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The Beatniks "Complete Mocambo Singles" {Brazil} [1968] (Garage Rock)

Well, there are not much infos around for this record or even the band. All I know is, that the are from Brazil. They just did some singles, wich are collected on this compilation (Mocambo 3.145). Also a EP by the Beatniks was released with the name "Outside Chance".

1. Glória
2. Fire
3. Eu te Encontro
4. Alligator Hat
5. Era Um Rapaz (Que, Como Eu, Amava Beatles e Rolling Stones)
6. Outside Chance

listen to track 3 "Eu te Encontro":

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greetings, amadeus :)

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Wulf Zendik - "Zendik - The Album" {USA} [1972] (Indo-Prog/Raga Rock)

"Zendik arts" is an international community founded in 1969 by Wulf Zendik himself. They create CDs, teach philosophies, humanities and politics in the principles established by Wulf Zendik. Writer, thinker and global artist, Zendik started his career in musical industry during the 60’s. He first invented an instrument which could accompany his voice; 8-stringed instrument which is a cross between a sitar and guitar. We can hear this improvisational and unique musical manifestation in the lonely and introspect “Wulfsong”. Along his career he fully expressed his own conception of music under several projects: The Zendik communal group during the late 60’s / the Zendik Communal Orgastra in the 80’s. He recorded several albums under his name ("Dance of the cosmic warriors" in 1987...). The music is orientated to Eastern like raga with astonishing vocals and weird bluesy psychedelic jams. A forgotten legend. Philippe Blache, FRANCE. http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=2681

Track Listings
01. Strontium Rain (11:52)
02. Purple Blaze (6:03)
03. Yang/Yin (13:56)
04. When She Strays (4:51)
05. Ancient in My Eyes (8:37)
06. Jewels and Things (4:57)
07. This Muziké (6:49)

- Zendik Tribe with Wulf

02. Purple Blaze...
03. Yang/Yin...
04. When She Strays...

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Kontinuerlig Drift - "Kontinuerlig Drift" {Sweden} [1977]

(I found info only in Swedish language, here i copy/paste from http://www.progg.se/band.asp?ID=510, any info welcome)

Kontinuerlig Drift var en fortsättning på gruppen Hela Havet Stormar vars medlemmar kom från Tierp, Uppsala och Söderhamn. De hade känt varandra redan sedan början av 70-talet och även spelat ihop ett flertal gånger som Hela Havet Stormar. 1977 samlades grupper i Uppsala och där började de mer frekvent att improvisera fram låtar ihop. Hösten samma år tändes idén att ge ut en egen platta. Skivan gavs ut på egen hand med handtryckt omslag och i endast 300 exemplar.

Gruppen var starkt inspirerade av proggrörelsens psykedeliska band som Levande Livet och Fläsket Brinner. I Kontinuerlig Drift spelades psykedeliska bluesrock av det bästa slag, ibland med politiska texter som i ”Terroristen” och ibland helst instrumentalt som ”Soukian”. Alf Arvidsson har även spelat med bland annat GudIBrallan, Mora Träsk, Mobben och flera andra band.

Google translate and a little bit of editing gave this translation (by Arnoud999 in comments):

Kontinuerlig Drift (Continuous Operation) was a continuation of the group Whole Sea of Storms, whose members came from Tierp, Uppsala and Port Hedland. They had known each other since the very beginning of the 70s and even played together several times as Whole Sea Storms. 1977 brought them together in Uppsala and there they started more frequently to improvise songs together. In autumn of that year arised the idea to make a record. The disc was released on their own with hand-printed wrappers and in only 300 copies.

The group was strongly inspired by progressive psychedelic bands Levande Livet and Fläsket Brinner. Kontinuerlig Drift played psychedelic blues rock of the best kind, sometimes with political texts of "terrorists" and sometimes instrumental songs as "Soukian." Alf Arvidsson has also played with (among others) GudIBrallan, Mora Träsk, Mobben and several other bands.

