Monday, August 27, 2007

Ota Petrina - "Super-Robot" {Checoslovaquia} [1978] (Acid Prog Rock) (@192)

The album contained deeply mournful, slow tracks. Two of these exceeded 10 minutes and were augmented by a string quartet. Petrina also used bottleneck guitar reminiscent of David Gilmour on Obscured by the clouds. This album is very impressive.

More info:

01. Já nejsem já (10:42 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
02. Cas neodeslaných dopisu (4:41 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
03. Nebýt tebe (5:42 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
04. Tak zazpívej jí blues (3:44 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
05. Podivín (1:54 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
06. Computer III. generace (4:50 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
07. Super-robot (11:34 / Petrina, text: Rytír)
. Bonus
08. Karin (5:08 / Petrina, text: Prostejovský)
09. Vnitrní svet tvých jantarových ocí (4:31 / Petrina, text: Petrina)

- Ota Petrina - zpev, kytary, flétna, harmonika
- Vladimír Padrunek - baskytara
- Jan Neckár j.h. - piano, syntezátor (1-7)
- Anatoli Kohout - bicí

04. Tak zazpívej jí blues ...
07. Super-robot .....

Thanks to avantguard for the info & rip :o)

Link for download "Ota Petrina - 1978 - Super-Robot" in comments ...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Atlantic Ocean "Tranquility Bay" {Sweden} [1970] (Progressiv Rock)

Atlantic Ocean was formed by the ashes of the pop group Quints. That was the embryo to many popular swedish groups like Fläsket Brinner, Jason Fleece, Baltik, Handgjort. I think you know some of the members of the group they were Sten Bergman, Björn J:son Lindh, Jan Bandel, Johnny Mowinckel, Staffan Stenström, Göran Ahlin(Greg Fitzpatrick). When Greg first camed to Sweden he was asked to play with Hannson&Karlsson but he said no thanks and joined Quints. They later changed name to Atlantic Ocean in1967 and signed a contract with CBS in England. But CBS thougt they were to muddled and would not release their album. But the real explanation can be that the inner sleeve is decorate with pictures from the Vietnam war. So Greg takes the master tapes to Finland and relase the record on the Love label. The band disbanned when Greg went to Asia and one half become Fläsket Brinner and the other Jasons Fleece. When Greg then later returned he forms the hippie band Handgjort. Well this is a very peace love and understanding type of record. And the best track have to be the 19 min long track on the B-side. I can also recomend Sten Bergmans solo album very good folk and singer songwriter styled album.

Björn J:son Lindh Flute, Saxophon, Viloin
Greg Fitzpatrick Bass, Guitar, Piano
Göran Ahlin Guitar
Jan Bandel Drums
Johnny Mowinckel Electric Piano
Staffan Stenström Vocals Bass, Guitar
Sten Bergman Organ, Piano

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Best wishes from Sweden

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Terje Jesper & Joachim "ST" {Denmark} [1970] (Heavy Rock , Heavy Blues)

Terje Bandholdt on drums, Jesper Schmidt on guitar and Joachim Ussing on bass recorded this album in 1970 for famous Spectator Records in Denmark (Moses / Blues Addicts / Days). These record have been requested so why not upload it! If youre in to bands like Moses, Hairy Chapter etc. Give it a try!
Sorry this is not the release with the bonus tracks but who cares! Here it is.

Download link in comments.
Best wishes from Sweden

Good God - "Good God" {USA} [1972] (jazz fusion)

"Perhaps the greatest of all "one-shot" progressive / fusion bands in the US (the Dallas-based Master Cylinder might give them a run for their money), Good God recorded a tremendous major label (Atlantic) album and then sunk without a trace. As far as I know, none of these guys (Zeno Sparkles, guitar & vocals; Cotton Kent, keys, sax & vocals; Greg Scott, saxes; John Ransome, bass; Hank Ransome, drums & vocals; plus various guests on additional horns and percussion) subsequently appeared on any later prog or fusion recordings, though Kent pops up as a session man on numerous local R&B dates. Given their instrumental virtuosity and imaginative approach to fusion and progressive rock this is hard to believe, but stranger things have happened. Stylistically, they are more a jazz-rock band (a bit like If or Zzebra, but with some Mahavishnu influence as well) rather than a Progressive rock band. The album contains 4 fine originals, and two covers: Zappa's "King Kong" and McLaughlin's "Dragon Song". One minor quibble: the rather weak vocals on 2 or 3 tracks" -- Dave Wayne, GEPR

Track list:

1. A Murder of Crows
2. Galorna Gavorna
3. King Kong
4. Dragon Song
5. Zaragoza
6. Fish Eye

I don't have much to add to Dave Wayne's review. This is a really strong and worthwhile jazz fusion effort. The link is to be found in the comments.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Noetra - "Neuf Songes" {France} [1992] (prog/neoclassic)

"Noetra successfully straddled the interface between rock, classical chamber music, and jazz without creating background music or falling prey to avant garde excess... Neuf Songes is a fabulous, very intricate and occasionally dark piece of music with some Canterburyish feeling to it. The pieces are mellow and rolling as well as intense and energetic, the writing is excellent, and there is over 70 minutes of great music. The instrumentation is based around a beautiful clean electric guitar, delicate and tasteful drumming, bass, violin, and oboe/flute with a bunch of other strings and woodwinds helping out. At some points it veers towards a 20th century classical style, where the drums drop out and there is some great woodwind and string polyphony, but for the most part the drumming and bass keep the music moving along at quite a palatable clip for most prog listeners.

Recorded in between November 1979 and August 1981 by a line-up featuring: Jean Lapouge (composer) - guitar, Christian Paboeuf - flute and oboe, Daniel Renault - drums, Denis Lefranc - bass, Pierre Aubert - violin, Pascal Leberre - clarinet and soprano sax, Francis Michaud - tenor sax and flute, Denis Vollet - cello, Claude Lapouge - trombone, Jacques Nobili - trombone, and Laurent Tardif - alto flute". --Based on the uncredited info from GEPR

Track list:

1. Neuf Songes 9:36
2. Le Voyageur Egare Se Noie Incognito 3:19
3. Soir Et Basalte 4:48
4. Errance 5:53
5. Resurgence D'Errance 2:52
6. Agrements Parfaitement Bleus (II) 6:21
7. Agrements Parfaitement Bleus 1:07
8. A Pretendre S'En Detacher 1:45
9. Noetra 6:12
10. Sens De L'Apres MIDI 4:05
11. Galopera 6:41
12. Printemps Noir 6:58
13. Periodes I II III IV V VI 9:20

The link is to be found in the comments.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dunaj - "Rosol" {Czech} [1990] (avant rock)

"Recorded in 1990, right after the Velvet Revolution, Rosol is one of Dunaj's most powerful achievements. The rhythm section of drummer Pavel Fajt and bassist Vladimír Václavek has never sounded this tight. Their complex patterns propel the songs in a precise direction while constantly shifting their components around. The dual guitar work of Jirí Kolsovsky and Jozef Ostransky is inventive, their detuned tones linking the group's sound to Ne Zhdali, No Safety, and the British avant rock wave of the early '90s. Rosol is a collection of memorable avant prog rock anthems. Here the punk energy of, say, Uz Jsme Doma has been replaced by heavy, tortured atmospheres of rock-in-opposition lineage, which doesn't mean the songs turn out theatrical or bombastic -- far from it, unless you consider Pere Ubu symphonic. The title track, the creepy "Kobylky," and "Holé Hlavy" are among the best moments this album has to offer... This album provided the blueprint for the future music of Fajt, Rale, Boo, and most of the Czech avant rock scene. It's an essential. ~ François Couture, All Music Guide"


1. Ouvertura 3:51
2. Rosol 2:50
3. Bobrik strachu 3:57
4. Blecha 3:32
5. Na jih 4:40
6. Kejva 4:13
7. Kobylky 5:35
8. Cassiniho deleni 3:50
9. Mazacek 3:48
10. Tichounce 6:08
11. Zivly 3:49
12. Cumilove 4:35
13. Hole hlavy 3:29

The link is to be found in the comments.

Jordi Sabates - "Ocells del Mes Enlla" {Spain} [1975] (prog/fusion)

Following up the excellent yesterday's upload by Nahavanda, this is another fantastic album of exquisite and delicate prog/fusion from the prolific Spanish scene of the 70s. It features great work by Jordi Sabates (also known for his collaborations with Jarka, Pau Riba, Toti Soler, and for a number of solo piano works) on keyboards, accompanied by drums, percussion, bass, electric guitar, some female vocals and flamenco guitar. "Ocells Del Mes Enlla" is an extremely elaborated and inspired effort, very well composed and paced, and executed with brilliance. I would rate it just as high as the best albums by Musica Urbana, Companyia Electrica Dharma, and Iceberg which I consider to be the cream of the crop of the Spanish jazz fusion. Hope you will enjoy this one.

