Friday, July 17, 2015

DISH// (Japan ,2015 ,male dance pop group )

Hi,friends  .
DISH// is a Japanese dance pop group (4 boys )

Watch the following PV by DISH//

They released their 1st album "Main Dish " including 14 track, on January 14th this year ,most of the tracks are excellent dance pop tunes ,but ... among them ,
a very unique track is included .....I 'm so interested who loves Queen and why he or she wanted them to  play Queen-style..... .lol

The meaning of the lyric is sung about ...never giving up and trying to do your best with your hungry heart! ...Yep,so positive lyric.

I uploaded the  track only here  (mp3 )....the name of the track is "Hungry  Rhapsodies "(Tr8)   
Try it please .
You will be able to enjoy as a prog track ,too.


Hungry Rhapsodies