Sida A:
1. Terroristen (4:29)
2. Indianens Blod (6:45)
3. Linas Lek / Gånglåt från Vettet (11:25)

Sida B:
1. Svart Dagar, Svarta Nätter (8:01)
2. Liksom En Herdinna (6:47)
3. Se Men Inte Röra (4:21)
4. Skookian (4:23)

- Alf Arvidsson Piano
- Bo Anders Skoglund Gitarr
- Håkan Eriksson Gitarr
- Lars Södergren Saxofon
- Leif Eriksson Bas
- Tomo Wihma Trummor, slagverk
- Ulf Niskanen Vibrafon


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Bag - "Trip Dream / Nothing Will Remain (Single)" {Netherlands} [1969]

BAG was one of the more than excellent bands on the Amsterdam progressive mini-label Flame (of Don Peijters). Due to the very limited edition of the vinyl and a minimum of contracted bands, the original issues are very much sought after bij collectors.
"BAG" is derived from the term "bagism", a form of art created by Yoko Ono before she met John Lennon.
The band only existed 3 months, and produced 1 single on Flame: "Trip Dream (M. Krijnen) / Nothing will remain". Especially Trip Dream is an excellent composition with fantastic guitarplay, that could have been on de first Pink Floyd LP without problems.

- Leo Schelvis: lead guitar/second guitar
- Michel Krijnen: bass
- Arthur Mesritz: drums
- Richard Koh †: rhytm guitar/vocals

The single was recorded in one basetake and three overdubs in the famous Baambrugge Studio, where, among others, the Beach Boys worked their LP "Holland".

Trip Dream
Nothing Will Remain

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The Sedate Sunshine Colony - "The Story Of The Sedate Sunshine Colony" {USA, CA} [1968] (Psychedelic-Rock)


01. Dark on You Now*
02. Thoughts and Words*
03. Evil Hearted You*
04. Where Were You*
05. Visionary Pumpkin*
06. Change Yourself for the World*
07. Whittier Blvd.*
08. Bentley Road*
09. Run for Your Life*
10. Whiskey Man*
11. Kill the Cobra (by Bentley Road, Single Version, 1967)

*live at the Dinuba Memorial Auditorium, CA, April 25, 1968

The Sedate Sunshine Colony came from Kingsburg, just southeast of Fresno. Their time together is documented in these photos and a tape of a fascinating live show from April, 1968. The band chose some very unusual songs to cover live, including the Grass Roots' Where Are You, the Byrds' Thoughts and Words and the Peanut Butter Conspiracy's Dark On You Now, making for a portrait of the underground side of pop music during that time. They could really rock out on songs like Slow Down and Evil Hearted You, or play very delicate pieces like Summertime.

The most noteworthy songs on the tape are the originals, all written by guitarist and vocalist Craig Anderson: Change Yourself for the World, Visionary Pumpkin, and Bentley Road. They show Craig to be a distinctive and creative songwriter, and the band capable of a range of textures and styles to suit each composition.

Bassist and vocalist Jeff Anderson gives the history of the group in his own words:

One of the greatest joys of my life was playing in a rock 'n roll band in the 60’s. Music was just exploding and influences were coming from all over the world. People were only then learning how to play guitar and structure songs and the evolution was quite remarkable. Anyone in a band had grandiose visions of becoming the next Beatles.

My brother Craig and I started our first group, I think in 1962, as 'the Schillings'. It was an instrumental group that did mainly the usual stuff from the Ventures, Dick Dale, Duane Eddy, etc. We had Craig and I on guitars, a bass player that was so bad we actually had him bring in his tuba and play the bass part on that, drums and sax. We then morphed into 'the Eccentrics' and later 'the Essence Reality' where I took over on bass and we brought in another guitar player, Harvey Adair. The drummer, Russ Zakarian, is now the drummer for the Sedate Sunshine Colony's current project and was the drummer for our 2004 reunion concert.

The Sedate Sunshine Colony was comprised of Pat Erickson (vocals & flute), Craig Anderson (vocals & guitar), Woody Bell (vocals), Jeff Anderson (vocals & bass), Jonnie Sue Bartell (keyboard & vocals), and Chuck Zendner (drums). We played in the Fresno area, but all of us came from the small town of Kingsburg, California. The band was together from 1965-1969.

l-r: Pat Erickson, Jeff Anderson,
Chuck Zendner, Craig Anderson,
Jonnie Sue Bartel and Woody Bell.

