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Bo Hansson "Magician's Hat" {Sweden} [1973] (Progressive Rock)

This is the 2004 Remastered version with an extended copy of track 1 "Big City".

Bo Hansson will doubtless be known to all. He is a master musician and this (although not so popular as his Lord Of The Rings release) is a masterpiece of Intrumental Prog Rock.

Originally titled "Ur Trollkarlens Hatt" there are a few tracks I can listen to over and over ("Big City", "Divided Reality" and "The Sun (Parallel Or 90°)" for sure, but there are more delights on here than those three.

Perhaps a bit more jazz orientated than his first release.

Kenny Håkansson - Guitar
Gunnar Bergsten - Saxophone, Flute
Sten Bergman - Flute
Bo Hansson - Hammond Organ, Guitar, Synthesizer, Slide Bass
Bobo Stenson - Electric Piano (10)
Owe Gustavsson - Bass (10)
Rune Carlsson - Drums, Congas, Cowbell
Pelle Ekman - Drums (10)

01 - Big City (Extended) (Hansson/Bergsten)
02 - Divided Reality (Hansson)
03 - Elidor (Hansson)
04 - Before The Rain (Hansson)
05 - Fylke (Hansson)
06 - Playing Downhill Into The Downs (Hansson)
07 - Findhorn's Song (Hansson)
08 - Awakening (Hansson)
09 - Wandering Song (Hansson)
10 - The Sun (Parallel Or 90°) (Hansson/Håkansson)
11 - Excursion With Complications (Hansson)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Captain Beyond "First Album" {USA} [1972] (Rock)

Captain Beyond were formed in Los Angeles, California with Rod Evans (Original Lead Vocals on Deep Purple 1st Album), Larry (Rhino) Reinhardt, Lee Dorman (both from Iron Butterfly) and Bobby Caldwell (played drums with Johnny Winter).

This, (their first and I think their best) album was released in 1972. It is Rock with Progressive influences. As I described "Dumpy's Rusty Nuts" as Kick Ass Blues - I think the term applies here as Kick Ass Rock.

I rate this band as 5 STAR.

Rod Evans - Vocals
Larry Reinhardt - Guitar
Lee Dorman - Bass
Bobby Caldwell - Drums.

01 - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
02 - Armworth
03 - Myopic Void
04 - Mesmerization Eclipse
05 - Raging River Of Fear
06 - Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Intro)
07 - Frozen Over
08 - Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come and Go)
09 - I Can't Feel Nothin' Part 1
10 - As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)
11 - Astral Lady
12 - As The Moon Speaks (Return)
13 - I Can't Feel Nothin' Part 2

320 Sampled.

If - "If" {UK} [1970] (Jazz Rock)

The driving force behind this band, at least in their early stages, was the saxes of Dick Morrisey and keyboards of John Mealing, along with the crack rhythm section of Jim Richardson (bass) and Dennis Elliott (drums) they also had a guitarist, second reedsman and lead vocalist. I've only heard the first two albums, those could sort of be described as a progressive Blood, Sweat & Tears, very jazz-rock oriented, but not fusion".
If is a jazz-rock band from the United Kingdom. In this case, jazz-rock doesn't mean fusion ala Mahavishnu Orchestra but something akin to early Chicago or Blood, Sweat and Tears. Also comparable to Isotope and Nucleus. It's also a bit more progressive than either of those two bands. The music is very good and something I like a little better than Chicago. Fairly well balanced between guitar, sax, keyboards, and singing. The lead vocalist (on their first two albums, the ones I have) remind me a bit of Pete Townsend. Perhaps this band isn't for those into heavy prog, but if you also enjoy jazz this may be a good band to seek out. Dave Quincy left If to form Zzebra. -- Mike Taylor

If was Great Britain's contribution to the jazz-rock movement begun and popularized in the late '60s/early '70s by Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago. Formed in 1969 by Melody Maker jazz poll winners Dave Quincy, Dick Morrissey, and Terry Smith, the band never found popular success in the United States. However, If produced several albums noteworthy for placing jazz players in a pop/rock band context and producing a true fusion of the two genres without diluting the players' improvisational skills. Unlike most of their horn-band contemporaries, If had no brass players in the band, relying solely on the saxophones of Dick Morrissey and the flute and saxophones of Dave Quincy. But what really gave If its unique sound were the vocals of J.W. Hodgkinson and the guitar of Terry Smith. Hodgkinson's vocal timbre was unusual -- smooth, flexible, and strong in the high end, sounding like no other vocalist. Smith's trebly guitar sound was also unique, combining a rocker's use of sustain with the jazz fluency of Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt. The original incarnation of If produced five excellent albums between 1970 and 1972, but these albums failed to find an audience. Morrissey soldiered on with the If name for two more albums with a totally different lineup and a more generic rock-type sound, but these, too, went nowhere. Drummer Dennis Elliott was later a member of the platinum-selling rock band Foreigner. ~ Jim Newsom, All Music Guide

If's first album came out in the summer of 1970, while most horn-driven jazz-rock bands were still mimicking the successful formula employed by Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. If was different, with more of a jazz feel on both the instrumental and the vocal ends. The material on If provides plenty of room for reedmen Dave Quincy and Dick Morrissey, plus guitarist Terry Smith, to stretch out. Though not particularly deep or profound, the lyrics nonetheless express the positive, optimistic sentiments prevalent at the time. J.W. Hodgkinson's unusual tenor vocal timbre fits like a lead instrument in the mix, soaring above and within the arrangements. "What Can a Friend Say" kicks the album off in fine style, setting the parameters within which the band works throughout the rest of the disc, with the horns complementing Hodgkinson's rendering of the verses, which wrap around excellent, extended sax and guitar solos. The instrumental, "What Did I Say About the Box, Jack?" showcases Quincy's high-octane flute work and the speedy fingers of guitarist Smith. The album continues in the same consistently excellent vein, with the ballad "Dockland" providing a beautiful respite toward the end of the album. ~ Jim Newsom, All Music Guide

01 - I'm Reaching Out on All Sides (5:54)
02 - What Did I Say About The Box Jack (1:51)
03 - What Can a Friend Say (6:59)
04 - Woman, Can You See What This Thing Is All About (4:11)
05 - Raise The Level Of Your Conscious Mind (3:13)
06 - Dockland (4:43)
07 - The Promised Land (3:42)

- Dave Quincy / Alto and Tenor Saxes, Liner Notes, Reeds
- Dick Morrissey / Tenor and Soprano Saxes and Flute Reeds
- Jim Richardson / Bass
- Dennis Elliott / Drums
- Terry Smith / Guitar
- John Mealing / Keyboards, Vocals (Background)

01 - I'm Reaching Out on All Sides ...........
05 - Raise The Level Of Your Conscious Mind ...

Link for download "If - 1970 - If" in comments ...

Dumpy's Rusty Nuts "Somewhere In England" {UK} [1984] (Biker Blues)

I first heard of Dumpy's Rusty Nuts as I was attending many Hawkwind gigs. They were the support band and absolutely blew me away.

Dumpy is friendly with Hawkwind and a look on his website will tell you that he has a new CD out that is in the same style - I think I will find the £8 to get Space Nutz as this band really rock.

The album here is full of blues songs recorded live (and I think most of the audience at his gigs are "Bikers") with many references to his love of motorcycles.

I remember seeing him drive up to a Hawkwind gig (possibly in London - or just outside) in an old Ford Anglia, he was attending as part of the audience that time and not part of the show. His version of Peter Green's "Out Of Reach" is stunning.

