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Fire - "Could You Understand Me" {Yugoslavia} [1973] (Heavy psych fuzz monster)

This one my dear friends its maybe on of the best heavy fuzz albums ever from Europe. A true power trio that camed from Yugoslavia but recorded their one and only album in Holland back in 1973. Pretty cool that it is lyrics in both yugoslavian and english. And so much fuzz that it will be enough for ten albums. Now days this is a very rare record, it was originaly released on the private label Killroy in Holland. I think this is a rip on one of the first cd releases of this album that camed 1994(but the pics I have downloaded on the Internet) on the label Coven this one got the number Coven 2. If you know what more they have relesed please write in comments. Their influences most have been groups like Cream, Blue Cheer and Hendrix. So if you like heavy fuzz rock this one is for you

Jura Havidi`c Guitar, Vocals
Miljenko Bali`c Bass
Emil Vugrinec Drums, Vocals


Could You Understand Me (Havidi`c) 3.36
Dedicated To Love (Fire/Dui`c) 3.02
Memory Of Love (Dui`c, havidi`c) 5,08
Jedan Divan Dan (Bali`c, Havidi`c) 7,33
Hey You (Havidi`c) 6,38
Where Are You (Vugrinec) 3.21
Flames (Fire) 9.00

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Best wishes from Sweden

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kaveret - "Poogy Tales" {Israel} [1973]

Kaveret (Hebrew: כוורת, meaning "beehive") was an Israeli rock band in the 1970's that won much fame around the world for their often humorous songs and unique style of music.

The band, several of whose members met during their service in the IDF, formed in 1973. It broke up in 1976, by consensus of the band members. Subsequently, Kaveret veterans Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson along with female vocalist Mazi Cohen and other musicians, formed a spinoff band named "Gazoz", and later, another named "Doda".

Many songs by Kaveret became embedded in Israeli culture and are familiar also to the new generation of Israeli youth.

In 1974, Kaveret represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song, "Natati La Chaiai" (נתתי לה חיי, "I Gave Her My Life"). It finished 7th.

Once every decade or so, Kaveret holds a reunion tour with performances in Israel and abroad. Their last tour with the entire ensemble was in 2000, raising money to fund lifesaving surgery required by band member Yitzhak Klapter. more here

The Grocery Store..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spilld Mjölk - "Svart Mjölk" {Sweden} [1975] (Progressive rock/Hippie)

Very little known about this group. It was made by a couple of students from the town Kalix in the north of Sweden. This is there only release and are one of the rarest records from Sweden. It is a mono recording but we love it anyway.

Erik Ahlstrand Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Gunnar Strömberg Vocals
Kerst Lindkvist Vocals
Lars Fryxholm Drums, Violin
Sven Kestikalo Sitar
Thomas Eklund Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tommy Skotte Vocals, Flute, Saxophon, Guitar

I hope you will enjoy it : )
Your Hippie from Sweden

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Modality Stew - "Modality Stew" {USA} [1978] (psych folk)

"Guitarist Sid Brown's first brush with popular recognition came as a member of Detroit's The Spike Drivers. Following the group's mid-1960s breakup Brown followed half of the country to Berkeley, California where he remained active in music, as well as writing a yoga column for the Bezerkly Tribe.

By the mid-1970s Brown was living in Vancouver, Washington where he continued to write and record material. I'll let the liner notes to 1978's "Modality Stew" pick up the story: "The creation of a spontaneous and purposely under-produced album free of technologic overkill and deified gadgetry began in Spring, 1978. For more than a year I had been involved in a mostly unsatisfactory, negative and painful recording project. For me it was a year of alienation, loneliness and a gnawing-knowing stress. As a disabled and dissapated (sic) rock n' roll veteran, it was painfully reminiscent of the not-too-goof-old-days of working for a major label recording company, a cynical manager and jaded producers: a nightmare of exploitation and greed. The depression of repeating history as I guilt-tripped myself into signing an oppressive recording contract lifted as I flew to Athens. Floating in a transcontinental limbo I felt bewitched, bothers and bewildered. Escaping, arriving, still hauling lots of psychic baggage, I did almost all of my site seeing within ..."
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Sound Express - "Sound Express" {Sweden} [1969] (prog/psych/jazz)