The Sedate Sunshine Colony was the first band for Pat Erickson, Jonnie Sue Bartell, and Chuck Zendner. I think Woody Bell may have been in a sort of band prior to SSC. Pat was actually in a folk group with my brother, called the Four-tells.

We were a folk-rock band with psychedelic overtones. Folkadelic, I would call it. Above all, we had vocals. Five out of the six of us could sing and harmony was what we did best. We were learning to play our instruments, just like everyone else, and we did ok with one guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and flute. We mostly covered other music, but my brother Craig was a good writer, and we ended up doing quite a few original songs.

We played at dances, proms, picnics and just about everywhere including local fairs. We usually got paid about $100 for the whole band, while performing for about 3-4 hours. When the songs were only 2-3 minutes long, we had to know lots of music.

We were good friends, had a lot of fun, and somehow, almost all of us avoided the booze and drugs that were starting to happen with the music scene.

We continued to increase our fan base over the years and in the summer of 1967 the band caught the eye of a local TV producer. The group appeared on the ‘Dick Carr Show’ in 1967, making their first and only TV appearance. The Dick Carr TV show was a local Fresno show with viewers from Bakersfield to Sacramento (San Joaquin Valley). I would have loved to get my hands on the tape of that show. It was a 30 minute segement where SSC performed three songs totally live. We played two cover songs and one original. It was written by Craig, called ‘Visionary Pumpkin’ and featured a flute solo by Pat. The drummer, Chuck, borrowed the timpani drums from the high school band, and let it rip.

The Sedate Sunshine Colony competed in a number of ‘battle of the bands’ against a wide variety of local groups around Fresno, including rock, soul, psychedelic, & folk-rock. Other bands that we competed with or were friends with were local bands, such as the Accents, Twelve Miles Out, and Jim K and the Vibradors. Our best outing was a 3rd place finish in a large competition in Visalia in 1968. We decided to play four songs, without a break, with transitions that Craig designed. The winning group was a soul band that had about ten members, including a full horn and brass section and Hammond organ.

The group broke up in 1968 and most of us continued in music. Craig got his college degree in music composition at Fresno State College. You couldn't believe his senior recital. It was 1969 and he got most of us in the band to do a short film with weird images. Pat was in a wedding dress rolling down a sand dune. I was in a suit and tie running from something chasing me and end up falling into a huge mud puddle!. Craig then composed four songs with differing moods. He took each scene in the movie and made it a different color...red for anger, blue for joy or whatever. He then showed the film while directing the college choir singing the songs. It sounded a little like the choir on 2001 (A Space Odyssey). He says he still has the film and I plan to borrow it and use it for some kind of music video for one of our new songs.

Craig formed a new band with Pat (vocalist) and Jonnie Sue (keyboard) and moved to LA to make it big. Dave Nyberg also went along for the event. They asked me to go along, but I was getting married and needed to finish college. I knew it was the end of the music road for me and I sold both my 1964 Fender Precision Bass and my 1967 ‘blackface’ Fender Bassman for about what I had paid for them. I have kicked myself so many times about this over the years.

The band, called Anderson, played in many clubs, such as the Wine Cellar in Westwood. They changed their name to ‘Bentley Road’ and signed a recording contract and a management contract with Nick St. Nicholas, the bass player for Steppenwolf. They recorded two songs, the first, written by the producer, was called Michael, Michael. It was a pop song and the label chose this song to push. The flip side was written by Craig, called ‘Kill the Cobra’ and showed what the band could do creatively. It also demonstrated their expertise playing their instruments. Because the first song failed to gain any traction, ‘Kill the Cobra’ didn’t have a chance.

The band became very disenchanted with the label and recorded no more songs. They continued writing and performing for several years, while Craig produced and recorded their songs in his own studio. They broke up in 1975.

