Saturday, March 29, 2008

Michel Ripoche - 2 Albums (Fench Jazz-Rock ex-Zoo 1975&1982)

Michel Ripoxe from french prog jazz rock band ZOO where he played on violin have nice 5 solo albums i will show you 2 of them
1st is Equinoqe 1975
I think thats his best album i very liked it here he showing why he bought the violins :)
Full album is only on one song but 36 minutes long


Thats his 3rd album. 2nd 4 and 5th i dont have if someone of you have it please help with it

Thats his another violin virtuoso jazz-rock album
album is not only one song but all songs are real masterpiece of that style you just have to listen to it


Thanks to Jean

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My wishlist, is here someone who can help me with it?

Thats my 10 most wanted album:
2. Avaric - Stances De L'Impossible 1983
another and last 4th album by that band, it really exists only known copy was sold for 10 euro last year on musea
3. Emily Bindiger - Emily 1971
Album released in France by american singer which was only 16 years old and french pop/folk rock band Dynastie Crisis, its in psychadelic style with lots of flute, i can send tracklist too but not the tracks :)
4. Crafty Hands - Crafty Hands 1982
That is band which was formed after Yezda Urfa disbanded and 90% of artists are same, it have to be in style of yezda urfa
5. Blues Pilz - Eyes Don't Lie 1979
Private released german album, one of the best blues prog rock albums ever they have second album Journey To Somewhere what i heard is not really good but if you have it please send it :)
6. Pumpkin - Pumpkin 1975
Another top of the tops albums, all i know they are from dutch and they played violin and keyboard influence jazz rock and someone said that its one of bests
9. Dynastie Crisis - Dynastie Crisis 1970
One of first french prog rock bands. they have 3 albums and two selftitled the Dynastie Crisis II from 1972 i already have i searching for that selftitled from 1970
8. Tarbaby - Tarbaby 1974
US private press Blues Hard Rock jam session, only few copies was made of that album hope someone have it for share
9. Fred Van Zegveld - Hammond Organ Dynamite 1969
One of the best prog psych album ever, i heard only one track from one compilation and it was KILLAH hope someone will find it.
10. Unikuva - Sessions or Sessions - Unikuva
Obrázok “” sa nedá zobraziť, pretože obsahuje chyby.
That album have two names two artworks here is the second
its finnish blues rock session very obscure but as i heard 3 tracks its great, thanks zantalacruz for the single lp

and here is my full wishlist about 250 albums:
Ricsi Belans wishlist
I will be so happy if you find me an album it dont have ti be from the most important i will be happy if it will be some from all these albums
btw my mail:

Thanks for all your help and effort
Cheers Ricsi

The Brotherhood - Stavia (1972)

That pretty obscure band from Ohio released only that one album whick was reissued in france unknown label with 2 bonus tracks but thes ebonuses was from another band.
That album is folk psych album full of very good flute. all i can say ENJOY IT

Meditation pt 1

Thanks to Antony for ripping his LP

PFS (Pure Fucking Space) - Illustrative Problems + 2 Albums

PFS is as far as i knów Brasilian band, formed by ex-Cartoon member who went out from the band and he formed the PFS. Illustrative Problems are their second of 3 albums, all three albums are in RIO Avant-prog style hope you will enjoy them
Its ripped from TAPE but i cutted the tracks

1 All Bach'd Up (3:43)
2 Civil Circus (1:19)
3 Hruspex (3:39)
4 White Boys With No Rhythm (2:18)
5 Buster Keaton (5:00)
6 Illustrative Problems (2:17)
7 Cold Shower (2:00)
8 My Neice from Pittsburgh in 1992 (4:01)
9 23rd Hour (2:37)
10 Nicht Shuldig (6:36)
11 Amsterdam (3:14)

All Bach'd Up

Other 2 albums was posted by great blog Mutant-Sounds thanks for them
Pfs - Pfs
Pfs - 279
and also Cartoon (Pre-PFS)
Cartoon- Music From Left Field
Cartoon - Cartoon
I just completing the collection with that album :)

Firehorse - On The Wind (1980)

German private press album. It sounds alike Led Zeppelin with little but with bigger progressive influence. It's great albums for the years when it was released, when started lot of shit music and good bands started playing bad music too. The vocalist reminds me the good old Robert Plant

01. Another night, another day
02. Es vedra
03. Earth witch
04. Only for a moment
05. Looking for love
06. On the wind
07. The Martians and the music box

Thanks to borik my Slovakian friend

Only for a moment

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eardance - Seek Opposites (1982 Avant Jazz-Rock)

It's nice album what was released on private and as i know only for 100 copies. It's in style of avantgarde and jazz rock sometimes influenced by zappa or Firpp but its very good album by that by that very unknown chicago band.


