Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Barrock "L'alchimista " (1991 ,Italy ,neo-prog )

I posted their 1st demo cassette here .
"L'alchimista" was their 1st studio recording CD including some tracks from the demo cassette.
Excellent album with a lot of fantasy !!!!!

Mariangela (Greece ,female pop ,1975 )

This album is famous for the arrangement by Vangelis .


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blue Morning (Italy ,1973 ,jazz rock )

Blue Morning 


Maurizio Giammarco - soprano & tenor sax, flute, keyboards
Roberto Ciotti - guitar
Sandro Ponzoni - electric bass
Alfredo Minotti - drums, percussion
Alvise Sacchi - percussion, various gadgets



You can get this album's mp3 from the following 2 links ...and interestingly they are different source  (I checked them out )   mp3 or  mp3

.in addition ,mine is also different from them ,too..You can choose one as you like !!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Barrock (Italy,Cassette ,1985 ,neo-prog)

Barrock was one of  Italian neo-prog bands that was formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1999 (?)
They released 3 cassettes before they released 1st album "L'alchimista" (1990) at a Japanese label.
Thier 1st cassette was released in 1985 ,and after the release, 2 cassettes were followed..."L'alchimista"(half of the tracks were studio recording and the rest were live recording ) and "Romeo & Juliet"  (OST for  the theater play )

Although they released 3 CDs ,they could not jump over this 1st cassette ...

Giampaolo Poles (bass)
Maurizio Poles (drums) 
Valter Poles (guitar, keyboards)
Graziella Vendramin (Vocals )
Paola Poles (vocals)
Giuseppe Vendramin (keyboards)
Laura Ivan (vocals, 1982-88)