Sunday, February 28, 2010

Percewood's Onagram - "Tropical Brainforest" {Germany} [1972]

Percewood's Onagram, a band of German and American musicians was founded by singer, guitarist & songwriter Michels in a small, grey industrial city in North-Germany in 1969.- At that time nearly all German bands were just playing the English and American charts up and down, only copying their originals. Only a handful of German bands were just starting to experiment and trying to find their own styles - mainly electronical music, later described as "Kraut-Rock" (more an insult than a striking describtion or label), such as Amon Düül, Kraftwerk, Can, Tangerine Dream ...

01 - Doing It
02 - Tropical Brainforest
03 - Who's the Sailor
04 - Creature Called Man
05 - The Car Crash
06 - That Singer Is Right
07 - Grey Sunday
08 - It's All Over
09 - Chicago

02 - Tropical Brainforest...
04 - Creature Called Man...
08 - It's All Over...

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Steinwolke - "Steinwolke" {Germany} [1979]

Die Band wurde von drei Mitgliedern der kinderreichen Familie Haas gegründet: Clemens Maria (* 6. Mai 1960), Konrad und Andreas, dazu stießen der in Uganda geborene Inder und Adoptivsohn der Haas-Familie Dominik Diaz sowie Uli Schmid (* 1952 in Leonberg). 1983 erschien die erste deutschsprachige LP der Band mit dem Hit Katharine, Katharine. Er erreichte als Single-Auskopplung Platz 21 der deutschen Charts und hielt sich insgesamt 18 Wochen in der Hitparade. Diesem Erfolg lief Steinwolke danach weitestgehend hinterher; zumindest Zugvögel und Wenn du willst hatten aber durch hohe Positionen in den Radiocharts noch einigen Erfolg. more...
Info in English welcome :)

A1 Walda Lady
A2 Wüstentanz
A3 White Goats
A4 Eagle's Wings
A5 Morgens Um Drei
B1 Lied Für Ulli
B2 Pepe Im Urwald
B3 Kaspar Hauser
B4 Tecumseh's Wife
B5 Kuckuck

- Andreas Haas - Bass
- Konrad Haas - Flute, Sax
- Clemens Haas - Vocals, Guitar
- Dominigos Diaz - Percussion, Congas, Vocals
- Uli Schmid - Piano

A3 White Goats...
B2 Pepe Im Urwald...

Thanks to Tristan ;)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mehmet Ozan - "Istanbul Express" {Denmark} [1979] turkish folk jazz/fusion

Like Okay Temiz, Mehmet Ozan also built his music career outside of Turkey. As far as i know he was member of several great bands such as Balkan, Bazaar and worked with several musicians like Anders Koppel, Alex Riel, Mads Vinding who are also premier jazz musicians of Denmark today. The album name, Istanbul Express, later become the name of the band. Under the name Istanbul Express they did two more albums. This is their first. Sound of the album is between Okay Temiz's works and early Moğollar. Various Music styles such as Brasilian samba, forró; Caucassian lezginka mixed with traditional turkish folk fusion added a nice colorful mood to the songs. A hidden gem for the lovers of east meets with west works.

iStanBuL eXpReSS..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mercury Magic - "Mercury Magic" {USA} [1980] progressive rock

vocal driven soft prog released at 1980, unfortunetly i couldnt find any information. some songs on this album has very nice mood, lyrics are about love and social issues. i like the coverart. this is an album with some songs that fits perfect for 14feb. ;-)

5th. tRack..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Y.Poulopoulos, Maria Douraki & Y.Thomopoulos - "Maria" {Greece} [1970]

Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Nikos Skembris.
Songs of M.Violaris & Maria Douraki.
Lyrics: Dionyssis Tzefronis

More info welcome

A3. Death's Bitter Breath...
A6. Pursued Dream...

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Head - "Red Dwarf & Blackpool Cool" {UK} [1975-77] prog jazz/fusion

for a few days i am amazing myself listening this band over and over again. last time i was that happier to listen a similar sounding band was the day i listened Probe 10. think of early king crimson albums with more jazzier sound and more sharp edges. some information about the band that i found; "Sometimes known as "the haggis of fusion jazz bands," Head was a small combo active in Glasgow in the '70s. The rhythm section of drummer Billy Kyle and bassist Graham Mince were consistent factors in the three albums released by the group over a fiveyear period, as was the presence of multiinstrumentalist John Davies, who doubled on keyboards and trumpet. Other members of the group changed from album to album, guitarist Charles Alexander drifting away to be replaced by Lachlan McColl, saxophonist Gordon Cruickshank taking up where previous honker Howard Copland had left off. Selfdetermination, an important concept in documenting improvised during the '70s, was vital to the Head liturgy. The group's debut releaseentitled GTF in reference to a crude Scottish way of suggesting someone should depart quicklywas released through SRT, basically a vanity consortium. The band started up its own label, Head records, for its final and most commercial production, Blackpool Cool. This Head should not be confused with other bands that use this name such as a more recent outfit fronted by Gareth Sager..." read more here. a hidden gem!

eaRthsonG SuiTe..
KicK Me quicK..
White GiAnT..

thanks to osurec & tristan.

