Friday, November 26, 2010

J.F. Murphy & Salt - "Last Illusion" {USA} [1973]

J.F. Murphy & Salt made a huge impact in late 60s and early 70s rock, forming a New York band that achieved cult-like status. Part of the hippie/psychedelic movement, J.F. Murphy & Salt played at the legendary debacle, Powder Ridge Rock Festival.
Aside from the rampant use of recreational drugs, this period in rock developed a political dimension that couldn't be ignored. J.F. Murphy & Salt remains a legend in this era, giving listeners of that era fond rock memories.

01 Sweet Byrd
02 Which One
03 Teenage Fantasy
04 Touched by Love
05 Bell Toll
06 New York City-Home
07 Man Who is Alone
08 Last Illusion

- J.F. Murphy (lead vocals, piano, guitar)
- Ron Allard (background vocals, bagpipes, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, tambourine)
- George Christ (background vocals, harmonica, vibraphone, congas, maracas, chimes)
- Bob Paiva (drums)
- Joe Parrino (background vocals, lead guitar, trombone, flute)
- Russell Warmolts (background vocals, bass)

Last Illusion...

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Monday, November 15, 2010

A.Vuolo & E.Grande - "Desert" {Italy} [1979]

Very rare italian library record from 1979 containing the great electronic tune "Transvesuvian" a cosmic sound track a la Tangerine Dream and other great funk, fusion, progressive and ambient tracks.
But there's also a bit more warmth too, a sensitivity that makes the longer tunes really shimmer and sparkle nicely, and although a sound library set, the tracks have a much deeper sense of composition.
Some tracks sounds like they were taken from a horror film(Goblin), and especially "Leaving", "Blow bubbles" and "Creation".

Side 1
1 Take Flight 5:00
2 Drops In The Wind 4:22
3 Leaving 4:23
4 Soft Melody 2:09

Side 2
1 Desert 4:50
2 Blow Bubbles 3:31
3 Transvesuvian 3:42
4 Creation 2:26
5 The End 1:28

- Antonio Vuolo: Keys
- Rino Diaferio: Guitar, Bass
- Elio Grande: Bass

Thanks to Elitario :)


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Friday, November 05, 2010

Thomas & Henry Kiefer "Improvisationen Über Edoardo-Antonius Eumel" {Switzerland} [1980]

Instrumental progressive duo, the Kiefer brothers on guitars. ...more info about this band/album is welcome

Thanks to KC :)

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Profondità - "Profondità" {Italy} [197X] Prog/Psych

oi meu amigos! hope you are all well and enjoying whatever you are doing. for me this album is italians' best kept secret for 70s psychedelic rock. i was searching this album for such a long time, and i feel glad to find it. unfortunately i couldnt find enough information for this album, the only review i found is, at ItalianProg site, says;
"Doppio album del astierista / compositore Paolo Ferrara uscito per una piccola etichetta, Profondità è quasi completamente strumentale e contiene musica originale in stile colonna sonora, con qualche somiglianza con i Pink Floyd. I 19 brani dell'album sono quasi totalmente basati sulle tastiere con l'ausilio sporadico di altri strumenti e parti cantate corali. Paolo Ferrara compare come autore ed esecutore di diversi altri dischi." while copy/paste was my friend, google translate might be yours. A hidden treasure for the lovers of early pink floyd..


thanks to tristan stefan :)