Sound express was formed in a smal town named Vänersborg in Sweden. And was appointed as the best debut album of the year back in 1969 by evening paper Aftonbladet. The band consists by the duo Tillbjörn Persson and Ingemar Landén. That have been playing Beatles influenced music during the 60's under the name Tilles. But when the band disbanded they created Sound Express. Their first suggestion of band name was Regis Gotorum that means Götarnas Konung. But it wasent a good suggestion so they changed it to Sound Express. And was signed by the record label Anette. they only released one album but what a masterpeice! It sounds like Hansson & Karlsson and sometiems even better. Heavy jazz influenced psych with just drums and organ and some elements of harmonica and guitar.

Ingmar Lanén Drums and Harmonica
Tillbjörn Persson Organ and Guitar
Best wishes from Sweden : )

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Wurtemberg - "Rock Fantasia Opus 9" {France} [1980] (symph/folk prog)

There's not much to add to the excellent review by Greg Northrup:

"Wurtemberg were a chamber rock ensemble of an extremely high caliber, fusing classical, renaissance music, French folk and progressive rock into relatively unique and satisfying amalgamation. Subdued, and not particularly "rock" at all, the group places a heavy emphasis on sophisticated arrangements, as piano, woodwinds, acoustic guitar and authentic medieval stringed instruments dominate the proceedings. The album is astoundingly beautiful at times, as on the stately opener "Rockopus 7", or the jaunty, flute-led melodies of "Prefixe et Danse - Faites L'Humour", while restrained and perhaps a bit overly-reverential at others. The melody and forward momentum of "Concerto Pour un Minout" is quite simply gorgeous, featuring interlocked flute and guitar theme that soars higher and higher. My one criticism comes towards the end. The two bonus tracks, "Jesus Que Ma Joie Demeure - Cantate 147" and "Neuvieme Symphonie - Extraint", renditions of pieces by Bach and Beethoven respectively, were recorded by Alain Carbonere with different musicians in 1986...

Nonetheless, it would be an understatement to say that this reissue of Rock Fantasia Opus 9 is a hotly anticipated and totally necessary item. The album proper is uniformly excellent. Fans of early After Crying, classic Popol Vuh and Malicorne will undoubtedly find much to love here, and the album ultimately comes as a essential addition to any collection of French symphonic music".


1. Rock Opus 7
2. Sous-Titre
3. Berceuse Gratinée - Faîtes le Mur
4. Préfixe Et Danse - Faîtes l'Humour
5. Allemandes
6. Concerto Pour un Minot
7. Invitation - Vous Avez Bien Trois Minutes?
8. Rockopus 1
9. Jesus Que Ma Joie Demeure - Cantate 147
10. Neuvième Symphonie - Extrait


Alain Carbonare -keyboards, guitar, lyre, tenor-bass psaltrey
Bernard Maître - keyboards, dulcimer, metallophone
Michel Richard - guitar, soprano psaltrey
Jean-Pierre Garbin - drums
Jean-Marie Hausser - drums
Alain Demeusy - bass
Gilles Michault-Bonnet - flute, saxophone

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Edward Artemiev - "Warmth of Earth" {Russia} [1986] (electronic prog)

One of the visitors who liked 'Ode to the Herald of Good' which I posted yesterday asked this album to be made available again. I gladly post here the 'Warmth of Earth', the heavy electronic symph effort by Edward Artemiev and his 'Boomerang' group. On this album, Artemiev gets as close to the ideology, sound and format of rock music as nowhere else in his extensive discography. Most of the compositions are in essence rock songs with vocal parts, refrain structures, relatively straight rhythmic patterns etc. At the same time 'Warmth of Earth' retains - at least partially - the special feeling peculiar to Artemiev's pure electronic works. Those who are into the kinds of music in between of electronics, hard rock and symphonic prog will probably enjoy this one.


1. Birth of earth
2. Who Am I?
3. Warmth of Earth
4. Meeting
5. Farewell
6. Expectation
7. Rekkens
8. Hope
9. Where Are You?
10. The Sky Full of Light
11. Finale

The exact line-up for this album I don't know. The link is to be found in comments.