The lead singer, Pat, stayed in LA and has been quite successful over the years. She sang back-up vocals for Pat & Debbie Boone, Tony Orlando, and Charlie Rich. Pat appeared many times on TV shows, such as the ‘Johnny Carson Show’ and was a consistent studio back-up vocalist on many records. She continues to make her living through music.

After SSC broke up, the drummer and I started a new SSC with four new members. We had some ability and talent, but didn’t take it as seriously as we should have. We played at a few college dances and broke up in 1971.

Since then, I have played little music, but have dabbled in it for years. I would pick up a bass here, and an amp a few years later and play with friends a couple times a year. I still wanted to play.

Visionary Pumpkin

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SOD - "SOD" {USA} [1971]

Review from Soulstrut (Motown67): SOD was a bluesy Rock outfit from LA with a lot of beards and bad 70s long hair. To top it all off, their percussion player Jay York was a professional wrestler from the NWA! They put out two albums, and I think this is the better of the two, although the other one gets mentioned because David Axelrod did some production on it. The band gets right down to business with Too Loose To Get Tight Pt. 1 with a nice long drum break intro that leads into some funky Rock. Pt. 2 of the song is even better since it’s mostly an instrumental. Things I Wanna Say is in a similar vein with some nice horn work. In fact, the whole first side is a pretty good listen. The flipside though, isn’t half as interesting. There is another drum break on Makin It though.

Side 1
01 - Too Loose To Get Tight-pt.1 (larry devers-don phillips)
02 - Too Loose To Get Tight-pt.2 (larry devers-don phillips)
03 - Things I Wanna Say (larry devers-don phillips)
04 - Love Sweet Love (larry devers-joe molina)
Side 2
05 - Here (rick kellis)
06 - Ev'ryday (larry devers-robert arnold-joe molina-michael green-kenny herpen)
07 - La brea tar pit blues (jay york)
08 - I Don't Want Ya (larry devers-don phillips-robert arnold-joe molina-rick kellis-jay york-michael green)
09 - Makin' It (larry devers-joe molina-rick kellis)

03 - Things I Wanna Say

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Ginbae - "Ginbae" {Japan} [1976]

A great heavy hard rock masterpiece from 1976 out of Japan. Originally released as a private pressing on the Sea Side Label. If you dig heavy hard rock from japanese bands this is a must. 5 tracks on the lp and not a dull track. This lp ranks up there with the hard rock monsters. If your a heavy guitar buff this is for you. When I listened to it seems that the sound engineer put in applause as a sound effect between the tracks. This doesn't seem to be a live album since I never heard any band member introductions. Great band.
more info about this amazing album, info welcome :)

2.Rockn' Roll People....6:10

1.Sazanga Rock part 1...「3X3=9」のダジャレです。う~む、英語で説明するのは難しい.....2:47
2.Sazanga Rock part 2.....6:55
3.Anne of Green Gables .....7:21

Sazanga Rock (part 1,2)...
Anne of Green Gables...

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hi friends of ProgNotFrog,

It's with an anxious and caring heart we announce that our dear friend
nahavanda will be away in next month, for some months, in army.

Well, we hope he can share knowledge and learn some
good things in these hard days.

we'll be here, keenly waiting your return.

take care

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Giant Step - "Kukuh Nan Teguh" {Indonesia} [1977]

01. Kukuh Nan Teguh (5:44)
02. Hampa (4:27)
03. Mekar (5:48)
04. Untaian Warna (3:48)
05. Dialog Tanya (4:04)
06. Manusia (4:57)
07. Yang T'lah Lalu (4:38)
08. Dialog Jawab (2:33)
09. Perih (4:13)
10. Alam Bebas (4:42)
11. Senandung Malam (3:04)

• Benny Soebardja (vocals, guitar) - middle right
• Adhy Sibolangit (bass) - back
• Haddy Arief (drums) - middle left
• Triawan (keyboards) - front
• Albert Warnerin (guitar) - middle

Where are they now (the facts) :
• Triawan Munaf - owner of one of the biggest advertising agency/mass communication in Indonesia, father-producer-manager of his own daughter Indonesian talented young singer, Sherrina.
• Albert Warnerin - running his own business.
• Haddy Arief - executive banker.
• Benny Soebardja - running his own furniture and interior design business.
• Adhy Sibolangit - unknown