Jaded (5:56)
Movers And Shakers (5:01)
Words Gone By (4:05)
Seek Opposites (4:23)
Pawn Shop (3:16)
Steel Eyes (2:36)
Nada Fuera (3:38)
Russian Dragon (5:28)
Least Resistance (4:24)

Label: Touch Records (5)
Catalog#: T-1000
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Avantgarde
Credits: Artwork By [Eardance Drawing] - Paul Caster
Artwork By [Graphic Design] - Jack White
Bass [Stick®], Bass, Guitar, Clarinet, Synthesizer, Piano [Prepared Piano], Vocals - Jim Jacobsen
Bassoon, Congas, Tabla, Claves, Drums [Log Drum], Vocals - Dixie Treichel
Composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By - Eardance , Jim Jacobsen
Drums [Drum Set], Vibraphone [Vibes], Xylophone [Xylorimba], Timbales, Glockenspiel, Cymbal [Crotales], Triangle, Castanets [Castinets], Drums [Log Drum], Vibraslap [Jaw Bone], Percussion [Whip], Tambourine, Maracas, Cabasa [Afuché], Claves - Homero Cerón
Engineer - Paul 'The Clock' Berolzheimer*
Lead Vocals - Russ Berger
Mixed By [Assistance During Mix] - Jeff Palmer (2) , Joe Daniels (2) , Paul Klingberg , Tom Hanson
Other [Sanity Maintenance And Idea Refinement] - Adam Padua
Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals - David Cornel
Producer - Jim Jacobsen , Mike Harkins , Paul Berolzheimer
Notes: • Recorded at Rainbow Bridge and SY Studios;
• Mixed at Chicago Recording Co, Pierce Arrow Recorders, and Universal Recording;
• Mastered at JVC Cutting Center;
• Paul Berolzheimer and Mike Harkins of Electric Fantasy Productions.
• Manufactured by Touch Records, a division of
Eardance Ltd., 1513 N. NorthPark Av., Chicago, IL 60610

Comes with printed inner sleeve reading lyrics, credits and band member photographs.

Promotional copies will have gold print:
"Lent for Promotional Use Only. Any Sale or Unauthorized Transfer is Prohibited and Void. Subject to Return Upon Demand by Owner. Acceptance of This Record Constitutes Agreement to the Above."

Thanks to origynal Ripper

Words Gone By

La Clave - La Clave (1973 Latin Funk Rock)

An incredible album of Latin funk -- the only-ever record from this west coast combo headed by the legendary Benny Velarde! Benny's a name that you might recognize from earlier, straighter Latin dates for Fantasy -- or for countless studio work during the 70s -- but here, he's really got a talent for a funky 70s groove -- and manages to hit a unique space that's somewhere between conventional funk, west coast Latin, and some of the hippest blacksploitation grooves of the time! The album also features some under-credited work from Lalo Schifrin -- who was tied to the project somehow (Velarde claims that the record was killed by MGM upon release because of a feud with Lalo) -- but never really fully credited in the notes. There's a definite link here with some of Schifrin's funkier soundtrack of the period -- a great blend of jazzier elements and headier 70s funk -- all served up with a tightness that has made the record one of our favorite funky treasures for years! Titles include "The Ghetto", "Latin Slide", "Who You Fooling", "Road Runner", "Soul Sauce", "Cocoa Leaf", and "Move Your Hands".

1.Sally go round the roses

2.Angels of mercy

3.Move Your Hand

4.Latin Slide

5.Who you foolin

6.The Ghetto

7.Road Runner

8.Soul sauce

9.Baila mi guaganco

10.Cocoa leaf

Latin slide

Amber - Pearls of Amber (1971 Folk Rock)

Review from Geocities:
Amber were MacLeod and Julian McAllister, both friends and contemporaries of Donovan on the early 60s St. Albans folk scene. This 10" collects the only extant studio tapes of the band, recorded in the early 70s during a period that saw the band playing regularly around London. The strapline on the sleeve reads "acoustic music that derives from folk and blues with a touch of psychedelia" which is true as far as it goes but gives too much significance to the blues, not enough to the occasional immensity of McAllister's vocal and none at all to the importance of the sitar in the mix. The lilting glory of "Sea Shell Rock Me" (appearing in two versions) is the highlight. The song is basically a folk love song which coils in around itself in time to a beautiful winding sitar line and reminds of all the possibilities music seemed to offer 30 years ago.

Band Members:
Mac Macleod (Lead Guitar, Tabla, Sitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Julian McAllister (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Ray Cooper (Tabla on Side A)

Side A:
Sea Shell Rock Me
White Angel
Swan In The Evening

Side B:
Sing On The Sunlight
Sea Shell Rock Me (Alt. Version)
Earlie In The Morning

Big thanks to Fozzy Bear

Sea shell rock me

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dickens "Royal Incarnation" {France} [1969] (Psych,Guitar, Organ)

Deep inside my computer I found this masterpiece. An extermley rare record with the France group Dickens. I don't know what to compare with maybe Doors and Iron Butterfly? But these guys are heavier. And the music are sometimes really ghostly. I can imagine that they listen a lot to the underground groups in the US cause they don't sound so european accept for the song.
If someone got any information about the group tell me. If you like organ and guitar driven psych this is something for you.