Zoppo Trump - "Zoppo Trump" {Germany} [1971-76]

The progressive band from Dortmund was only known for their two tracks on the LP "Scena Westphalica". On the CD there are in addition seven hitherto unreleased studio recordings.

Zoppo Trump from Dortmund are known in collectors’ circles only for the sampler LP “Scena Westphalica” (Förderturm Records UP I/76), on which they are represented with their highly praised pieces “Wellengang” and “Fluktuation”. In addition to these tracks, the CD contains another seven tracks of a perfect sound which had been studio recordings and had not been released until then. Style: progressive rock slightly influenced by jazz and classical music, however mostly without any wind instruments. There was a sporadic use of the Mellotron and English vocals. Comparable to Streetmark. Udo Preising had come from Electric Mud. Nicky Gebhard later joined Wallenstein, and Martin Buschmann, son of the well-known jazz- musician Rainer Glen Buschmann, joined Cochise. For some time, by the way, Dieter Gorny was on bass for Zoppo Trump. There are, however, no recordings from this period of their band history.

01 Man of Peace (1971)
02 Queen of War (1971)
03 Get Out of the Fixer Circle (1972)
04 Confusion (1972)
05 From my Window (1972)
06 Six of Eight (1972)
07 Dream of Hope (1972)
08 Wellengang (1976)
09 Fluktuation (1976)

- Ferdi Eberth (voc, g, sax, org)
- Ulrich Beck (g)
- Martin Buschmann (p, org, Mellotron, alto sax)
- Thomas Laleicke (b, backing voc)
- Udo Preising (b)
- Nicky Gebhard (dr, perc)
- Wolfgang Hahn (dr)

02 Queen of War...
03 Get Out of the Fixer Circle...

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Yggdrasil - "Yggdrasil" {Germany} [1972]

From Munich. With violin and flutes. Their only LP was recorded in the summer of 1972 but only 10 copies of the metal acetate were made. From a first-grade copy of the master tape
Yggdrasil from Munich named themselves after the world ash or yew tree of the Germanic tribes and played progressive rock of a calmer nature, with flute, violin, and English lyrics. They are hardly known, as their own LP, recorded in the Robert Meilhaus Studio, didn’t get beyond the so-called metal acetate, a pre-state which can be played. In summer 1972, only 10 copies were produced by Meilton; they have never appeared in collector circles. These records could probably be sold for a four-digit amount today. The CD contains the five LP tracks plus eight instrumentals from 1970, then soundtrack to the TV series “Sommer in Sizilien” [Summer in Sicily], as well as five demo tracks recorded in the rehearsal room. Fortunately, there was still a copy of the LP master tape.

- Walter Waidosch (vl, rec, b)
- Peter Jakob (fl)
- Werner Vill (voc)
- Fred Beck (g, fl)
- Uli Kellner (g, b)
- Reinhold Fries (dr)

01 Something on My Mind...
02 Birds Still Flyin’ in the Rain...
03 Mothers and Seeds...
15 A Long Distance Call...

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Mozzarella - "2 - For Export" {Ecuador} [1983]

Mozzarella , banda de rock de fines de los setentas y comienzos de los ochentas radicada en Quito, Ecuador.Los inicios ... Despues de un poco deambular por la pequeña escena rockera setentera del Ecuador se reunen, saliendo de pequeñas bandas, los miembros originales que son Oswaldo Valencia ( batería), Andres Jarrín (guitarra), Antonio Alarcón (guitarra) y Wellington Flores (bajo), con los que se forma el grupo llamado "Hechizo Fuxia", grupo que experimenta por primera vez composiciones propias como son "El Puente" y una canción inédita que recibe el nombre de Mozzarella, jamas impresa en discos, y referida a cierto delicia culinaria preferida por los músicos de esa época... more...

first album "in vitro"

alpha centauro...
opus 69 (part I)...

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