03. Mekar
10. Alam Bebas

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Giant Step - "On The Move!" {Indonesia} [1976] (prog rock)

One of legendary Indonesian progressive rock acts of the 70's, their music showed influences of the greats of prog rock, but still managed to deliver originality. They started in early 70's, went through a series of line-up changes with the "keepers of the flame" being Benny Soebardja and Albert Warnerin, and managed to release several albums before finally breaking up in 1986. Their best prog albums (as recommended by Denny Sakrie of M97FM) are Giant On The Move (produced by Nova Record Bandung), Kukuh Nan Teguh (Nova Record Bandung), and Persada Tercinta (Irama Tara Record). http://indoprog.cjb.net/

01. Farewell Today (6:52)
02. Giant On The Move (6:56)
03. Liar (5:52)
04. A Fortunate Paradise (4:45)
05. Allusion Way (5:09)
06. Decisions (7:16)
07. Waste Time (8:02)
08. So Long (4:53)
09. Air Pollution (8:04)

• Benny Soebardja (vocals, guitar)
• Adhy Sibolangit (bass)
• Haddy Arief (drums)
• Triawan (keyboards)
• Albert Warnerin (guitar)

02. Giant On The Move
04. A Fortunate Paradise

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Moğollar - "Moğollar" {Turkey} [1976]

Extremely compelling work from the Turkish scene of the early 70s -- music that fuses rock and folk roots, and which makes heavy use of the Turkish baglama -- an instrument with strong sitar-like qualities! Most of the tunes here are instrumentals that lay the baglama solos out over heavier rhythms -- in a driving sound that's certainly got roots in folk, but which comes off with more of a rock-like intensity. There's a bit of fuzz on some of the instrumentation, but we can't tell for sure how much electricity was used by the band -- and although the English language notes on the CD do a great job of laying out the group's history and recordings, we wish they'd give a bit more specifics on that front! CD features a fair number of bonus tracks, including key recordings done by Mogollar in Paris -- and titles include "Ozum Kaldi", "Misket", "Behind The Dark", "Hicaz Mandira", "Yine Bir Gulnihal", "Senhaz Longa", "Hitchin", "Dag Ve Cocuk", and "Garip Coban". © 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc. http://www.dustygroove.com/item.php?id=rfzk2fm249&ref=browse.php&refQ=kwfilter%3DMogollar%26amp%3Bincl_oos%3D1%26amp%3Bincl_cs%3D1%26amp%3Bformat%3Dall

more: http://progressive.homestead.com/files/Mogollar.txt

01 - Katip Arzulahim Yaz Yare Boyle
02 - Bahçelere Geldi Bahar
03 - Hicaz Mandira
04 - Uskudara Giderken
05 - Karsiki Yayla
06 - Yine Bir Gulnihal
07 - Sehnaz Longa
08 - Drama Koprüsü-Bolu Beyi
09 - Canakkale Içinde Aynali Carsi
10 - Misket
11 - Özum Kaldi
12 - Behind the dark
13 - Hali‡te gnesin batisi (1970) single version
14 - Hitchin
15 - Berkay oyun havasi
16 - Ternek
17 - Yalnizlgin acikli gldrs
18 - Dag ve ‡ocuk
19 - Garip ‡oban

08 - Drama Koprüsü
09 - Canakkale Içinde

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The Flow - "Incubation" {Greece} (Space Rock) Exclusive!

The 'Flow' is a progressive/psychedelic/space rock band from Patras, Greece. They were formed in 2000 and since then, they have released one album called 'Incubation' (released in 2003) and have played many concerts in Greece. Their style revolves around 60's krautrock and progressive rock of the 70's. Some of their influences are Gong, Ashra Temple, Can, Agitation free, Van Der Graaf Generator and many more. Furthermore they blend traditional folk Greek melodies played by original traditional Greek instruments such as 'daouli' (a kind of drum) and the 'flute of Pana' (ancient Greek flute). They also love blending the old sound (vintage synths) with the modern one (laptop).