The official site is here:-
which is where the above picture comes from.

01 - It's Got To Be Blues
02 - Ride With Me
03 - I'm A Hog For You Baby
04 - Rip It Up
05 - Night Rider
06 - Woke Up This Morning
07 - Look In The Mirror
08 - Whole Lot Of Blues
09 - Out Of Reach
10 - Box Hill Or Bust
11 - Tush
12 - Just For Kicks
13 - Cross Keys
14 - Wee Wee Baby
15 - Wild Thing
16 - Route 66
320 samples of Kick Ass Blues.

Underground Sunshine "Let There Be Light" {USA} [1969] - Psychedelic

I stumbled acrosss this Ultra Rare Psych album a year or so ago and it has 1 track that is really good along with some covers of other bands songs that are Bubblegum style.
The song in question is called "Take Me Break Me" and lasts just over 11 minutes, it has great sounds (sadly there is a vynil jump on this).
They were more famous in the USA for their chart appearance with a cover of the Beatles "Birthday".
The album opens with another Beatles cover "Don't Let Me Down". Also, the band do cover songs of "Proud Mary", "Gimme Some Lovin" & "Bad Moon Rising". Apparently even battered copies of this have attracted large amounts on E-Bay.
Don't be put off by the cover songs as "Take Me Break Me" (even with the jump) is worth the listen.
01 - Don't Let Me Down (4' 08)
02 - Proud Mary (3'33)
03 - Gimme Some Lovin (8'47)
04 - All I want Is You (3'05)
05 - Birthday (2'50)
06 - Don't Shut Me Out (2'52)
07 - Bad Moon Rising (2'25)
08 - Take Me Break Me (Short Version) (2'54)
09 - Take Me Break Me (Long Version) (11'15)
10 - Link Track (0'43)
11 - Single "Nine To Five" (2'35)

I think the "Link Track" was added because other bands of the time did similar things (i.e. the Beatles Sgt Pepper's). The Single is not on the album - I just added it to make the Underground Sunshine recorded output as complete as possible.
A couple of band members contacted this Online Forum to explain about Take Me Break Me as the track gained something of a cult status:-
192 samples on the album 128 for the single (which sounds In-Complete).

Anamorphose - Palimpseste{Belgium}[1986](Jazz rock/Zeuhl)

ANAMORPHOSE's music is at the crossroads between JULVERNE, COMPANYA ELECTRICA DHARMA and GWENDAL, with elements of an inspired jazz rock. "Live" presents great themes with subtle arrangements, lit up by violin, flute or keyboards solos.


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Wailing Wall - "Wailing Wall" {USA} [1970] (Psychedelic Rock) (@320)

Released in 1970 by the El Paso, TX, label Suemi, Wailing Wall's sole LP is mostly an item for the psychedelic rock collector's wish list, but it delivers an interesting enough listen for more casual fans of obscure American '70s rock. Mike Cancellari (guitar), Doug Adams (vocals), Darrel Adams (bass), and David Rutledge (drums) were not the best of musicians, but what they lacked in tightness (and they did) they almost made up in feeling and a certain level of creativity. Cancellari was obviously a quick learner of Jimi Hendrix's chops, but while other guitarists at the time were focusing on the genius' sound and riffs, Cancellari picked up his bluesy soul ("Meet My Dreams" borrows the moody feel of "Rainy Day, Dream Away"). Doug Adams misses a few easy notes, but he has a deep soul-blues voice, between the range and strength of Chicago's Robert Lamm and Terry Kath. The vocal harmonies in "Scissor-Tailed Swallow" and the addition of two trombones in "Meet My Dreams" provide extra similarities with early Chicago, although Wailing Wall's brand of rock is heavier and definitely Southern. The heartfelt delivery and hard-thumping grooves ("Mad Rapper" crosses Hendrix's "Red House" with the rootsier moments of early Captain Beefheart) compensate for some awful lyrics, especially in "Country of the Goose," which could have been a strong song at four or five minutes, but becomes embarrassing at nine. Still, this album deserved to receive a wider audience than the El Paso locals. Shadoks reissued the album in 2004 with decent sound quality. ~ François Couture, All Music Guide

01 - Scissor-Tailed Swallow (3:21)
02 - Country Of The Goose (9:23)
03 - Flying (4:59)
04 - Hot Summer's Night (2:56)
05 - Mad Rapper (5:36)
06 - Dark House / Crazy Nights (4:58)
07 - I'm Running Low (6:00)
08 - Meet My Dreams (3:17)

- Doug Adams / Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Trombone
- Mike Cancellari / Electric Guitar
- Darrel Adams / Bass, Maracas, Trombone
- David Rutledge / Drums, Piano, Percussion

01 - Scissor-Tailed Swallow ..........
02 - Country Of The Goose ....

Link for download "Wailing Wall - 1970 - Wailing Wall" in comments ...

Hole In The Wall - "Hole In The Wall" {Norway} [1972] (Folk Rock) (@192)

Megarare Norwegian folk-rock with slight prog moves, outdoors-hippy feel, sorta like Parlour Band , more folk though

01 - Restless Man (2:58)
02 - The Letdown (3:13)
03 - Lookout Mountain (4:37)
04 - End Of The Effort (2:45)
05 - Big Nancy (2:35)
06 - Come On Over (2:44)
07 - Four Tomorrows(4:28)
08 - Pass The Word (4:07)
09 - Kilimanjaro Monday (3:13)
10 - Love Is Arranging My Life (2:27)
11 - Double Or Nothing (6:35)

- Erik Moll / Vocals, Acc. Guitar, Percussion
- Rune Walle / Vocals, Acc. & Bottleneck Guitars, Dobro, Piano, Mandolin
- Trygve Thue / Vocals, Acc. & El. Guitars, Bass
- Ketil Sand / Acc. Guitar, Congas, Bongos & Ass. Percussions
- Arve Haland / Accordion
- Anne Bolstad / Vocals, El. Violin
- Tom Saetre / Acc. Guitar
- Elisabeth Braarvig / Cello
- Jens Braarvig / Bass
- Leif Jensen / Drums

01 - Restless Man .........
02 - The Letdown ...

Link for download "Hole In The Wall - 1972 - Hole In The Wall" in comments ...

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Czar - "Czar" {UK} [1970] (Prog Rock)

Track listing:
1. Tread softly on my dreams(6:37)
2. Cecelia (8:12)
3. Follow me (3:19)
4. Dawning of a new day (6:11)
5. Beyond the moon (3:44)
6. Today (3:23)
7. A day in September (7:56)

- Del Gough / drums
- Bob Hodges / keyboards, vocals
- Paul Kendrick / bass, vocals
- Mick Ware / guitar, vocals

There seems to have been a near-endless supply of early-progressive rock bands like Czar hopping around in Britain both sides of the sixties/seventies borderline, bands that pitted electric guitar against organ and occasional Mellotron, hoary blues-based rock riffs against rudimentary classical licks recalled from piano lessons or the family record collection, in an effort to stretch the rock idiom beyond the three-chords, four-square-beat boundaries. Czar's sole effort is not the most glorious of this lot, as the band lack the depth and skills that the best bands had. Most of these songs are drawn-out but structurally pretty ordinary rock tunes where thudding drums splash in muddy puddles of scratchy guitar riffs under a clear blue Mellotron sky. It is the beauty of the Mellotron work that often makes the difference, e.g. the gothic main riff of "Tread Softly on My Dreams" which stands in stark contrast to the vocal hooks that are leftovers from second-division sixties pop. "Cecelia" features a nice if predictable swathe of acoustic guitar and harpsichord, but is ruined by a turgid guitar solo backed by monotonously grungy riffing. Overplaying their hand with weak cards is Czar's basic failing, worst example being the psychedelic organ work of "A Day in September", which cycles through cliches with minimum authority and even manages to squeeze in that requisite circus motif before the fade-out. It is not hopeless, but other bands were turning out much better product out of the same basic material at the time, and I suggest trying some of them before delving into this Siberian basement to discover Czar's musical legacy.