Joel Dugrenot - "Boomerang" {France} [1982] (jazz fusion)

In response to a respective request, here's another album of fine European fusion. This one is by Joel Dugrenot, the bass player with Zao. Dugrenot's solo discography features two full-fledged LP albums named 'Boomerang' and 'Mosaiques', and a mysterious tape release called 'See' which I haven't heard. 'Boomerang' is a record of fine mellow aerial jazz-rock with slight touches of spaciness. Some similarities can be found between this effort and late releases by Zao, although Dugrenot's music is generally softer, dreamier and more reflective. 'Boomerang' also reminds me of solo works by David Rose - which is not surprising given the extent of his participation in the creation of this album. Overall, this is an excellent work which I would strongly recommend to lovers of progressive fusion and zeuhl.

1. Sweet and hard
2. Cycles
3. Like eagles
4. Blood pressure
5. Green
6. Rainy day

7. Just by love
8. It's game


Joel Dugrenot - bass, percussion, synths
David Rose - violin
Marc Bonnet Maury - violin
Manuel Villaroel - piano
Claude Olmos - guitar
Jean My Truong - drums
Marc Hazon - drums

The link is to be found in comments.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Extra Ball - "Birthday" {Poland} [1976] (jazz fusion)

This is an album of good, juicy electric jazz fusion with occasional references to Polish folk music. A debute effort by the band, it was recorded at the time when Polish jazz scene was - in my humble opinion - at its acme, so the album somehow captures the elevated spirit of its era. I don't know much about the band in excess of what is written on the LP cover (which is enclosed in case anyone is curious). Extra Ball issued 3 more LPs in late 70s which are supposedly just as good as 'Birthday'.

Let's thank Mr. Arkady Medvedev from Kurgan, Russia for kindly sharing the rip of a vinyl from his personal collection with us.


1. Narodziny
2. Taniec Maryny
3. Bez Powrotu
4. Podroz W Gory
5. Siodemka
6. Szczesliwy Nieszczesliwiec
7. Blues For Everybody
8. Hengelo Almelo Deventer


Jaroslaw Smetana - guitar
Wladyslaw Sendecki - keyboards
Andrzej Olejniczak - saxophone
Jan Cichy - bass
Benedykt Radecki - percussion

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Edward Artemiev - "Ode to the Herald Of Good" {Russia} [1980] (electronic prog)

I always thought of Edward Artemiev as of a daring experimenter who has been pioneering electronic music in the USSR since as early as 1960. He is generally most known for his ambient alien-sounding dronesque soundscapes, and for his numerous quite recognizable film scores. Having that said, I was quite surprised when I discovered his "Ode to the Herald of Good", an experimental cantata composed on account of Olympic Games held in 1980 in Moscow. The approach taken by Artemiev and his band on this album resulted in the 'Ode' becoming a full-blown electronic progressive album with synthesizers and sequensors largely giving way to performances by three choirs, a rock group and a symphonic orchestra. The album still shows noticeable traces of what is Artemiev's core competence, but it is definitely much more in the rock - namely symphonic progressive - vein than most of his heritage that I know of. The only exception would probably be "Warmth of Earth", another Artemiev's work so screamingly falling into the category of prog that it was re-released by Musea some time ago.


1. A Torch
2. Herald of Good
3. Harmony of the World
4. Perpetual Progress
5. Beauty of the Earth
6. Interlude
7. Sport, You are the World

I don't know the exact line-up for this album. It must be quite extensive as it includes Artemiev's rock group called "Boomerang", "Melodiya" Jazz Band, State Orchestra of Cinematography, State Russian Choir and many others. The original LP cover is also not available, so I used that of the CD re-release of early 2000s. Th re-release was called "Three Odes" and contained two relatively short pieces in addition to the "Ode to the Herald Of Good".