Track list:

1. Ocells del mes enlla 15:36
2. Children's Song 1:15
3. Tryada 7:24
4. Acuario 3:47
5. Gingers 4:34
6. Tema para el Richmond's 1:40

The link is to be found in the comments.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Feliu I Joan Albert - "Feliu I Joan Albert" {Spain} [1977]

Reissue of the sole album of this Catalan duo, Feliu Gasull (Spanish guitar) and Joan Albert Amargós (piano), both cousins. Post-Musica Urbana, originally released by Edigsa in 1977 and never reissued before. Recommended for lovers of Toti Soler, Musica Urbana and progressive in general. "After the classic Musica Urbana, here is my other favourite Spanish release from the late '70s, featuring Joan Albert Amargos, Musica Urbana's keyboard player and main composer, who here plays mostly acoustic and some electric piano, and the remarkable acoustic guitarist Feliu Gusul. This is pure music; breathtakingly executed (and exquisitely recorded, you can even hear the sharp intake of breath sometimes as Feliu negotiates some impossible fingering). Occasionally other electric instruments, percussion, woodwinds are added. This has all the imagination and energy of '60s jazz, though speaking a completely different musical language; very Spanish, wholly original. A classic." -- Chris Cutler.

El Calita de Cassoles..

thanks to my friend zen :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pan - "Pan" {Denmark} [1970] (Heavy Rock, Progressive Rock)

Its a little bit fun how the nordic countries did music. Finland were the home of progressive like Kalevala Elonkurjo and Tasavalan Presidenti. Norway had a lot of rock bands and folk music Junipher Green and Folque are good examples for that and Sweden were a mix of all those countrys and a lot of politics involved in the music. But then we have Denmark the home for heavy blues and rock it sounds more like it would be from the US/UK or something take bands like Terje Jesper & Joachim or Tömrerclaus, Moses etc. How ever this band are really good, great guitar work splended vocals. Its really hard to say what it sounds like but I think that all of you would get your own opinion about that. Well the band was formed by the frenchman Robert Leilevre who was travelling around Europe to escape military service and settled down in Denmark. They only recorded one album but it also exists a DR session that also rocks. The group split becuse of Roberts trouble with his demons that made him hard to work with. He later commited suicide in 1973.
This is the release with just 2 bonus songs I hope you all will be satesfied.

Download link in comments
Best wishes from Sweden

Kazma Kazma - "Catacombs of Love" {Ukraine} [1993] (folk/medieval/avant)

Kazma Kazma is a currently defunct Ukrainian outfit which made quite a statement in the early 1990s with their bold, original treatment of medieval and march music stylistics. The band's debute album called "Dances of Troubadours" featured flabbergasting crossover between modern indi-style songwriting and troubadour tradition, and was just bursting with epatage. The second album, "Catacombs of Love", came out two years later and was a comparatively conservative and reserved effort further exploring the band's interest in medieval music legacy. The compositions are shorter, stylistically straighter and somewhat less inventive. Not as monumental as the first album, it may still be a worthy listening for those who enjoyed "Dances of Troubadours".

I wish I had a better quality copy of this one. Unfortunately, it was only released on tape some 15 years, and time definitely hasn't been kind to that particular cassette which was used as a source for this rip. Still, I am extremely thankful to Alexander Bugerya who digitized this record and made it available at the Ru_Tape community.

I don't have neither cover art, no track-list info for this one. Line-up is also something to guess.

The link is to be found in the comments.

Nazca - "Estacion De Sombra" {Mexico} [1986] (neoclassical/avant)

The second (and the last) studio album by the Mexican experimental outfit, now more in the vein of Univers Zero. Kindly shared by our friend Francisco Ayes.

"Here, string instruments play much more of a significant role than on the band's debut album and there are a lot of simultaneous (yet always different among themselves) passages and interplay between violin, viola, and cello on this album... The seemingly endless tonal and atonal interplay between all of the band members, changes of tempo, mood, and musical directions (dimensions!) in general, the constant development of the arrangements: all of it goes throughout "Estation de sombra", as well as it was on the debut Nazca album - Vitaly Menshikov".