Thanks stavros666999 for this one !

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Dag Vag - "Scenbuddism " {Sweden} [1979] (Reggae Rock)

Just like Docenterna, who formed two years later, Dag Vag used the punk wave to launch themselves. They took a punk name and released just one punk single before turning to alternative pop. But where Docenterna started to play catchy modern pop, keeping some of the punk attitude, Dag Vag's main influences could be found in the Swedish progressive movement, among bands like Träd, Gräs & Stenar, as well as in world music and reggae. These influences were then used to create something that was still very much pop. If not unique, it was at least rare on the Swedish rock scene in the '80s. Dag Vag have also meant much for Swedish alternative music in providing a connecting link to the '70s where most '80s bands chose to turn their backs on the preceding decade.

Vig was the leader of the band Hottentots, which developed into Dag Vag. At first, they called themselves Dag Vag & Svagsinta, but after the first single they shortened it to Dag Vag. A musical change also took place, from punk to reggae-influenced pop, as they scored a hit with a cover of Anita Lindblom's "Sånt är Livet." Dag Vag had already made a name for themselves in alternative circles when their full-length debut was released in 1979. The album kept the reggae influences, but also showed traces of new wave. Settels left the temporarily group and Bäckström was replaced by Kenny Håkansson for the recording of the live album Scenbuddism, and after big success with their next studio album, the band decided to try to promote themselves abroad. read more here

links in comments..

Egyptian Reggae...


Curved Air - "Midnight Wire" {UK} [1975] (Prog Rock)

Track listing:
01. Woman On a One Night Stand (5:06)
02. Day Breaks My Heart (4:38)
03. The Fool (4:27)
04. Pipe of Dreams (3:58)
05. Orange Street Blues (5:01)
06. Dance of Love (4:36)
07. Midnight Wire (7:32)

- Stewart Copeland / drums
- Mick Jacques / guitars
- Sonja Kristina / vocals
- Darryl Way / violin, keyboards, vocals
Guest Musicians:
- John Perry / bass
- Peter Wood / keyboards
- Derek Damain / backing vocals
- Norma Tager / lyrics

Curved Air was founded in 1969 by Francis Monkman (keyboards, guitar), Darryl Way (electric violin, vocals), Sonja Kristina Linwood (vocals), Florian Pilkington-Miksa (drums), Rob Martin (bass). The group evolved from the band Sisyphus and was named by Monkman after the piece A Rainbow in Curved Air by contemporary composer Terry Riley.

The line-up experienced frequent changes, Ian Eyre taking over on bass for the second album and Mike Wedgwood for the third; later members included Eddie Jobson (later Roxy Music, Frank Zappa and Jethro Tull), Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Tony Reeves (ex-Greenslade, Colosseum, John Mayall). Only Sonja Kristina continuously remained as member. Monkman, member of Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, was later to play with John Williams in a group called Sky.

The musicians developed from quite different artistic backgrounds, classic, folk, and electronic sound, which resulted in a mixture of progressive rock, folk rock, and fusion with classical elements.

The band's groundbreaking 1970 debut , Air Conditioning, reached no. 8 in the UK Albums Chart, and was the first ever picture disc. In 1976 the band recorded their last studio album and then eventually split . Intermittently since then, the group, particularly in its original line-up, has re-joined for periodic concerts, one of which in 1990 gave rise to another live album.

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Human Instinct - "Peg Leg" {New Zealand} [1975] (The Lost Tapes - Unreleased Album) (Prog Rock) (@320)

One of New Zealand's most popular hard rock/psychedelic bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Human Instinct never broke into the international market, despite a couple of concerted attempts to do so in England. The group evolved from the Four Fours, which had some hits in New Zealand in the mid-1960s, including "Moon Blues," the instrumental "Theme from an Empty Coffee Lounge," and "Go Go." The last of these was a fair beat number that made #12 in New Zealand in September 1966, the same year the Four Fours supported the Rolling Stones on the visiting superstars' second New Zealand tour. In August of that year, the Four Fours sailed to England to try and make an entree into the British pop scene, changing their name to the Human Instinct on the way. In London, the Human Instinct got to play under numerous star groups as a support act. After three Mercury singles stiffed in 1967, they recorded for Deram under producer Mike Hurst and made a couple more unsuccessful 45s. Some of these--the most renowned is "Day in My Mind's Mind"--have surfaced on specialist British sixties rock reissues, and show a competent but rather colorless psychedelic-sprinkled pop band with accomplished vocal harmonies. Drummer Maurice Greer, it has been written, declined a chance to play in Jeff Beck's group before the Human Instinct returned to New Zealand. Upon the band's return their personnel and sound were radically reorganized, with only Greer left from the UK lineup. The most significant addition was guitarist Billy Tekahika, who played under the name Billy TK. Partly because of Tekahika, the Human Instinct embarked on a far heavier psychedelic direction, influenced heavily by the wah-wah and distortion of Jimi Hendrix. Some of the material on their early 1970s albums on Pye was supplied by non-member Jesse Harper, a tape of whom allegedly impressed Hendrix himself. The later incarnation of the Human Instinct did go to England again to try and widen their audience, and again failed. The Human Instinct's cult reputation rests largely upon their first three albums in the 1970s, which have been reissued on CD by Ascension in Australia. Without denying the band's importance in New Zealand, where talented hard rock guitarists were rarer than they were in bigger countries, the records are so-so, or worse, blues-rock-psychedelia that offer little appeal or charm for the collector, despite Billy TK's abilities on guitar. Maurice Greer was still keeping a lineup of the Human Instinct going and recording in the late 1990s. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

More info...

01 - Free Bird (9:16)
02 - All Time Loser (4:30)
03 - Find Your Heart (7:38)
04 - Peg Leg (3:05)
05 - For A Friend - Part 1 (5:25)
06 - For A Friend - Part 2 (3:42)
07 - Fallen Star (5:09)
08 - Hey You (4:11)
09 - Tight Rope Lover (4:46)
10 - Instinct (2:22)

- Maurice Greer / Drums, Vocals
- Phil Whitehead / Guitar, Vocals
- Steve McDonald / Keyboards, Melotron, Vocals
- Glenn Mikkelson / Bass, Vocals

04 - Peg Leg ...
07 - Fallen Star ...