The link is to be found in comments.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do Major - "To Go Out" {Russia} [1991] (avant prog)

'Do Major' and its leader Andrei Suchilin were an important driving force in Russian experimental rock movement from mid-80s to early 90s. They released two albums at the turn of the decades, both being no less than groundbreaking in the context of then-current local scene. While earlier effort called 'Noema' introduced the aesthetics of post-modern ambient fusion into independent rock music, the second album named 'To Go Out' showed what a seed sown by the Fripp's guitar school can grow into in the Russian soil. Andrei Suchilin attended Guitar Craft classes early 90s, and it was after that when "To Go Out" was recorded and released. "To Go Out" is quite an eclectic work, which at times resembles Fripp's "Exposure" as well as his early collaborations with Andy Summers, but also shows a number of other influences, including obvious references to oriental music. Overall, it is edgy guitar-lead avant-prog with bits of modern jazz, new-wave and world music carefully and creatively planted in. Citing RAIG: "Stylistically the album is all over the board... The band uses sampled voices taken from the Soviet-archives, driving and occasionally off center rhythmic schemes, Tchaikovsky themes mixed with angular, dangerous guitar and percussion interplay, 16th century Russian liturgies sung with Enoesque backdrops, deceptive rhythms, and songs that grind masterfully in a surreal way. The result is a completely unique sense of time and space".

Lovers of structured avantgarde music will most likely appreciate this album.


1. Watch Goes Sofa Stands I
2. Here Comes the Dream
3. Ding Here
4. To Go Out
5. Ha-Ja-Ja
6. Rahmantica I
7. Pattern Brown
8. Lei-Ha-Ha
9. Rahmantica II, III, II
10. Ding There
11. Watch Goes Sofa Stands II


Andrei Suchilin - guitars, keyboards, percussion, programming, voices
Mikhail Plotnikov - drums, percussion
Alexander Naumov - bass
Alexander Voronin - saxes, flute, keyboards

The link is to be found in comments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flaming Bess - "Verlorene Welt" {Germany} [1980] (prog rock) (kindly submitted by Carlos)

"Flaming Bess is not your typical band. The oringinal band was formed in 1969, in Düsseldorf. There was the usual club gigs, and personnel changes, before finally recording an album. It just took them ten years. This was 1979's "Tanz Der Götter." A highly regarded album, and very much influenced by other symphonic music of it's time.
The second release, 1980's "Verlorene Welt," had a more rock-oriented approach, and featured Marlene Krükel on vocals. This would be the last recording from the band for 15 years.
In 1995, they resurfaced with "Fata Morgana." Apparently, this was not just an attempt at recapturing past glory. They had kept up with changes in the music scene, and produced a progressive album to fit the times.
Seemingly a pattern now, the next album was no...
Flaming Bess is not your typical band. The oringinal band was formed in 1969, in Düsseldorf. There was the usual club gigs, and personnel changes, before finally recording an album. It just took them ten years. This was 1979's "Tanz Der Götter." A highly regarded album, and very much influenced by other symphonic music of it's time.
The second release, 1980's "Verlorene Welt," had a more rock-oriented approach, and featured Marlene Krükel on vocals. This would be the last recording from the band for 15 years.
In 1995, they resurfaced with "Fata Morgana." Apparently, this was not just an attempt at recapturing past glory. They had kept up with changes in the music scene, and produced a progressive album to fit the times.
Seemingly a pattern now, the next album was not recorded for another ten years. "Finestere Sonne / Black Sun" was released in 2005. It is a double CD, with one in German and one in English.
Though adversity, changing trends, and music industry woes, this band has kept going. They remain true to their vision, without becoming antiquated. A truly admirable group, that shows no signs of giving up (ever)." (progarchives)

Official website: http://www.flaming-bess.de/

Line-up/Musicians- Joachim Jansen / keyboards- Hans Wende / bass- Hans Schweiss / drums- Barry Peeler / guitar

Guests:- Woh Galach / narration (words)- Achim Wierschem & Bruno Blättler / guitars- Valerie Kohlmetz / percussion- Marlene Krückel & Wolfgang Emperhoff / backing vocals- Herbert Ihle / backing vocals

Good Vibrations to Everyone
Carlos Harrison.

thank you Carlos! :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Full Moon - "Moon Fools" {Netherlands} [1971] (psych folk)

I couldnt find a good information on net. A nice accoustic folk band with violin,guitar & bongo. Informations welcome.


thanks to hwabian ;)

Felix Lajko - "Egyetemi Szinpad" {Hungary} ['94/'95]

