitarrista nell'orchestra della Rai, ed in questo ruolo ha suonato in svariate edizioni del festival di Sanremo.
Nel 1992 incide un cd di jazz, intitolato Soft impression, come Silvano Chimenti quartet, in cui partecipa come ospite Oscar Valdambrini."

aRomi eSotici..
eSSenze e VaPori..

our thanks goes to MS ;)


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Demian - Rock Star Farm (1974 Prog Hard Rock)

"A non-Texas group which recorded their album in Austin" Thats all what i got from them by goooogling. I listened to that album and very enjoyed it, it have great Guitar Vocals and Keyboards and great songs then its a great Private Released LP released on label Starburst.

- Shahe Skinner - vocals
- Craig Terrill - eyboards
- William Lynd - percussion
- Alanson Clark - guitar
- Lloyd Harper - bass

Prologue to the Dream
Hot Ride and the Prayer
Time Warp
Nucleus Shane
We Want the Witch Dead
Where’s My General ?
The General / Leigh Ashford

Snake Head
Acid Queen
No Mirrors Tonight
Leeches at the Fairground
Rock Star Farm

Where’s My General

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