Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missus Beastly - Two live lps - 1972-73 - KrautPsych

Here are the two mistery lps documenting the great Missus Beastly live in the early Seventies.
- Volksmusik - 1972

- Superrock made in Germany - 1973
(aka "In garten des schweigens" - with Weramean)
They were issued on the obscure Electric Bird label, and are impossibly rare now.
It's classic psych krautrock with a raw edge, and a holy grail for kraut collectors!

A Better Life

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Óðmenn "ST" {Iceland} [1970] (Heavy Rock Progressive)

Okey I cant find any kind of information about this band. Some sources says that they were founded in 1966 in the city Keflavik on Iceland and disbanded 1970 the same year they released their one and only album. And I think they released one album and three singles. The singer did also appears on albums with Nattura and Trubrot.
The album it self its some kind of ordinary hard rock/rock (but not boring) album with some progressive moments. Imagine Cream or something like that with over drieen guitars etc but without the blues. But the real masterpiece on this one is the 18 min killer track with a lot of good guitar masturbation.

The line up during the years:
Johan G Johansson (vocals, bass), Eiríkur Jóhannsson (bass, 1966-68), Valur Emilsson (guitar, 1966-68), Engilbert Jensen (drums 1966-67), Pétur Östlund (drums 1967-68), Magnús Kjartansson (keyboards, 1967-68), Shady Owens (vocals, 1967-68), Finnur Torfi Stefánsson (guitar 1969-70), Ólafur Garðarsson (drums, 1969-70), Reynir Harðarson (drums, 1970)


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Skibbereen - "Skibbereen" {Switzerland} [1976] (prog/trad folk rock)

Somewhere it says; Great folk rock, very British. Feat. Düde Dürst, Max Lässer, Ruedi Hoppler, Roland Ambühl, Erwin Bucher, Kathryn Gurewtisch. As i know some of the members have connections/played with well known swiss psych/prog band Krokodil. This is one of the best folk rock album that i have listened for a long time. If you like bands like Pererin,Chimera,Opo.. this one is for you! I enjoyed listening somesongs over and over. Sweet jigs, good female vocal. Any informaions welcome.

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Pegasus - "Seems a Long Time Gone" {Germany} [1975] (Kraut Prog Rock)

I couldnt find info at net. Any information welcome.

01. Top Of The Hill
02. Daydream (Dip Dip)
03. In Another Land
04. Seems A Long Time Gone
05. The Days Before

- Charly Kolck - guitar, bass, vocals
- Klaus Peter Kusmann - guitar, vocals
- Dieter Lemke - drums, percussion
- Martin Mueller - bass, guitar, vocals

04. Seems A Long Time Gone...
05. The Days Before...

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Achim Reichel "Die Gruene Reise" {Germany} [1970 ] (Kraut, Space, Psych, Rock)

WOW! Now I understand why Germany its my favourite country when it comes to pumping psychadelic guitar efforts. Mix good rock with a guitar sound that reminds of Manuel Göttsching cut it down to normal length and add some crazy vocals and you got it Achim Reichel. I think this is his first album and his best in my opinion. Here is some information:
As lead guitarist for the beat-era Rattles, Achim Reichel was one of Germany’s rock pioneers. Military service drew him from that band, and upon return he continued in the pop world with Wonderland. At the start of the 70’s however, his interests in Eastern philosophies coincided with the Progressive music now in vogue. Teaming with lyricist Frank Dostal, first up was the psychedelic (and Beatles-esque) Wonderland Band. Recorded with a cast of Hamburg musicians, it gave a glimpse at where Reichel was going. Yet the story really begins in 1971 with The Green Journey, the first album under the moniker A.R. & Machines. Billed as a "soundtrack to the intended motion picture", it certainly is a trip! Reichel recorded the album by himself, adding voice, percussion and electronic effects, with Dostal providing the lyrics. "Machines" refers to the tape recorders that make up Reichel’s signature "echo-guitar". He layers guitar line over guitar line to hypnotic effect, and effectively predates just about everyone that came after (Fripp, Gottsching etc.). The album certainly reveals a hippie naivety of the era, but that should really be seen as its strength: bluesy, mantric and certainly psychedelic, the album is Reichel’s own twist on Krautrock. It culminated in the whacked-out "Truth and Probability", where Reichel layers his voice through the tape machines! The following year would prove to be a busier one with Reichel releasing three albums.

Beautiful Babylon...

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mosaik - "Mosaik" {Sweden} [1982] (ex Atlas)

It seems Sweden's Atlas never had a very easy time of it, only releasing one album in their six-year history, 1979's Blå Vardag. Ad Perpetuam Memoriam's mid-'90s CD reissue includes several bonus tracks, including one by the post-Atlas outfit, Mosaik, formed by all of Atlas minus one of their two keyboard players, Björn Nielsen. Mosaik is a surprisingly progressive album for the time, although as Isildurs Bane proved, progressive rock didn't completely die out in Sweden in the '80s, though it really wasn't looking too well for a while. Mosaik's a bit of a mixed bag, going from gentle acoustic opener, Återfunnen, through the piano and sax duet Önnestad to the rather overlong Rhodes and MiniMoog jazz workout Re-Båpp, although overall, the band kept the quality pretty high.