If you want to learn more about the band please visit their site at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theflowpatras

01 Flow
02 Touch of Frost (Parts I & II)
03 Morning Bliss
04 Cancer
05 Emerald Sea
06 Watching the Sunset
07 Pissing in the Lake of Tears
08 Reflecting Love
09 Paradox
10 Mushroom's Dream
11 Spacestation 61
12 A Simple Day in Life

- Thanos Economopoulos (laptop, synths)
- Akis MBousias (guitar)
- Yiannis Stathopoulos (bass)
- Vaggelis Tsimblakis (drums)
- Thanasis Nikolakopoulos (vocals)
- Katerina Nikolakopoulou (backing vocals)

08 Reflecting Love
09 Paradox

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Some great and very rare Greek singles (kindly submitted by Antony)

Kastores - "O Ksenos Zitianos" & "Polemos Esti Fonias" [1973]

They started in Athens 1972. At 15 september 1973 played support to UK band MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and SOCRATES. They played hard rock.
Kastores played with one song in Pop Festival '73.
They released 4 songs (two here and one in pop festival + Edo Politexnio song)
They broke spring 1974 and 23 april 1978 played again live in cinema ''Riveiro'- Athens with Vagios Naoumis-bass and Roumeliotis second guitar. Giorgos Sterras played later to Rhesus and Iraklis Spiros Fatouros at summer 77 played with Agapanthos and spring 79 with Iraklis. ..:: Antony ::..

- Grigoris Roumeliotis - bass, vocals
- Giorgos Sterras - guitar
- Spiros Fatouros - drums

Axis - "Get Out Of These Lines" & "Gold Wings" [1973]

Band founded in Paris by Greek exiles. http://www.myspace.com/axisgreekprog

- Demis Visvikis - Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Harpsichord, Vocals
- Georges Hadijathanassiou - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
- Alecos Caracandas - Guitars, Vocals
- Demetris Katakusinos - Ac. Guitars, Bass, Vocals
- Alexander Fantis - Electric and Acoustic Bass, Percussion (1973)
- Christos Stassinopoulos - Drums, Percussion (1973)

Akritas - "O Pan" & "Tis Zois I Proti Mou Stalia" [1973]

Akritas, with a more or less epocal recording, tell the story of traditional music, ambitious playing, rock-filling versatileness and lyrism, having the mix of at least three prog movements and pleasing with a connectivity that goes from the simplest (music play) to the most ambitious patterns. A bit of a one-off success, that laments the short living of the group. more: http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=2824

- Giorgios Tsoupakhy - drums
- Stauzos Logazidhos - vocals, guitar, bass
- Aphe Tasoulos - keyboards

Gazuama Sinchartchas - "Anipsosi Apotinaksi Ekfigi (Part I, II & III)" [1971]

Progressive rock trio from Athens. Released one single in PAN VOX 1971. They played hard psych with greek folk touches. ..:: Antony ::..

- John Mashinidis - bass
- Nikos Mintzis - flute
- Giannis Melahris - drums

Ionathan - "Anagnorisis" & "Sto Tsirko" [1971]

One single in Olympic (1971 music words P. Vakatatsis). The first name of the group was ''Harp Of Avesalom''. Vakatatsis and Doikas later played to Spiridoula. Nick Antipas later to Osiris and Socrates. .:: Antony ::..

- Pavlos Vakatatsis - organ
- Bill Rakopoulos - guitars
- Nisim Levi - guitars
- Nick Doikas - bass
- Nick Antipas - drums

Noe - "Ilios Anatelli" & "Kathome Pali Apopse Ke Stohazome" [1973]

Pop group from Athens. One single in 1975 in Phillips label. They played in 1975 live in rock club ''Rondeo''. Lambros Tselendis played later to progresive group Apocalypsis in the beginning of 80's. ..:: Antony ::..

- Kostas Ntouroutzis - guitar, vocals
- Lakis Makrakis - bass (later Lambros Tselendis)
- Vangelis Zisis - drums

Iraklis - "Sakraflatia" & "San Oneiro Gliko" [1976]
Iraklis & DNA (pre-Lernea Idra) - "O Giannis" & "Ta Idia Oneira" [1972]

He released one single in 1973 with his group DNA. They played folk rock with violin, lira and gaida.