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Evergreen Blueshoes - "The Ballad of Evergreen Blueshoes" (with Skip Battin) {USA} [1968] (@320)

Throughout the mid-1960s singer/bassist Skip Battin played and recorded with a string of groups including The Pledges, Gary and Clyde, Skip and Flynn and Skip and the Groop. Tired of paying his bills as a sessions bassist, by 1968 Battin was ready to try to make it with a real rock band. Recruiting long time friends Al Rosenberg and Clarence White, he decided to put together an outfit that would play a mixture of Byrds-styled folk-rock and West Coast psychedelia. White quickly dropped out of the project, leaving Battin and Rosenberg to recruit drummer Chester McCracken, along with keyboard player Ken Kleist, guitarist Lanny Mathijssen. Playing at a Topanga Canyon club named 'The Corral' the band began attracting considerable word of mouth publicity, which led the small Amos Records to sign them to a recording contract. Produced by Jim Post, 1969's "The Ballad of Evergreen Blueshoes" offered up an odd hodge-podge of musical genres. Battin (here spelled as 'Battyn') and Rosenberg were responsible for the majority of the 12 songs, which bounced all over the musical spectrum. Jug, country and western, pop, psych, etc. were frequently lumped together on tracks such as 'Life's Railway To Heaven' and 'Amsterdam in 1968'. Connected by a series of spoken word segments, the results were frequently maddening, though these guys simply had too much talent to turn in a complete dud. 'The Hedge Hog's Song' and their cover of Dylan's 'Walking Down the Line' were all quite good. Amos also saw fit to release a truly bizarre cover of 'Johnny B. Goode' b/w 'Walking Down the Line' as a single (Amos #115). Unfortunately, as a small label, Amos lacked much promotional clout, effectively guaranteeing the set would enjoy limited sales. (The back and inner sleeves are pretty funny - wonder if they had to worry about ticks while prancing around naked in the woods?). [SB]

A1 - Life's Railway To Heaven (Skip Battin / Al Rosenberg / Ken Kleist / Lanny Mathijssen / Chester McCracken) /
A2 - Walking Down The Line (Bob Dylan) /
A3 - Line Out (Skip Battin / Al Rosenberg) /
A4 - Amsterdam In 1968 (Levine) /
A5 - Everything's Fine Right Now (Heron) /
A6 - Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) /
B1 - The Hedge Hog's Song (Heron) /
B2 - The Raven (Skip Battin / Al Rosenberg / Edgar Allan Poe) /
B3 - Mrs. Cohen's Little Boy (Leonard Cohen) /
B4 - Moon Over Mount Olympus (Al Rosenberg) /
B5 - Jewish Teahouse (Al Rosenberg) /
B6 - The Everblue Express (Skip Battin / Kim Fowley)

- Skip Battin / Bass, Vocals
- Lanny Mathijssen / Guitar, Vocals
- Al Rosenberg / Guitar, Vocals
- Ken Kleist / Organ, Vocals
- Chester McCracken / Drums, Percussion

Thanks to ZenBa for the rip & info

Side A...

Link for download "Evergreen Blueshoes - The Ballad of Evergreen Blueshoes" in comments ...

Mad Curry - "Mad Curry" {Belgium} [1970] (Jazz Prog Rock) (@320)

Prog comparable to Soft Machine circa Volume 2 and Julian's Treatment for the organ work and
female vocals.

01 - Men (4:11)
02 - Big Ben (4:46)
03 - Beauty (3:34)
04 - Music, the Reason of Our Happiness (4:02)
05 - Jack is Away (5:14)
06 - 5 Longhaired Children in a Cave (3:52)
07 - The Worker (3:44)
08 - Sound For Tomorrow (2:29)

- Viona Westra
- Giorgio Chitchenko
- Joost Geeraerts
- Danny Rousseau
- Jean Vandooren
- Eddy Verdonck

04 - Music, the Reason of Our Happiness ...
05 - Jack is Away ..........................

Thanks to ZenBa for the rip & info

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Solaris "Marsbeli Kronikak - Martian Chronicles" {Hungary} [1984] (Prog / Space Rock)

A Hungarian progressive outfit that produce useful sounds despite regular personnel changes. This one I like because it has many similarities to Space Rock. Although I think they are categorised as Symphonic Prog.

My copy is the 1984 release without the Bonus Tracks released on the 1995 version. I also have the covers from the 1995 Re-Release and the Bonus Tracks from the Re-Release. (My rip is at 320 and the Bonus are 256). Solaris are well worth getting into.

A Review from ProgArchives:

This album was written over twenty years ago, smack in the middle of the ‘boring 80s’. Consequently, its production does have a sort of 80ish ring to it. But the music is so original and infectious I can’t help but love it. Think TANGERINE DREAM that actually rocks, with real themes and an incredible variety of inspired musical phrases; then speed the whole thing up about ten times and add a little classical twist to it all, and you’ll get an idea of what “The Martian Chronicles” sound like.This is simple music where the beat rarely goes beyond the 4/4 pattern, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fine woven melodies and the originality of the arrangements, where the band clearly favours an overall-effect over individual play - although the ever-present flute lends a light touch to it all, as do the mischievous little 'martian' voices that spring up here and there. With lots of synths and fiery guitars, the music races at the speed of light and hardly lets up until the end. Many passages are bound to accelerate your pulse rate (check out "The Martian Chronicles parts IV, V and VI" and especially "M'Ars Poetica"), whereas a few mellow ones (such as the track “Solaris” and parts of some others) provide a welcome interval between the raunchy guitars and the speedy synth flights. Overall, this a fine space-rock album made by classicaly trained musicians who obviously had lots of fun doing it.

I would agree with the above reviewer (very aptly put).

Cziglán, István (deceased) - guitars (1980-1998)
Erdész, Róbert - keyboards (1980-)
Kollár, Attila - flute (1980-)
Gömör, László - drums (1982-)
Pócs, Tamás - bass (1982-)
Kisszabó, Gábor - bass (1980-1982,1995-)
Bogdán, Csaba - guitars (1981-1982,1995-)

Tracklist: 01 - Marsbéli krónikák I. (3:34)...02 - Marsbéli krónikák II.-III. (6:32)...03 - Marsbéli krónikák IV.-VI. (13:15)...04 - M'ars poetica (6:39)...05 - Ha felszáll a köd (If The Fog Ascends)(3:58)...06 - Apokalipszis (3:44)...07 - E-moll elõjáték (Prelude in E-Minor) (0:29)...08 - Legyõzhetetlen (Udefeatable) (2:46)...09 - Solaris (4:53)

Bonus Tracks: 10 - Orchideák bolygója (The Planet Of Orchids) (3:17)...11 - A sárga kör (The Yellow Circle) (4:54)

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Zoe - "Sangue Vivo" {Italy} [2000] (Folk) (kindly submitted by Poor)

Sangue Vivo-Live Blood-is the source of the obsessive rhythm to which, since time immemorial, beat the tambourines in the land of Salento, in the extreme South East of Italy. It is done to soothe the dark, painful force that certain people from the area have in their blood. To give it sound, voice and dance steps until it no longer hurts too much. The pain doesn't stop, but for them, as long as the music lasts, it seems possible to forgive life. If the America of slavery had the Blues as its expression of pain, if the young blacks of the urban ghettos talk about misfortune and rage to a rap beat, the people of Salento express their feelings and passions by beating the tambourine and dancing the 'Pizzica', to achieve their trance. The music is not just for expression, but for communication. And the dance is for courting. (reviewed by Raffaella Aprile) You can find more info here



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Zen Carnival "Inheritance" {USA} [1999] (Prog)

This (the first) album by Zen Carnival draws from the early UK progressive movement (very much akin to the likes of Genesis - Camel - Pendragon). It is professionally done and very interesting to listen to. I'd like to hear their second album Bardo.

Ken Pfeifer - lead and backing vocals, keyboards
Bill Denison - guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Park - bass guitar
Mike James - keyboards
Chris Geihe - drums


1. Big Sky (9:27)
2. Tigers (5:10)
3. Royalty (7:41 )
4. Water's Edge (10:22)
5. Inheritance (14:02)
1. Distant Rumbling
2. Into the Earth
3. The Meek
4. Icarus
320 Sample Rate.