"Felix Lajko is a Magyar from Yugoslavia who started playing the zither and the violin at the age of 10. Largely self-taught, he is a highly accomplished experimenter: he is constantly exploring the limits of his instrument with a boundless passion. His interest in collaboration has led him to tour with Boban Markovic's gypsy band as well as performing a breathtaking duo with Romanian born violinist Alexander Balananesu. He defies stereotypes whilst wielding the skill of each musical idiom - jazz, classical as well as folk."

from 94 concert..

thanks to progdog :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bib Set - "It Wasn't Meant To Happen" {Sweden} [1969] (psych/prog)

Björn invar björn björnsson had during the 60’s founded the R’n’B group Bib Set in Osby in Sweden. With Ray Charles and Spencer Davis Group as models for the music. The name BIB comes from Björns initials. In 1967 they were suposed to record a 7” but it was never released. When groups like Led Zeppelin Hansson & Karlsson and Traffic were started to appear their way to play music was changed radical. The story about how they recorded their album goes like this: In 1969 they were supposed once again to record a 7” on yhe label ToniTon but the group never stoped playing.Just before the album was recorded Invar Björnsson he desert. He didnt want to play progressive music any more. Soon after they finished the recording of the album Roland Gärdh also desert and the gruop was history.

Hans Eng Organ
Ingvar Björnsson Vocal, Guitar
Roland Gärdh Drums
Tommy Tillman Sång Vocal,Bass

Arrival in Time..

Our thanks goes to Ola! :)

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Kudsi Erguner - "Ottomania" {Turkey} [1999]

"Kudsi Erguner's Ottomania is the first World Music project that integrates the classical music of the Ottoman Empire with Western jazz improvisations and rhythms. It documents the story of a remarkable musical encounter, and is a logical continuation of Erguner's eventful life. Kudsi Erguner was born in Diyarbakir, Turkey in 1952, and has lived in Paris since 1975. On his way to preserving the inheritance of the Sufis, Kudsi Erguner had to battle against those who opposed him, and travel down unfamiliar paths. The flutist (he plays the Ney, a Turkish reed flute) is also active as musicologist, author, teacher and artistic adviser. He has worked as a musician and composer on various film scores (Martin Scorsese, with Peter Gabriel), theater pieces (Peter Brook), and ballet productions (Maurice Béjart, Carolyn Carlson). He has fused the most varied styles and epochs of occidental music with traditional Turkish music. It was because of this intermingling of musical styles that he aroused so much attention with his participation in Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio at the Salzburg Festivals in 1997/98. Likewise with his solo improvisations during the performance of Guillaume de Machaut's Messe de Notre Dame with the Hilliard Ensemble at the London Royal Festival Hall in February 1999. "Listen to the reed how it tells a tale..." So wrote Sufi master Djalal Ed Din Rumi in his mystic 13th century poem about the Ney. Erguner believes that had Djalal Ed Din Rumi been alive today, he might well have anointed the saxophone as holy instrument. Kudsi Erguner is the only Turkish musician of his generation to have been taught the Ney-flute in the classic oral tradition by his father, Ulvi Erguner, the last great master of the Ney-flute, and the former director of Radio Istanbul. Hundreds of years of a musical culture which always strove towards freedom and ecstasy are reflected in his playing. By the soundtrack of Peter Brook's film Mahabharata, Erguner...." read more here


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Egil Straume Jazz Combo - "Fiesta" {Latvia} [1977] (jazz fusion)

Welcome this fine album by Latvian jazz septet led by Egil Straume, a prominent saxophone player and a respected figure at the Soviet jazz scene. Besides his collaboration with Gunnar Rozenbergs Band and his work with National TV and Radio Band of Latvia, Straume is known as a pioneer of experimental jazz in Latvia. "Fiesta" is probably the only officially released account of Straume's early efforts with a chamber jazz outfit that he organized in 1977. The album features slightly above half an hour of well structured, extremely rich in themes, dense and emotional quirky fusion with complex rhythmic patterns and masterful interplay between a strong four-piece brass section and swirling keyboards. To me, it is excellent by any standard existing in what we call progressive music. I don't have much information about the band's background and history. Egil Straume is known to have been working mostly in the format of trio with different musicians since 1980s and on, but I don't know of any other releases by him apart from a brief appearance on a "Red Square Groove" jazz compilation.