- Giorgos Maglaras
- Petros Protopappas
- Fontas Hantzis
- Sofia Gianatou
- Lena Platonos

2 years later with Lernea Idra (with old and new members) played live in one pub the lp ''Se Alous Kosmous''.

- Brothers Katsimiha
- Dimitris Maglaras
- Dimitris Poulikakos
- Marinakis (member of Peloma Bokiou)
- Kiourtsoglou (member of Peloma Bokiou)

As Lernea Idra also released one single in 1977 in Columbia.

Pictures/Photos/covers welcome :)

Thanks to Antony :)

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SOUP - "SOUP" {USA} [1970]

The great Appleton, Wisconsin band headed up by the late great Doug Yankus, and featuring their predecessor band- The Private Property Of Digil. While SOUP had their influences in Buffalo Springfield, Ten Years After, and other Blues/Rock traditions, Private Property just oozes with the sounds of the Byrds, Kinks, Beatles, and Dylan. Includes the original 1970 Arf Arm Artists LP, SOUP's only 45 release, and all four 45 releases by Private Property. See the February 19, 2000 issue of Bill Board Magazine's Declaration Of Independence column for more information from a local Appleton boy who heard these guys in person!!
Recorded at Jewel Studios, Mt. Healthy, Ohio; Chess Studios, Chicago, Illinois; Target Studios, Appleton, Wisconsin & live at University Of Wisconsin, Whitewater, Wisconsin between 1968 & 1970.

01 - Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
02 - I'm Just Not The Man To Be Tied
03 - Dear And Blue
04 - Black Cat Blues In Melody
05 - Tenessee
06 - I'm So Sorry
07 - Veronica
08 - Big Boss Man

Unreleased Demos
09 - Dance Magic Woman
10 - Song For Jackie

11 - Jewelry Lady
12 - I'm Looking At You
13 - Sunshine Flames
14 - Princess
15 - To My Friends
16 - Loox At Me
17 - Destination Nowhere
18 - The Patch Of Brick

- Doug Yankus (vocals, guitar)
- Dave Faas (vocals, bass)
- Rob Griffith (vocals, drums)
- Jim Peterman (keyboards).

06 - I'm So Sorry
09 - Dance Magic Woman

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Barış Manço - "Live in Tarsus" {Turkey} [1975]

LP release of another ultra rare previously unreleased material from the 70's Turkish rock scene: Barış Manço & Kurtalan Express Live in Tarsus, a live bootleg from the end of 1975. In the concert, Manço and Kurtalan Express mostly present songs fromtheir new LP called "2023" which had not been released in that period. During the concert the group displays an eclectic sound from space rock to psychedelic funk which are blended with Turkish traditional music and a mystical atmosphere. 500 copies only, blue vinyl and with liner notes. Sound quality is not perfect but more than enjoyable. A fantastic piece of Turkish rock history! - From the same labels that bought you Cem Karaca & Kardaslar. FIVE COPIES LEFT http://www.freakemporium.com/archive/release/BALP043/releasepage.html

Barış Manço (also spelt Baris Mancho in some European album releases) (January 2, 1943 - February 1, 1999) was a Turkish singer, composer, television producer and celebrity. He composed about 200 songs, some of which were translated into a variety of languages including English, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian and Arabic. He was, and still is, one of the most beloved public figures of Turkey.
more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar%C4%B1%C5%9F_Man%C3%A7o

a1 - Intro (2:32)
a2 - Ben Bilirim (3:26)
a3 - Yine Yol Gorundu Gurbete (2:57)
a4 - Bir Bahar Aksami (4:17)
a5 - Yol Verin Agalar Beyler (4:45)
a6 - Hey Koca Topcu (3:39)
b1 - 2023 (8:40)
b2 - Kol Basti (7:17)
b3 - Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayum (5:10)

a5 - Yol Verin Agalar Beyler
b1 - 2023

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Illusion - "Illusion" {USA} [1974]