Dionysos - "Le Prince Croule" {Canada} [1971] (@192)

01 - Lever du Prince (4:48)
02 - Chanson du Courage (3:11)
03 - Demain la Vie (4:20)
04 - Terreur et Masque (3:19)
05 - Le Prince Jardine (4:11)
06 - Safari (5:28)
07 - Ballade Inquiete (3:31)
08 - Terreur et Jouie - Le Prince Croule (13:51)

- Éric Clément: Guitare
- Jean-Pierre Forget: Saxophone
- Robert Lepage: Batterie, Voix
- André Mathieu: Orgue
- Paul-André Thibert: Soliste, Harmonica, Flute

More info ...

02 - Chanson du Courage ...
06 - Safari ............

Link for download "Dionysos - 1971 - Le Prince Croule" in comments ...

Acid - "Acid" {Austria} [1974] (Prog Rock) (@160)

I didn't find a review in English more info...
01 - After Midnight (3:41)
02 - Midnight Queen (4:07)
03 - Tumbling Like a Rolling Stone (4:28)
04 - Your Sweet Love (2:37)
05 - Six To Seven (3:53)
06 - Hard Rockin' Band (3:55)
07 - Hey Freddy (3:15)
08 - On a Sunny Day (4:08)
09 - Blind Man (7:23)

01 - After Midnight ...
04 - Your Sweet Love ...

- Robert Ponger / Hammmond Organ, Piano, Clarinet
- Herbert Novacek / Fender Bass/ Lead Vocals
- Rudi Staeger / Drums, Percussion

Link for download "Acid - 1974 - Acid" in comments ...

Robert Randolph & The Family Band - "Unclassified" {USA} [2003] (Gospel - Fusion - Jazz & Blues)

Robert Randolph & The Family Band is a multicultural American funk and soul band composed of Robert Randolph, Marcus Randolph (drums), Danyel Morgan (bass), and Jason Crosby (organ). Frontman Robert Randolph was trained as a pedal steel guitarist in the House of God Church, Keith Dominion, and makes prominent use of the instrument in the band's music. Randolph a native of Orange, NJ began playing the steel guitar in the House of God Church, which used steel guitars in worship services. Sacred Steel as it is called is used in many African American Pentacostal style churches and while playing at a sacred steel convention in Florida Randolph was discovered.

The group's sound is inspired by successful 1970's funk bands such as Earth Wind & Fire and Sly & The Family Stone, another multicultural band comprised of former members of the Church of God in Christ. Randolph himself has also stated that his main influence as a guitarist is Stevie Ray Vaughan.
The first Robert Randolph & the Family Band album, Live at the Wetlands, was released in 2002. The band released their studio debut, Unclassified on Aug 5, 2003. They attracted the attention of Eric Clapton, and have subsequently toured as a supporting act with the British blues guitarist.
Before releasing albums with The Family Band, Randolph was selected by avant-jazz organist John Medeski to join him and the North Mississippi Allstars on their 2001 jam project, The Word.
In September of 2003 Randolph was listed as #97 on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list.
In 2005, Randolph, along with Kirk Hammett of Metallica, guested on the song "Trinity" on Carlos Santana's album All That I Am. Calypso from this release has a distinct Santana-ish sound.
The third album, Colorblind, was released October 10, 2006.


01 - Going in the Right Direction – 3:32
02 - I Need More Love – 3:42
03 - Nobody – 4:32
04 - Soul Refreshing – 3:41
05 - Squeeze – 5:46
06 - Smile – 4:53
07 - Good Times (3 Stroke) – 3:47
08 - Why Should I Feel Lonely – 4:25
09 - Calypso – 4:07
10 - Problems – 4:24
11 - Run for Your Life – 4:53

Candice Anderson – Vocals (bckgr)
Neal Casal – Vocals (bckgr)
Rick Fowler – Duet vocal on "Smile"
John Ginty – B-3 Organ, Piano
Leon Mobley - Percussion
Danyel Morgan – Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Lenesha Randolph – Vocals (bckgr), Duet vocal on "Smile"
Marcus Randolph – Drums
Robert Randolph – Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals

13 Dreams - "The Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus (A Tribute To Spirit)" {USA} [2006] (Psych)

Thirteen Dreams Tribute Cd to the brilliant 60's/70's rock band Spirit is a collectors dream. This new six member Seatle Band is astonishing! "Redux's" Producer Dave Aumann pulled out all the stops on this one!
Spirit is widely recognized as one of the quintessential sixties psychedelic bands and their opus Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus is rightly heralded as one of the real classics of the era. The genius of guitarist Randy California, vocalist Jay Ferguson, bassist Mark Andes, keyboardist John Locke and drummer Ed Cassidy fills their music with a timeless surealistic beauty. Their music lingers in your mind and soul long after you've experienced it!
Continuing with and adding to this magnificent tradition is Thirteen Dreams. Long time veterans of the psychedelic music scene. Thirteen Dreams lovingly revisits Dr. Sardonicus" in its entirety, bringing this 1971 masterpiece into the new millennium.
Twelve Dreams of Dr.Sardonicus: "Redux" takes the whole psychedelic experience to a new level with theremins, sitars, violins, e-bows, moog synths, and other out-of-this-world sounds, creating pure musical magic. Almost double the length of the Spirit original, Redux also includes mind blowing new versions of other unreleased Spirit songs. To compliment our superb band 13 Dreams, we picked the world's finest musicians living in the area at the time, for the "Redux" Production.
13 Dreams consists of one of the Northwest's best guitarist's Jeff Carolus-lead guitar/vocals. The band also includes Ed Vance-keyboards, Devan Stovall-drums, Chris Swanson-bass, Dave Aumann-guitars/vocals/theremin, Erik Hansen-vocals. Guest musicians, including Steve Fossen; formerly of Heart, film composer Saeed Shahram, Don King and Jeff Beals;from Jr. Cadillac, psychedelic violinist Seth Warren, sitarist Larry Ludvig, German vocalist Bea Kendrick, Doug Peters and Desiree Tournier.
The Great Orion Nebula Photo that graces the "Redux" Cd cover and also shows up inside the 8 page color booklet was taken by the famous astrophotographer Russell Croman.
Interesting Footnote Doug Yule, formerly of The Velvet Underground, served as the Project Creative Consultant Director.

01 - Apocalypse Wow!
02 - Prelude - Nothin' To Hide
03 - Nature's Way
04 - Animal Zoo
05 - Love Has Found A Way
06 - Why Cant I Be Free
07 - Mr. Skin
08 - Space Child
09 - When I Touch You
10 - Street Worm
11 - Life Has Just Begun
12 - Morning Will Come
13 - Soldier
14 - Deep Space
15 - In Her Eyes
16 - Theme For Randy California
17 - Walking The Dog (Spirit Style)


Quintessence - "In Blissful Company" {UK} [1969] (Progressive)

Progressive rock meets Eastern enlightenment. Formed in April 1969 by Raja Ram in Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London. They played a hybrid of jazz, progressive rock and Indian Music. The original line-up included Shiva Jones (voice, keys, percussion), Raja Ram (flutes, percussion), Sambhu Baba (bass, guitar), Maha Dev (guitar), Allan Mostert ((guitar), and Jake Milton (drums, percussion). Quintessence were tagged a 'spiritual' band and were playing new age rock before the term was born. Although their evangelism in retrospect might seem to be a bit over the top, the music retains its beauty created by some highly individual souls.

A short extract there from,

Do not worry if the evangelism mentioned puts you off, there are plenty of exciting psych guitar parts on this. If you like sitars & flutes combined with blistering guitar then you will like this. Personally I really like (at the very least) their first three albums.

