Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Biomechanoid (ex Brainticket - Switzerland 1980)

Hi folks,
this is my first post on PNF. (thanks Ricsi! for inviting me)
You all know Brainticket, and their classic space-prog lps such as "Celestial Ocean"... Their leader Joel Vandroogenbroeck was author of a bunch of library lps during the 80's, among them this is the first and probably best one.
Dark, strange, disturbing soundscapes, the obscure side of Brainticket, proving how Joel V. was still a creative artist - as well as his fellow Swiss painter H. R. Giger, who is the author of the cover.

Strange Lady

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Denis "ST" {France} [1978] (Acid Folk)

Rare as hell! Is it good then? You ask. Yes it is mellow songs acustic guitar and xylophone and some other cool instruments. The vinyl was problably made in less then 100 copies and released on the tiny Baba Cool System label. He lived in a hippie community and recorded the songs between 68-78 and then released this one.
The best track is the 10 min song. I get some Comus wibes when I listen to it.
(I don't think Denis complain if we upload this one)

The Little Girl Found

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Emily Bindiger - Emily (1971 French Acid Folk)

Thats was one of the biggest rarities and now its just up to you if you want it

Emily. Her name is Emily Bindiger. Recorded that album with Dynastie Crisis when she was 16 years old. She now singing pop and playing in musicals she had Grammy award nomination for one her album don't know why her first lp (THAT) is losted she too not tulk much about it in her bio is not mentioned too. thats her myspace page:
http://www.myspace.com/emilybindiger in her slideshow is artwork of her album too

on gemm is available to buy that LP for 200 dollar

The album is hreat part of my folk psych colection one of the best. Her voice is so good that i never heard for so young girl (16) so nice and clear voice. The songs are very nice too and all except one are made by she. The music is mainly vocals piano acoustic guitar and flute and these instruments making that album a real MASTERPIECE i still must listen and listen it again and again its an album i recommend to all acid psych folk lovers just its hard to find and expensive
The best track? Truly the B3 - Old Lace Its just flute and acoustic guitar sometimes with guitar but its one of best songs i every heard it taking me to 7th heaven. If you listen to it one time you must again and again the flutist on it is great he really know how to play flute as Ian Andersons yes that songs sometimes reminds me the Folkish Jethro Tull that song is real masterpiece its a must listen if any interestings i can send some samples if someone want

To Emily Bindiger:
Hi Emily
If you see it i can just hope so. I want to thnak you that way for making that album and all effort with it. The album is one of my most favorite albums. Your vocals are so lovely and you looked as the nicest girl

Kinda Regard
Richard (RicsiBelan@gmail.com)

Very big thanks for music to: Thomas and for LP Scans to: Gildas!!!

Old Lace 'to John'

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tempano - "Selective Memory" {Venezuela} (2008) (progressive rock) Exclusive!

What we got here is an exclusive, special album from Tempano for all of us! My thanks goes to Tempano to give me a chance to introduce this album to you. Tempano has completed the recordings of some music from the late seventies that will be included in the forthcoming album called " Memoria Selectiva" (Selective Memory), most of the music on the album has been released on projects like The Odyssey and The Seven Samurai, however, the songs will be edited in their original form and not in the same way as in the Suites for both projects. The additional music, 3 songs, has never been released, 2 of the songs are from the late 70's, one was recorded during February and March 2007.

from tempano;
Thanks for downloading " Selective Memory ". We hope you enjoy listening to our music. We wanted to give this record as a gift to all the people that have followed us in this long path through music and also to all of you that are discovering our music for the first time.

the songs are yours.

FaLLinG SenSes..
tHe faRmeRs..

further more;

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spjärnsvallet - "Spjärnsvallet" {Sweden} (1975) prog/free jazz

Spjärnsvallet a group of musicians including Bengt 'Beche' Berger (drummer and percussionist), Kjell Westling and Christer Bothén. A hot mix of musical idioms of India, Africa, Sweden and the U.S. "the name spjärnsvallet popped up in a dream, it was kjell westlings dream" kjell & bengt have played in arbete och fritid as well as many other constellations "instrumental jazzrock influenced from folkmusic all over the world" Colorful album, that everybody may find something special.

melOdieR FRaN SydindiEn..