1. Estacion de sombra 5:34
2. Traoedia 4:26
3. Espacios en torno 2:15
4. La morgue 4:31
5. Mangle 4:12
6. Deshueso 4:41
7. En la cuerda floja 3:30
8. Ipecacuana 3:30
9. Nadja 3:56

The link is to be found in the comments.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Arsenal - "Unknown Arsenal" {Russia} [1977-1989] (jazz rock)

I remember some friends asked for the earlier albums by Arsenal, such as "With Their Own Hands" and "A Dangerous Game", to be posted at PNF. I gave those titles a listen a couple of days ago, and found them just as good as before. Good old Arsenal seems to be passing the test by time succesfully, so I am seriously thinking about posting all of their worthy albums here. However, before Arsenal's more or less known regular albums appear at PNF, I suggest those interested to check this extensive, 2.5 hr long compilation of the band's archival materials. Made available in 2005, this double CD set features compositions recorded live or in semi-professional, often underground studios in the late 70s and throughout the entire 1980s. Most of the tracks never appeared on the official LPs of the group. What I like about this album is raw, unvarnished character of the music, and an apt proportion between the 'jazz' and 'rock' ingridients. I also enjoy the power of honest musicianship here, I mean the sense of genuineness which originates from the band members playing what's on their minds, not trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds (the latter was the problem of Arsenal in the late 80s and from then on). This is Russian jazz rock at its best, enjoy!


01 Bolero - 10.10
02 Premonition- 9.25
03 Shaman's Dance - 6.41
04 Alladin's Lamp- 7.56
05 The Ballad - 6.22
06 Forgotten Song - 9.47
07 Prelude in E Minor - 6.36
08 Ivory Tower - 7.29
09 The Dance of Jazzy Freedom - 8.08
10 Envy - 10.32
11 Memories of Atlantis - 8.39
12 Cloud Castle - 5.11
13 In Silence - 4.13
14 Temptation - 9.04
15 Echoes of Jazz - 7.52
16 The Last Sight- 7.51
17 Silver Blues - 8.06
18 The Winged Horse of Chollim - 10.04
19 Dialogue - 6.11

Due to excessive size, the archive is split into 4 parts. The links are to be found in the comments.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nairu Med Hovet Rasar "Ljudbild" {Sweden} [????] (Acid Folk, Psychadelic)

Sometimes you find groups you have never heard of and you don't know a shit about them. But one thing you knows for sure that is that the music rocks! This sounds like Nick Dracke with fragile guitar and fragile vocals. Or the swedish musician John Holm and sometimes like the dutch folk singer Jan Duindam. For all of you that knows your Ingmar Bergman knows that the song Själsmasturbutören is from the movie Fanny and Alexander. I hope you like it and I think that it exists some more albums with this group write in comments if you want more!

Best wishes from Sweden
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pappo's Blues "Vol 2" {Argentina} [1972] (Heavy Blues, Blues Rock)

Dont be afraid of the ugly Disney look a like cover. This is the first album when Pappo shows that Argentina is the home for heavy blues rock tracks like Hay Tiempo Para Elegir its so hard rockin that you cant sitt still when you listen on it, you have to do some dance moves! Well on this album Black Amaya and Luis Gambolini on drums and Caros Piñata on bass and Pappo on guitar piano and vocals. This album is more stronger then their first album and was recorded live in studio without minimum post production. For all you out thier that like heavy blues try this one!

Best Wishes From Sweden
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fläsket Brinner - "Swedish Radio Recordings" {Sweden} [1970-5] (prog rock)

Perhaps most of the friends who have passion to listen 70's prog bands already know "Flasket Brinner" name very well. They did 2 successful albums in 70s. In 2003 4cd box set released from their radio recordings..i had a chance to discuss this box set with the friends who listened them before, and all of us agreed about: these albums are even more beautiful than their studio albums. This box set includes:
1970 - Studio 4 Radiohuset Stockholm (26 Oktober)
1971 - Studio 4 Radiohuset Stockholm (13 December)

1971 - Swedish Radio Studio Göteborg (9 November)
1975 - Studio 7 Stockholm (Oktober 22)
These albums are one of my all time favorite. Probably most of the prog rock albums have a kind of agression. when you listen a prog album, album usually tells you: i am here!! These albums wont make you tired, whatever your mood would be, it goes great...A few weeks ago, i found better quality of the music files (thanks to my friend cabinboy) and i decided to share from here.