1 - Giants
2 - Manco Capac
3 - Body
4 - Ganga Mai
5 - Chant
6 - Pearl And Bird
7 - Notting Hill Gate
8 - Midnight Mode
Bonus Tracks
1 - Notting Hill Gate - Single Version
2 - Move Into The Light

Mostly Autumn - "Spirits Of Christmas Past" {UK} [2005] (Prog Folk)

Mostly Autumn are Bryan Josh (electric guitar, vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, e-bow), Heather Findlay (vocals, tombourine, 6 string acoustic guitar), Iain Jennings (keyboards, vocals), Liam Davison (electric guitar, vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars), Bob Faulds (violins), Stuart Carver (bass guitar), Kev Gibbons (low whistle, high whistle) and Allan Scott (drums). Also Angela Goldthorpe, Jonathan Blackmore and Andy Smith.

A UK band influenced by 70's UK Progressive Bands with a Folk slant. It's nice to hear a NON Pop Christmas sound.

1 Spirits of Christmas Past
2 Winter is King
3 Merry Christmas Everybody
4 Fairytale Of New York
5 Silent Night

Spirits of Christmas Past and Winter Is King are ok songs in their own right. It's nice to hear an alternative version of Fairytale In New York, look out for the added part at the end of Silent Night.

Troy Donockley plays low whistle, bouzouki and tofran on 'Winter is King'

And YES - Merry Christmas Everybody IS a cover of the Slade song.

So Merry Christmas Everybody!

Yes - "Hangman & The Papist" {UK TOTP} [1971] Video Clip

This one is for fun. They are announced as Yes. Yet the performance is all about Dave Cousins of the Strawbs. I suspect there was a collaboration between the Strawbs and Yes to confuse the Top Of The Pops people here in the UK.

Hope there are people out there who can help with the info. I certainly suspect we have 1 poster from Brazil who knows MORE about Dave Cousins than I do so this is also a Christmas gift to her.

Oh yes... look out for Rick Wakeman running a PAINT Roller across his keyboard :o)

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon # 025 With The Herbalist (Folk: Psych, Neo, Acid, Dark, Old & New)

Important Announcement:

Hello my friends.. I have an announcenment to make today. This will be the last show of the first incarnation of The Voice of The Moon.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing the show anymore. I will stop doing it at this point for some reasons that I think I should explain to those who follow the show regularly.

First, the collaborators of the blog are doing a fantastic job posting rare and great albums. So many good albums actually, that the show’s posts get lost in between many great album posts and only regular followers see the show’s posts. The effort of doing the show gets too diluted in the actual configuration of the blog, and blogging, I think, (or at least blogging for musical reasons) is actually about posting albums and not about radio. The radio show was done precisely to show things that usually are not posted in the blog. Specially some genres that go beyond Prog Rock. As the weeks go by I receive less and less comments. That proves my point.

I said that the effort gets too diluted in the blog and I must add (second reason for stopping) that it takes time and energy to do a show like this. Technically it demands selecting the tracks, planning, editing, mixing, normalizing, backing up, re encoding, uploading, writing, finding nice froggy images, etc and only few people seems to enjoy it.

I like to think that the show is not too boring and that the problem is that the blog’s actual state and configuration is not the best frame for it. I suppose that people see so many good albums that they do not care for the show.

I expect that soon the website will have a special feature for the radio show... when that is done ( and after I am back from the operation I have to undergo and then after I take a month away for vacation) I will be back. I think.

Meanwhile keep coming to the blog and enjoy the great job the guys and girls are doing here.

This last show of the first incarnation of The Voice of The Moon is about folk. I have tried to reach an equilibrium point between the old psych-folk school and more contemporary acid or dark folk.

I truly hope you like it.

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments.

Merry Christmas, my dear friends.

Be happy and…

Keep Listening…!!!

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Osiris - "Osiris" {Bahrein} [1982] (Prog Rock)

Osiris is the only Progressive Rock band from Bahrein. This band plays a refined, carefully worked-out progressive rock with delicate and tasteful melodies. The sound of this group reminds the British prog bands of the 70's like Camel, Genesis, Caravan and they like the combination between the numerous instruments: guitar, two keyboards, flute, vibes & percussions. Their nice melodies and subtle musical structures are close to Camel, with a touch of Genesis and Yes.(progarchives)

Track listing
1. Fantasy (6:00)
2. Sailor on the Seas of Fate (11:46)
3. Struggle to survive (5:01)
4. Atmun (5:11)
5. Embers of a Flame (5:00)
6. A Story of Love (6:15)
7. Paradox in A Major (4:06)
8. Look Before You Leap (bonus track) (4:13)

- Mohamed Al-Sadeqi / guitar, vocals
- Abdul Razak-Aryan / keyboards, vocals
- Nabil Alsadeqi / drums
- Sabah Alsadeqi / lead vocals
- Abdul Razzak Arian / organ and other keyboards
- Nader Sharif / piano and other keyboards
- Ali Khonji / bass

StRuggle to suRvive..

links in comments..

Troisieme Rive - "Banlieues" {France} [1978] (Prog Folk)

i couldnt find a good review or information around. A few months ago, i found this beautiful band, till i have it.i love to listen some songs over and over on of a forgotten jewel.



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Yanni - "In My Time" {Greece} [1993] (New Age - Contemporary) @256

1993 was a good year for me I guess. Rising to the ramparts of surreal journies through space (viz Ship Of Fools) to the classy inner spirit journey that Yanni provides. These sounds are more at home if you are some kind of Spiritual healer or channeler of energies - and that does bear some relation to the sounds of Ship Of Fools who channel energy in a totally different kind of manner.

extract from Wikipedia... Yanni, (born Yiannis Chrysomallis, Greek: Γιάννης Χρυσομάλλης, on November 14, 1954), is a Greek keyboardist and composer. He was born in Kalamata, Greece.

Yanni is a self-taught pianist who began his musical career by giving recitals for family members. Early in his life, he was also a competitive swimmer in Greece and set a national record in the 50-meter freestyle competition. He later attended the University of Minnesota and earned a B.A. in psychology. After graduation, Yanni chose to try a career in music, although he could not read music and had no formal training. Using his own form of musical shorthand, he began writing original works that defy categorization.

While a student at the University of Minnesota, Yanni joined an up-and-coming local group called Chameleon, which was headed by drummer Charlie Adams. [1] Chameleon earned some modest commercial success touring throughout the Midwest, particularly in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and South Dakota. Eventually, Yanni grew tired of the rock and roll lifestyle and focused solely on his instrumental career as a soloist. He moved to Los Angeles and eventually formed a small band including Charlie Adams and John Tesh.

All music composed and produced by Yanni
Endre Granat – Acoustic Violin on The End of August and Felitsa.
Charlie Adams – drums
Osama Afifi – Bass
Charlie Bisharat – Violin
Karen Briggs – Violin
Michael "Kalani" Bruno – Percussion
Julie Homi – Keyboards
Bradley Joseph – Keyboards
Sachi McHenry – Cello

Review by Backroads Music/Heartbeats:
Yanni's latest is another extension of his creative spirit and stirring passion for life. Focusing on piano as his primary instrument, Yanni infuses his "signature" style with timeless, eloquent themes and plenty of romantic energy. No longer are rhythm and dynamic currents as vital to his sound, since he seems to have stopped fueling his music with "rocket power." His romantic outpourings lend a personal nature to In My Time, and this new effort should be received with enthusiasm far and wide. Yanni is uniquely expressive, and this new music is deeply touching on many levels.