Balkan - "Spiller" {Denmark} (1973) (balkan trad. folk fusion)

The balkan trio consists of three copenhagens: egon aagard, peter bastian and jon ravn that found eachother in 1972,In this album they played with Mehmet Ozan and Hugo Rasmussen, from their words: "we are heavily inspired by slavic and turkish music, from bulgarian village weddings to istanbul's night clubs.. we borrow the atmosphere, melodies and rhythms and play it the way we do with western european musical roots." A hidden treasure.

eLazıĞ danS..

Zingale is my favorite band from Israel 70's scene, 30 years later they are coming up with a new album! The album name will be the Bright Side. Good news it will be released at a near time! Here is a song from the album;

soonER oR latER..

Malvasia - "Malvasia" {Italy} (1979) (folk)

I couldnt find info at net, Somewhere it says private italian folk, and those 3 words perhaps the only information (at least i found) A hidden treasure. Any informations welcome.

valzeR peR SiGlindA..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hi folks! Been some time, i was working with friends for our upcoming place MunjX, and was busy with the things that days bring. Meanwhile i had ability to discover some new music, and places. Nowadays in real life i am building a network for a local company, and i go to nearby cities for configuration of computers, so most of my time goes on the roads. I got a cheap car with a brand new audio system, for beeing 30 years member of appartment people family, its some kind of refreshy freedom to play loudly, and over and over on the car. Today i want to introduce some of them to you.

Grovjobb is one of my favorite bands from the scene of Sweden, playing 70's like prog folk rock. While browsing our friends in myspace, i noticed a musician. It was Simon Jensen, played flute in groovjob albums and many solo projects. it is really great to listen him. later i found my self in his site, there are some tracks available to listen/download on his site. i have a strong feeling that, all of us find something special to enjoy Simon's work. feel free to pop in for discovery :)

further more:


Poland has been a base for great Jazz/Fusion. I have some friends addicted to hear and collect polish jazz lps. i can understand their addiction because most of the titles deserves a good place at our ears, here we got an album from polish new scene, album called Pig Inside the Gentleman. (thanks to Stoon)

for more

Million Faces..

Cant remember the time, maybe a year ago, my friend manelis sent me their first album. I was impressed for their music, and i introduced their first album from the blog. Now they got brand new album: Elephant. what wait you in album is some great mixture of ethno fusion, greek folk with a nice nostalgic mood. (thanks to manelis)

related post: http://prognotfrog.blogspot.com/search?q=kontrabando
band site: http://www.kontrabando.gr/index2en.htm


and some news & places;

* Venezuellan progressive rock band TEMPANO's new album will be released from musea records, The album name is Selective Memory. I had the ability to listen some tracks on it. and it is a promising album for the lovers of new sound of progressive rock.
There are more news & events on the road at PNF. The coverart will be: http://www.prognotfrog.com/memoria_selectiva_cover.jpg
and their site; http://tempano.com

* i downloaded a while ago, QUEEN ELEPHANTINE & ELDER's latest split album from http://clfrecords.com/ Its a great stoner psych, it is an enjoyful trip. there are many artists/bands in clfrecords pool waiting us to hear.

* Check out some rare and original blues albums recently discovered by the Blues Legacy Trust. Artists include Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and many more at http://www.blueslegacy.net It is suprising to listen well known artists undiscovered songs, its for blues lovers and this site has got some answers.

* here is a site focused mainly danish music, there are many nice samples on the site, the owner of the site seems a true zappa lover :) (thanks to zantaclaus) http://www.karma.dk/

these are the sites,music,news that i am recently in touch with that i wanted to share with all the friends here.

Umm see you soon & be well!