Andre Chabloz - vocals
Jean-Claude Tissot - guitars
Jacques Minary - keyboards
Jean-Claude Bertin - bass
Serge Baumer - drums

New Link in comments!

Best wishes from Sweden

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Rohans Horn "II" {Sweden} [2005] (Organ and drum driven psych jam)

Last time i uploaded this sharbee was really strange so I'll try again.
Ok here we got one of the first bands in the second wave of drums and organ from Sweden. Rohans Horn (taken from the Bo Hansson song) plays great psychadelic music with drums and organ. They have often been compared with both Fläsket Brinner and H&K but these guys are more psychadelic and the songs are more jaming.
I know that the sound quality on some songs are not the best but the music are really great. You can almost smell the marijuana smoke when you listen to it.

Det Lider Allt Mot Kvälls

01 - Intro (01:05)
02 - Det Lider Allt Mot Kvälls (15:14)
03 - The Farstu Boogie (12:35)
04 - Margits Klyfta (08:23)
05 - I Fäders Spår För Framtida Segrar (02:03)
06 - Ejakulationsprocessen (10:14)
07 - Vid Bergets Fot (14:51)
08 - I Elronds Hus (01:54)
09 - Det Lider Allt Mot Morgonstund (11:58)

Best wishes from Sweden
Download link in comments

Galère - Épilogue (French Folk Rock)

This group of four musicians including an excellent female singer with a powerful, clear voice created a show based on Ulysse's Odyssey. They recorded two titles from the show's repertoire which can be classed within the trend in French rock represented by ANGE, ATOLL and MONA LISA. Their music was based on the following: an energetic and extremely effective rhythmic section, the singer's very beautiful voice and the furious interventions of an inspired guitarist with an incisive style.

Side B

Thanks to Gilles

Solstice - 2 Albums (Quebec Jazz Rock)

That's first album by Canadian band Solstice which was active from late 70's to early 80's later there was group Quartz with lot of Solstice members and after that group L'Orchetsre Sympathique,


Thats the second album i think better then the first and for that i included the cover artwork too


Tamarugo - Tan Lejos Del Mar (Chile Jazz Folk Rock)

What to say about it? I think nothing, music will say what you have to know about it. All i know thats a band from Chile with that only album. Its very good jazz folk rock album hope you will enjoy it

Perro que ladra no muerde

Thanks to Cabinboy

Jazz Celula - Oheň až Požár

Jazz Celula was one of best slovakian Jazz Rock bands, it included the great star Laco Déczi on trumpet, thats Their first and last album

A1Filip Samonil6:03
A2Desatero řemesel3:45
A3Zmoklá voda5:25
B2Do toho4:06
B4Oheň až požár6:43


Quartz - Festival International De Jazz De Montreal (Quebec Jazz Rock)

Quartz was formed in August 1982 by percussionist Mathieu Léger and bassist Warren Stolow, both formerly of L'Orchestre Sympathique, who teamed up with Michel Martineau on clarinette and Ivanhoé Jolicoeur on trompet and flugelhorn. They played at the Festival du Grand Café in October of that year, and did a few shows in France. They were soon joined by Sylvain Provost on guitar. On July 8, 1983, at the 4th Montreal International Jazz Festival, the group won the Yamaha Award (Concours de Jazz Yamaha) for best performance. The show was recorded and is featured on the group`s only album, one of the best jazz albums to be released in the `80s. Quartz toured Quebec and the Maritimes before morphing into various other jazz ensembles during the remainder of the decade. In 1992, Mathieu Leger formed Lezimpoly, and recorded two more great jazz albums during the ensuing years.


Gandalf - Gandalf (1977, Swedish prog)

the only info i found is in swedish, not to be mixed with other gandalfs, there is some hard rocky, melodic nice tunes waits here for your ears,mm enjoy :)

Gandalfs album sägs innehålla blues-influerad progressiv rock. Gruppen ska dock inte förväxlas med den amerikanska gruppen med samma namn som förvillande nog också gett ut en självbetitlad platta (dock släppt 1968).

Jan Illes som ritat omslaget var klasskamrat med Johan Von Feilitzen (Gitarr, sång, piano) på Skrapans Gymnasium i Uppsala. Feilitzen startade senare "Hansa Band" som släppte två Lps.
more at:

Den Vita Snön

Micah - I'm Only One Man (US,1970) progrock

Acid Archives says, Depressing organ/guitar progrock with sidelong tracks and some interesting passages. The sound is a bit Santana-influenced, but mainly one for local prog hardrock fans. They also had a 45 edited from the LP.

Side A..

Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi - "Cagdas Oyun Havalari" (Turkey) (1972) oriental funky folk fusion

"Husnu Ozkartal is the leading one of the orchestra called Regal, Regal was a record label that recorded many things in 60s/70s turkey. and Regal orchestra was their orchestra, from the vinyl listings that i see, and from my turkish vinyl collection, i can say, there are at least some hundred of related similar albums from the scene, and for those albums coverart dont gives a color whats is in it about...more at forum

for the friends who go experimental & would like to listen oriental funky folk fusion..
Thanks to Piotr! :)

Pinar Basi...