ZaXXoN View:
This (his ninth release) opens with 'In The Morning Light' - peaceful and gentle. Delicate notes wistfully gracing your ears. This is New Age piano worthy of a Reiki or Seichem healing session. The orchestration is very relaxing I can imagine the new day dawning as I hear this. Then comes the haunting 'One Man's Dream' - for me personally this is my favourite track by Yanni - It was the first mp3 I ever downloaded from the internet and I was amazed at it's inner belief and radiance. Even now - after many years of listening - this song carries with it (for me) an innocent yearning for understanding and soul searching that defies belief as to how the past lives on through our days and stays with us as we forge into the future. It contains some of the most magical moments of piano playing that I can recall. As soon as I heard this I just had to rush out and buy myself a copy.

'Before I Go' changes the mood slightly - still with delicate piano movements but, as in the title there is a sense of impending movement. Again this would be an ideal track for a New Age Meditation and I can envisage entering a shop that is wistfully burning insensce and is full of Crystals, Tarots and I Ching. The next track 'Enchantment' is also a really nice tune - a little more lively than the previous three tracks with rippling melodies fulfilling the song's title. What is good about Yanni's style of play on this album is the way the titles of the songs are evoked into intrumental music that allows the imagination to be awakened.

'The End Of August' has always been a favourite of mine - I think of evenings that are starting to grow darker - late summer evenings in English gardens and parks. Enjoying time with other people, this song has some nice violin passages which sets off the piano beautifully.

'To Take... To Hold' is a serene and gentle selection that seems to place the listener in a mood of sincerity. Another composition that I can listen to over and over again.

'In The Mirror' has some of the haunting quality of One Man's Dream but, also has a joyous background - It is amazing how Yanni manages to select notes from an instrument and lift the listener into worlds that exist within the human
consciousness. Towards the end of this piece there is a gentle uplift in orchestration that has some really wonderful accompaniment to it. I have heard Yanni described as Middle Of The Road - But I feel he is Top Notch.

'Felitsa' I would suggest is a Love song, certainly I imagine being with Felitsa or being with a close friend of the opposite sex. It has a waltzing theme and some grandeur, Imagine yourself in some wealthy aristrocrat's ballroom in the 1700's dancing with the enchantress (heh heh Only kidding about the enchantress, but she is unknown [to me]). I was not joking about the place this music takes me too.

'Whispers In The Dark' is also aptly named notes are softly played with the orchestration being slightly proud. It does have some wonderfully played sections at times as if his fingers are tip-toeing over the keys and with the orchestral foreground providing a scenery (that sceenry is the dark). 'Only a Memory' could easily be filled with some lyrical content (well as all these pieces have beautifully crafted melodies I guess they all could, but this one especially).

The final track 'Until The Last Moment' has some rising (and especially attractive are the falling rolls at the beginning), it develops into a lingering melody that hangs in your heart way after listening to the track. Shortly after there is a movement change and around the middle of the piece we get some serene moments of peaceful spiritual inner life before the playing picks up again and moves on into a stronger (but never harsh) environment. It seems the best was saved till last as the final 90 seconds is pure, majestic playing of intrigue and wonder. I love it.

Ideal if you want to do something and do not want the distraction of vocals, as well as simply relaxing meditative times.


1 In the Morning Light 3:49
2 One Man's Dream 2:43
3 Before I Go 4:30
4 Enchantment 3:51
5 The End of August 4:51
6 To Take...To Hold 4:01
7 In the Mirror 4:04
8 Felitsa 4:51
9 Whispers in the Dark 5:24
10 Only a Memory 4:15
11 Until the Last Moment 6:22

Running Time: 48:40

All Music Guide:
Genre : New Age
Styles : Contemporary, Instrumental, Adult, Alternative, Progressive, Electronic.

Alex Oriental Experience (with Can) – "Tales Of Purple Sally" {Germany} [1973] (Turkish Flavoured Hippie Folk Rock) (@192)

I didn't find a complete line-up
I didn't find a review in English, only in German language

01 - Ekmek (5:50)
02 - Patella Black (3:46)
03 - Turkish Tunes (4:09)
04 - Big Boss Smile (4:08)
05 - Derule (2:57)
06 - Monroe Song (2:31)
07 - Silent Farewell (3:07)
08 - Tales Of Purple Sally (7:31)
09 - Anatoly Highway (2:26)
10 - Call Of The City (3:37)
11 - How Half Is The Moon (4:01)
12 - Billy McGraw (4:04)
13 - Elements (9:45)
14 - Istanbulda (5:57)
15 - Dadaloglu (4:38)
16 - Kalender (3:48)

- Holger Czukay
- Jaki Liebezeit
- Michael Karoli
- Gerd Dudek
- Alex Wiska
- Cem Karaca
- Huseyn Sultan Oglu
- Seyhan Karabey
- Ünol Buyükgönenc

03 - Turkish Tunes ...

Link for download "Alex Oriental Experience – Tales Of Purple Sally" in comments ...

Preghiera Di Sasso - "Preghiera Di Sasso" {Italy} [1975] (Prog Jazz Rock)

Reissued in 1996, it says: "The Long awaited reissue of the rarest Italian progressive record of the 70's ; 20 copies pressed for friends 23 years ago! i was lucky to trace the band and they gave me a tape with unreleased tracks, added here as a bonus. Musically close to bands such as Arti E mestieri , Duello Madre but less jazz and far better!" (mellow rec.)

Preghiera Di Sasso / Diapason

Praxis 5:13
Esperimento 4:18
Evoluzione 6:05
Atmosfera 5:25
Il Suono Del Silenzio 4:41
L'Invidia 7:02
La Macchina Del Tempo 3:41
La Paura 2:47
Esperimento 2:22
Frammenti 2:36

Riccardo Tosi - guitar
Leonardo Epifani - electric piano
Luigi Gialluca - sax
Paolo Previtali - bass, drums
Tommaso Perlino - drums, percussion
Emilio Di Pasquale - guitar
Ubaldo Di Gregorio - sax, clarinet
Salvino Epifani - bass

you can find some more information in italian language here



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Here & Now - ''Give & Take''{UK}[1978](Psychedelic rock)

Here & Now were the archetypical hippie/punk crossover band and stalwarts of the 70s free festival scene. Although originally formed in 1974 it was at the Watchfield Free Festival of August 1975 where the Here & Now band truly came into being. They regrouped in March of the following year and re-captured the spirit of their first encounter as the "Primal Tapes"; two tracks from this session appearing on the "Gospel Of Free" CD. The summer of '76 was spent touring as many free festivals as possible in the UK before heading off to tour France. At the beginning of 1977 and the end of this first French tour the band recorded a studio and live session for Radio France, and a track from this also appears on "Gospel Of Free". Read more here


Easily the proggiest of Here & Now's output of the 1970s and 1980 (the remainder of their albums focus on progressive songwriting, incorporating ever deeper punk and reggae influences), "Give and Take" possesses something of a mysterious otherworldly quality and comes highly recommended, despite the fact that I can't really award masterpiece status, mainly because of "This Time".Full Review: Here

Here & Now - Improvisation:
Here & Now - Give & Take:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ship Of Fools - "Close Your Eyes (Forget The World) & Out There Somewhere" {UK} [93-94] (@320) (Space Rock)

Imagine. One day I walk into a store and see this enticing looking cover. Hmm a Double Album by a band I have never heard of. Price £5 and usually it would retail at around £20. SO I take the chance and rush home to listen to it. As the sounds start I am amazed by the lovely richness of the music. I started listening to 1993 - Close Your Eyes (Forget The World).