Some copy/paste for the band;
Fläsket Brinner was a Swedish band during the 70’s who released two albums and had ties to Bo Hannson. The first s/t album was released in 1971 and is an instrumental album which was recorded live. It is composed of jams of jazz-rock, heavy rock, psychedelic and some folk tunes in a somewhat free-form in the two first longer tracks and there are also the shorter tracks (which composed side B of the LP and one of which was with Bo Hansson). They play an excerpt of Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings on Tysta Finskan. The band features Sten Bergman (keyboards) and Gunnar Bergsten (saxes) who played with Bo Hansson. Hansson himself appears on the track Bosses Låt which he wrote. All in all, a very dynamic record that gets the listener hooked. The second album Fläsket is different from its predecessor. This is a double album which has been reissued on CD in 2003. LP 1 is the studio release and LP 2 is a live recording. It is a mixture of sounds. Mainly instrumental, LP 1 starts out as full blown fusion with great keyboards work. It then goes on to explore more styles. On the live LP, the spirit of the first album is regained in the jams and the style, but it is not as even and good as the first album. In 2003, when the second album was reissued, the band was reunited. This band is recommended for their energetic performance and enthusiastic live shows in both albums. The following is taken from the band’s website in the summer of 2005 the original members Bengt Dahlén (guitar) and Erik Dahlbäck (drums) were joined by Thomas Jutterström (Hammond and Fender Rhodes), Göran Lagerberg (bass) and Anders Ekholm (tenor saxophone). The addition of these experienced musicians brought Fläsket to a whole new level and this constellation are more than ready to meet their fans – both the old and the new ones.If one should try and describe the music they play it usually means emphasizing that it is very influenced by jazz, partly because it is instrumental but also because it is based on improvisation. Other bands that can be associated with Fläsket Brinner are Frank Zappa’s Mother’s of Invention and Deep Purple.But most of all, the band sound like themselves. It is a legible, clear and personal sound that cannot be mistaken for anything else.Fläsket Brinner is, with its mixture of rock, jazz and folk music one of the premier representatives of the musically interesting period of prog music – a sound that lasts till today. It is a newly found interest for the music that dominated the early seventies and some of the bands from that period have been reunited and are now playing together again. Assaf Vestin (avestin) (taken from progarchives)
(You can also buy this album from

Turkish Lullaby..

P.S. Another band that i like to listen on these days is "La Pura Realidad" from Mexico; They blend progressive/fusion with some traditional mexican music. The album released in 2007, too new to serve from here, but you may find/buy search for it, if you like. Thanks to my friend cocomelastico.

La Pura Realidad/Sonando..

Enjoy! :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Seventh Dawn "Sunrise" {USA} [1976] (acid folk,progressive)

Here is some really good US folk imagine Moody Blues or even Trees but with more spooky feeling and maybe sometimes more fragile.The female vocals sounds like Vashti Bunyan goes US. It sounds more like it would be from the UK then from America. Really like their way to mix light progressive vibes with folk music. How ever this album was released in 1976 in just 200 copieson the Fantasy Worlds Limited label I think the number on the record is R3. The recordings were made during 6 years from 1970 to 1976 by a university class at the Virgina Commonwealth University. This is now a mega rare but Aquarius have released it back in 1995 in 275 copies. But as you all know prognotfrog offers a cheaper solution.

Ann Munson: vocals, guitar, synth
Bill Munson: vocals, guitar
Eric Munson: vocals, bass
Heff Munson. vocals, drums, keyboards, synth

Download link in comments
Best Wishes From Sweden

Friday, August 03, 2007

R.I.P Dirk Sietse

He was fighting with cancer for a long time.
Our friend you will be missed..

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sol - "Sol De Chile" {Chile} [1974] (jazz-folclor andino-rock) (kindly submitted by Javier)

i couldnt find a good information on web to pass here, any more information welcome.

Sol - Sol de Chile (1974)

01 Aiquina
02 Abre la puerta amigo
03 Escucha gringo
04 Himno para un canto amigo
05 Solo por una imagen
06 Me muero por ti paloma
07 Hay cielos para tu libertad
08 Hay un corazon que esta
09 Poderoso
10 Eclipse

Antonio Smith - canto, guitarra
Matias Pizarro - piano, percusion
Enrique Luna - bajo
Miguel Angel Taborda - bateria, percusion
Fredy Anrique - flauta, percusion
Alejandro Rivera - charango, quena

Tonodisc / Ton - 1074 - 1974


Our thanks goes to Javier :)

Costa Blanca - Viaje a Prantia {Spain}[1977](Jazz/Rock Fusion

After some time without posting, i wanted to come with something special, and here i come, this is a rarity from Alicante, Spain, i couldn´t find too much information about them, i just remember that once i read that they were once called “The Spanish Weather Report” so you better listen, so here is, some jazz/rock fusion album, very hard to find since was never edited on cd and from the original LP were only a few copies, the guy who gave me this a couple years ago told me not to share it ..but wtf! it is

Sorry i couldn´t find a decent cover ...

Pedro Barceló - Drums
Antonio "Chiki" Navarret - Bass
Naopelón "Napi" Carratalá - Guitar
Alain Fabrizio - Saxo
Pepe Dougan - Keyboard (live)

1. Viaje a Prantia

2. El varón de Fimestrad
3. El caminito que no mola
4. Tijal
5. Cuando el coco se vista de gris