1. Ekstraversija
2. Koralis
3. 1:07
4. Introversija
5. Fiesta
6. Zoria - Moria
7. Aditi


E. Straume - clarinet, saxophones, acoustic piano
H. Kiops - bass
K. Rutentals - electric organ
I. Birkans - flute, saxophones
U. Stabulnieks - keyboards
P. Mierlejs - trombone
G. Rozenbergs - trumpet, harmonica, flutes, percussion
M. Briezkalns - drums, percussion

Link in comments.

Sato - "Efsane" {Uzbekistan} [1986] (folk fusion)

From Uzbekistan comes this somewhat forgotten album of exquisite and delicate folk fusion. Driven mostly by acoustic guitar and woodwinds, the albums' six tracks stretch somewhere between the territories of acoustic jazz and the realm of odd guitar experimentation, yet all have a strong and dense flavour of the traditional music of Uzbeks and Tatars. The band I believe to have originated from the Fergana Valley - which was a melting pot of the Soviet Middle Asia - and the cultural and ethnic diversity of the group members has obviously contributed to the polystilistic character of the music. Enver Izmailov, Sato's guitar player who is said to have independently discovered the touch/tapping technique in the late 70s (i.e. simultaneously with Stanley Jordan), has made a succesful solo career after the group disbanded. His later works were more along the lines of 'Legend' and 'Boyna' and featured multilayered guitar improvisations on Eastern folklore themes.


Leonid Atabekov - bass
Enver Izmailov - guitar
Narket Ramazanov - flute, soprano saxophone
Riza Bekirov - keyboards
David Matatov - percussion
Andrei Atabekov - drums


1. Kizilchiklar (trad.)
2. Legend
3. Boyna
4. Paraphrazes of Arbalar and Horo
5. Gulmira's Dance
6. Tym-Tym

Link in comments.

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East Bionic Symphonia - Live (July 13, 1976)(psychedelic, drone, fluxus)

East Bionic Symphonia were a group of improvisers and artists who studied together under Takehisa Kosugi at the Bigakko artschool in Tokyo in the mid-1970s. As a graduation project they recorded an album of free improvisation that was edited by Kosugi and released on the ALM label in 1976. Several of the members went on to have careers in underground music and the visual arts. The remnants of the group reconvened in 1997 under the name Marginal Consort and continue to play annually.
The original members were Kazuo Imai, Kaoru Okabe, Yasushi Ozawa, Tomonao Koshikawa, Hiroshi Shii, Masami Tada, Tatsuo Hattori, Kazuaki Hamada, Masaharu Minegishi, & Chie Mukai.

Link in comment.

Brainticket - "Voyage" {Switzerland} [1982] (Psychedelic/Space Rock) (VBR)

Basically, BRAINTICKET were born out of a 60's jazz group featuring Belgian born keyboardist Joel VANDROOGENBROECK, and as history was made, BRAINTICKET became the project of a visionary talent. They were among the important pioneers of early psychedelic and spaced out cosmic.

Their musical experience of four decades:
1 - HALLUCINATIONS OF REALITY:BRAINTICKET's debut album is perhaps one of the most psychedelic recordings of all time. Their second "Psychonaut" is far more pleasant and an ethnic type of early German rock!
2 - ERA OF TECHNOLOGY:On "Celestial Ocean", music is really early Krautrock mixed with a fair amount of analog and spacey keyboards. A bizarre mystical concept based on Egyptian mythology.
3 - OTHER ADVENTURES: "Adventure" is a heavy cosmic voyage into the epicenter of your mind. "Voyage" continues where "Adventure" left off with more strange sonic cosmos and amazing percussive tones and moods.
4 - SPACE TRAVEL:"Alchemic Universe" blends the finer aspects of space travel more in a TANGERINE DREAM'ish/ of KRAFTWERK sytle. If your into the psychedelia then BRAINTICKET is your long lost grandfather.

01. Voyage part one (19:08)
02. Voyage part two (18:07)
03. Skyline (analog 1970) (8:12)
04. Underworld paths (7:21)
05. Brainticket - Nebula (4:46)

- Hans Deyssenrath / keyboards, synths, computer
- Barney Palm / drums, percussion, strange sounds
- Wilhelm Seefeldt / synths, computer
- Joel Vandroogenbroek / keyboards, flute, guitar, vocals

Link for download "Brainticket - 1982 - Voyage" in comments ...