Track 1 In The Wake Of. It starts off sounding very similar to the Ozric Tentacles I had already heard - but I found the sound far richer and nicer. Very soon my imagination starts racing and I am in a world of beautifully intense music rippling with divine imagery. I am listening to the first 7 minutes of almost 110 minutes of music and I am entranced with the sound already. There are no vocals until the end and the words come out (spoken gently) 'This combination of between movement which is very machine like and between absolutely nothing turn this ... it is timeless . We have no beginning no end.'

That small interlude allows the transition to track 2 - Where Is Here which starts with a swirling jangle of sound and gathering the beat that seems to ebb and flow all around your being. By this time I am aware that I have picked up an absolute GEM of an album and am increasingly excited about every sound coming from the speakers. Another spoken interlude in the central portion of this song 'If you are frightened of dying and you're holding on - you see devils tearing your life away. If you've made your peace then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth'. By this time I am listening intently - and then the sounds carry on inventively lifting your imagination as it continues.

This band are from the UK - Yorkshire to be exact and they have brought Space Rock forward in a wonderful natural movement. There are samples from movies (Wizard Of Oz) and I often feel as if the music has an exotic East European background side to it. But this is a band that is as psychedelic natural as anything you can imagine. You will find some amazing quotes (Ken Kesey on L=Sd^2) by which time the album gathers a really great intense section.

If you want to experience a psychedelic mind-expanding TRIP without actually taking any drugs then this music will get you there !

I could fill a book with my pleasures of these songs - I have been listening to them regularly for the last 10 years or so and I will allow you to share with me.

'Inner space as much as outer space provides the boundary for our exploration' is the speech on the final track - Eternal Guidance. And by this time you should find that the experience is total... and then the fade out begins with Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz saying repeatedly 'Because I Love You All - Because I Love You All' Of Course. LOVE is what IT is ALL ABOUT!.

Here is a track listing...

1993 - Close Your Eyes (Forget The World)
01 In The Wake Of... (7:37)
02 Where Is Here? (6:42)
03 Passage By Night (8:44)
04 L=Sd^2 (6:33)
05 S.O.L. 93 (5:02)
06 Star Jumper (5:41)
07 Western Lands (5:46)
08 Close Your Eyes (Forget The World) (9:29)

1994 - Out There Somewhere
01 Elevator (6:15)
02 Diesel Spaceship (5:12)
03 First Light (6:11)
04 Guidance Is Internal (7:56)
05 Out There Somewhere (10:08)
06 From Time (15:08)
07 (Eternal Guidance (6:40)

if you want further proof of what this album is like then just open this page for another excited beings comments :o)

Guidance Is Internal:

Nigel Kennedy & The Kroke Band - "East Meets East" {UK} [2003] (@192)

As a classical violinist, Nigel Kennedy has always cultivated a very careful reputation as a rebel (scruffy beard, spiky hair, no bow tie) while making a comfortable living playing a generally pretty safe repertoire; audiences who wouldn't cross the street to hear genuinely difficult music by Elliott Carter or Michael Tippett could go listen to the T-shirted Kennedy play The Four Seasons and feel like they were on the cutting edge. Outside the classical arena, his projects have been a bit more interesting, and none has been more affecting than this eerily lovely collection of new compositions and folk tunes drawing on Polish and other Eastern European traditions. Teamed up with the Krakow band Kroke (violist and flutist Tomasz Kukurba, accordionist Jerzy Bawol, and string bassist Tomasz Lato), Kennedy delivers a set of tunes that are, by turns, dramatic, soothing, emotionally tormented, and romantically yearning. Lullaby for Kamila and One Voice are not only two of the loveliest performances of Kennedy's recorded career, they are also two of the most gently affecting compositions committed to tape in any genre in recent memory. Ajde Jano features a beautiful cameo appearance by the brilliant (and recently ubiquitous) singer Natacha Atlas, and Kukush showcases Kennedy's electric violin in a very sonically interesting setting. (As does T 4.2, though the latter is much less musically interesting than Kukush.) Highly recommended. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

01 - Ajde Jano (4:24)
02 - Lullaby For Kamila (3:24)
03 - T 4.2 (6:11)
04 - Eden (6:06)
05 - Dafino (2:51)
06 - Jovano Jovanke (4:25)
07 - Ederlezi (5:47)
08 - Kazimierz (3:28)
09 - One Voice (4:54)
10 - Tribute to Maria Tanase (3:11)
11 - Time 4 Time (5:20)
12 - Vino (6:03)
13 - Lost in Time (4:22)
14 - Kukush (4:42)

- Nigel Kennedy / Violin, Violin (Electric)
- Tomasz / Double Bass - Jerzy Bawol / Accordion, Vocals
- Miles Bould / Guest Appearance, Percussion
- Tomasz Kukurba / Flute, Percussion, Viola, Vocals
- Kroke Band
- Kraków Philharmonic / Guest Appearance, Strings
- Natacha Atlas / Guest Appearance, Vocals
- Mo Foster / Bass (Electric), Guest Appearance
- Aboud Abdul Aal / Guest Appearance, Violin

01 - Ajde Jano ....
02 - Lullaby For Kamila ...
11 - Time 4 Time ....

Thanks to my friend ribeirorock for his recommendation .-)

Link for download "Nigel Kennedy & The Kroke Band - East Meets East" in comments ...

P.L.J. Band - "Armageddon" {Greece} [1982] (Psych Space Rock) (@256)

The album "Armageddon" by the formation PLJ Band is often considered as the most acclaimed Greek progrock music. It was released in ’82 but immediately forbidden because of the blasphemical lyrics and the albums had to be destroyed. Fortunately at about 300 records survived and ended as highly sought after ‘collector items’ (value more than US $ 300,00) in the arms of some very lucky and wealthy progheads many years later! The progressive German label Second Battle re-released "Armageddon" on CD from the original LP because the mastertapes were lost. The musicians: Laurentis Macaeritsas (lead vocals, 12-string guitar and keyboards), Antonis Mijelos (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Jimmy Vasalakos (bass, backing vocals), Pavlos Kikrilis (rhythm – and classical guitar) and Tolis Skamajouras (drums and percussion). The sound is very unique: a captivating progressive blend of acoustic – and electric folk and (space) rock with a strong psychedelic undertone. The stunning surrealistic cover art is in the vein of Salvador Dali. Perhaps his mind reigns over this album?

The album "Armageddon" is one of the most original progrock albums ever made. The tension between the acoustic – and classical guitars (twanging and rhythm) and the soaring and spacey keyboards on one hand and the fiery and howling, distorted electric guitarplay on the other hand creates a lot of tension and compelling climates, emphasized by the hypnotizing vocals. If you want a psychedelic experience without drugs, this one is yours!

01 - Intro (5:03)
02 - I See People (4:29)
03 - Ezekiel (3:49)
04 - Oye (4:54)
05 - Armageddon I (7:29)
06 - Armageddon II (7:03)
07 - Void (2:12)
08 - Theme (4:58)
09 - Starwish (1:44)

- Laurentis Macaeritsas / Lead Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Keyboards
- Antonis Mijelos / Lead guitar, Acoustic Guitar
- Jimmy Vasalakos / Bass, Backing Vocals
- Pavlos Kikrilis / Rhythm, Classical Guitar
- Tolis Skamajouras / Drums, Percussion


Link for download "P.L.J. Band - Armageddon" in comments ...