A1. Återfunnen (1:49)
A2. Björnstorp (6:16)
A3. Kirstens rum (8:47)
A4. Tiden bara går (3:28)
A5. Önnestad (4:02)
A6. Ett oskrivet blad (4:06)

B1. Pappa har gått vilse (3:40)
B2. Re-Båpp (14:03)
B3. Trio (4:27)
B4. Mosaik: Gul, röd, orange (5:05)

- Dan Bornemark Sång
- Erik Björn Nielsen Orgel
- Hans Annellsson Gitarr
- Janne Persson Gitarr, flöjt, piano, bas
- Karl Witting Sång
- Micke Pinotti Trummor
- Peter Nilsson Sax
- Tomas Gunnarsson Violin, trummor
- Ulf Hedlund Bas

A2. Björnstorp...

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Mount Everest "ST" {Sweden} [1972] (Jazz)

Formed in 1971 by the saxophonist Gilbert Holmström bass player kjell Jansson and the drummer Conny Sjökvist. Their first album was released in 1971 and are in my opinion their best one. They later changed name to Mount Everest Trio and in 1975 they released their album ”Waves from Albert Ayler” (Ayler is a big jazz legend).
What to say about this albumt then? Well its really good classic jazz mixed with modern free jazz you got to love it.

Shadow Play II

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sourdeline - "Jeanne d'Ayme" {France} [1977] (trad/acid folk)

somewhere it says; Sourdeline : Jeanne d'Ayme ( Discovale 77 FR ) Rarest second album of french mindblowing folk sychedelic in Emmanuel Parrenin vein with great acid parts ( electric & accoustic guitars, percus, sitar, tabla, flute, mandolin, violin... and delicate female vocals ) You see the fist ten time when you see the second only one. Great LP FOC.

Showmen 2 - "Epitaffio" {Italy} [1971] (prog)

Another band coming from a 60's long career, The Showmen from Naples had some hits in 1968 and 1969 with their original blend of soul, rhythm & blues and italian pop, releasing only an LP and a bunch of singles on RCA.
The band had been formed by bassist/singer Mario Musella and sax player James Senese in 1966, and their first single came in 1968. They had a great hit with Un'ora sola ti vorrei, that won the 1968 Cantagiro.
The original group split at the turn of the 70's, with Musella embarking in an unsuccessful solo career (he sadly died in 1979), and Elio D'Anna going to form Osanna.

After a short time Senese and Del Prete, aided by the guitarist Botta (now on bass), reformed the group with a new line-up, more influenced by the current italian rock tendencies. They first released some singles, halfway between the 60's soul of the original line-up and a new sound, then an album simply called Showmen 2 (the group was touring as Showmen 2, but the liner notes refer to them as simply Showmen), from which another single was taken, on the small local label B.B.B., with little promotion.

The album is housed in a stunning heavy gatefold cover and contains a peculiar mix of rock, rhythm & blues, prog, not far from the sound of Chicago or the english band If. The voice has melodic pop influences, but the music is powerful and well played, with strong horn arrangements that make this album unique in the italian prog scene of the time.
Tracks like Abbasso lo zio Tom (also released as a single and with lyrics about racism) or Epitaffio have good lyrics and nice arrangements.

The band disbanded after the album, founders Senese and Del Prete creating Napoli Centrale with a production of three jazz-rock albums in 1975-77.

Much confusion has been made about Showmen's name, with their album being reissued by B.B.B. label as Showmen 2 / Napoli Centrale; a later compilation on the same label (and still simply called with the group's name) mixed tracks from their 60's beat repertoire, the Showmen 2 album and even a Chicago track cover, Introduction, originally included in Mario Musella's solo album from more here

amore che fu

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Rüzgargülü - "Rüzgargülü" {Germany} [1990] (trad. folk)

at 1987 an author Karl Adamek published a book about German/Turkish folk songs, and as i informed this album first appeared with this book, Three years later at 1990 album reissued and took its place in music markets. Rüzgargülü (windrose in english) was a Turkish-German music ensemble, that made their journeys thru turkish and german anonymous folk 90s they were better known with their works, concerts and research of folk music, Altough the album stands for its melodies & rhytmm (like most of the folk) lyrics takes its role in this album. it remind me other bands like Grup Yorum,Kızılırmak that i used to listen a lot in the past. I dont think this band can be named as protest folk, however there is a left wing mood can be felt with selecting of rythmms and some songs.. finaly i want to say that, i listened many songs written for Sacco & Vanzetti, but this one is the nicer & different one that i listened, I wanted to copy/paste some information for Sacco & Vanzetti at the following paragraphs; This album is enough good not to be forgotten. Enjoy!


Sacco and Vanzetti

The story of two Italian-born anarchists, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, framed for murder and then executed for their beliefs.

"Did you see what I did to those anarchist bastards?"
- Presiding Judge Webster Thayer

Sacco and Vanzetti were committed anarchists who had been active in many workers' struggles. In 1916, Sacco was arrested for taking part in a demonstration in solidarity with workers on strike in Minnesota. In the same year he took part in a strike in a factory in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was here that he met Bartolomeo Vanzetti, who was one of the principal organisers of that strike. Like most anarchists, the two were also active in their opposition to the First World War.

Severe poverty in the post-war years meant that many workers were dissatisfied with the status quo. The authorities were terrified that workers might follow the example of the Russian Revolution, and were doing everything in their power to portray communism and anarchism as 'un-American', and to frighten workers way from 'red' propaganda.

more here & here.

Sacco und Vancetti


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Seoul Traveller - "Go Go live" {Korea} [1979] (Funk/Psych Rock)

A good korean band with members kim myung-gon, choi e-chul, kim tae-heung, lee chul-ho, lee nam-e. Sorry i couldnt find any information in net at the moment. Info on the way, so meanwhile enjoy the groove!

내 마음은 풍선...

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