Erkin Koray - "Erkin Koray" {Turkey} [1969] (1st LP) (Psych Rock) (VBR)

Erkin Koray is the pioneer in Turkish psychedelic music and is in the rock'n roll era since 1962. His songs and guitar style are still very influential for both Turkish and foreign bands and musicians focusing on the psychedelic genre. http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/erkin_koray

01 - Mesafeler (3:37)
02 - Askimiz Bitecek (3:18)
03 - Yadmur (3:37)
04 - Silinmeyen Hatyralar (4:07)
05 - Istemem (3:25)
06 - Cicek Dagi (2:36)
07 - Nihansin Dideden (3:59)
08 - Sana Bir Seyler Olmus (3:04)
09 - Seni Her Gordudumde (3:19)
10 - Apka Ynamyyorum (3:30)
11 - Kyzlaryda Alyn Askere (3:30)
12 - Anma Arkadas (4:05)

01 - Mesafeler .......
02 - Askimiz Bitecek ....
10 - Apka Ynamyyorum .....

Link for download "Erkin Koray - Erkin Koray" in comments ...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kleptomania - "Elephants Lost" {Belgium} [1972] (Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock ) (@256)

Kleptomania came from Belgium and was founded in 1969 by Dany Lademacher, Roger Vollaert and Charlie DeRademaeker, who made experiences in other belgian groups before. They played progressive rock with two guitars, bass, vocals and drums and were an important live-band in Belgium at that time. It´s only selftitled album was recorded in 1971 at Flame-Records, Hilversum, but could not be released, because Flame-Records broke at this
time. In 1979 the record was released in Nehterlands without the consent of the band in a very small quantity. Between 1969 and 1975 the band made also five singles, all very well done. This official reissue now includes the complete work of the LP and all five singles. It comes as double-album as 180 gram vinyl and is limited to 500 copies. http://www.lpcdreissues.com/catalogue/viewItem.php?idProduct=12661

More info http://www.belgianmetalhistory.be/html/bands/klepto/klepto.html

01 - Intro (2:54)
02 - Improve (5:52)
03 - Moonchild (4:15)
04 - Stop (4:45)
05 - Eligie (5:32)
06 - Thema (5:31)
07 - Cadens (1:40)
08 - Travel (4:02)
09 - Intrude (6:23)
10 - Visit For Above (6:00)
11 - Divertimentos (11:01)
12 - Sign On My Head (3:54)
13 - From The Beginning (4:37)
14 - The Band (3:17)

- Danny Lademacher (guitar, vocals)
- Wim Hombergen (guitar, vocals)
- Roger Wollaert (drums)
- Charlie Deraedemaeker (bass, “ex-les eagles”)
- John(?!?) on drums
- Francis Goya (guitar,“ex-Liberty Six”)
- Lou Deprijck (guitar, vocals, “ex-Liberty Six”)

02 - Improve .....
03 - Moonchild ......
10 - Visit For Above ...

Link for download "Kleptomania - 1972 - Elephants Lost" in comments ...

FFN - Formatia Fara Nume - "Zece Pasi" {Romania} [1975] (Hard-Progressive)

The album name - Zece Pise means Ten Steps in English.

Excellent mid 70's Rumanian heavy progressive with Strong Guitar and Flute interplay in the vein of Jethro Tull and Gravy Train. http://popsike.com/php/detaildata.php?itemnr=4740540842

01 - Cetatea noastră (4:14)
02 - Definiţie (3:29)
03 - Speranţa (3:32)
04 - Omagiu (5:39)
05 - Interludiu (2:16)
06 - Povestea ploii (3:17)
07 - Vântul (5:23)
08 - Poluare (3:39)
09 - Soare de-aş avea (3:26)
10 - La răscruce de vânt (3:21)

- Gabriel Litvin (guitar, vocals, synthesizer) (ex:Mondial,Romanticii)
- Silviu Olaru (bass)
- Cristian Madolciu (vocals, percussion)
- Doru Donciu (flute, harmonica)
- Florin Dumitru (drums) (ex:Mondial)

03 - Speranţa .......
04 - Omagiu ...
05 - Interludiu ......

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