A local Hawaii folk/rural album. It's sought - after mostly for its stunning sleeve design, as it's a bit too lightweight to have generated interest among collectors. Borderlinebooks (us6070s Rare Albums)

01 - The Lake (6:29)
02 - Travelin' Bones (4:01)
03 - Let Them Be (3:27)
04 - Not Yet (5:30)
05 - Drafted (6:25)
06 - Gone, Gone, Gone (4:43)
07 - Unknown Faces (5:17)
08 - Two Faced Boogie (4:17)

- Wendell Ing keyb'ds A
- Hank Leandro gtr A
- Denny Maeda gtr A
- Gregg Nutt drms A
- Butch O'Sullivan bs A

04 - Not Yet

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cem Karaca - "Cem Karaca ve Kardaşlar" {Turkey} [1969]

Cem Karaca, a Rock Singer who, according to Winfried Schlögel once blew away all other groups at an important festival in the seventies in Frankfurt with his incredibly powerful voice. His backing bands over the years include Apaslar, Kardaslar, Mogollar and Dervisan.

"Apaslar, like many bands of the 60's, started as clones of the Shadows but gradually developed into an innovative instrumental rock band from '67 onwards. Their collaborations with Cem put them up at the top of the Turkish pop charts and this led to great success in Germany" G.A. & J.D.

"Cem Karaca's early band was another reference to The Shadows Apaslar - The Apaches! The Apaches were probably named after The Shadows's big hit Apache." Can Altinbay" Can Altinbay

In 2001 Cem Karaca started working with Kurtalan Ekspres, Bari Manço's backing band from the 70's, and he still performed regularly in 2002 in Istanbul as well as in other Turkish cities. He occasionally plays in western Europe and had a visit to Australia planned for December 2002. Since 2003 he had a new backing band. In 2004 Cem sadly passed away. http://progressive.homestead.com/Cem_Karaca.html

01 - Lümüne (4:51)
02 - Demedimmi (3:34)
03 - Kara Sevda (4:22)
04 - Tatlý Dillim (4:23)
05 - Niksar (3:31)
06 - Kalender (3:54)
07 - Oy Gülüm Oy (5:27)
08 - Dadaloðlu (4:46)
09 - Felek Beni (3:32)
10 - Zeyno (3:23)
11 - Kara Yýlan (4:25)
12 - Bu Son Olsun (2:56)

01 - Lümüne
06 - Kalender

Thanks to Antony :)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sten Bergman - "Lyckohjulet" (The Wheel of Happiness) {Sweden} [1974]

He played melancholic and thoughtful folk-rock with Swedish lyrics. Member of: Atlantic Ocean, Fläsket Brinner, Träd, Gräs och Stenar and Tillsammans. http://sgm.paullee.ru/sgm-se.htm

"1969-1972. Träd, Gräs och Stenar. New name for the remains of International Harvester. Thomas Tidholm and Urban Yman both quit. During 1971 Jakob Sjöholm joined on guitar, later Arne Ericsson quit and Sten Bergman took over the elec. piano function. Long tours in Scandinavia, mostly outside the established channels." http://web.comhem.se/t.m.gartz/bands.htm

a1 - Vägen Är lång (4:24)
a2 - Lyckohjulet (3:27)
a3 - Människofiskare (4:32)
a4 - Vinterdröm (2:47)
a5 - Med dej här bredvid (2:20)
b1 - Det Är dej jag vill ha (3:42)
b2 - För mycket av ingenting (3:39)
b3 - St john (2:35)
b4 - Kommer hem (3:48)
b5 - Sorti (3:55)

- S. Bergman - vocals, guitar, keyboards
- Christer Bjernelind - guitar, keyboards, vibraphone
- Bengan Dahlén - guitar
- Per Bruun - bass
- Thomas Gartz - drums, violin

a1 - Vägen Är lång
a2 - Lyckohjulet
b5 - Sorti

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kim Dae Hwan - "Huk Woo" ("Black Rain") {Korea} [1991]

Kim Dae Hwan is one of Korea's most renowned western style percussionists. On this album he plays with haegeum player Kang Eun Il on three long improvisational pieces. 1. Black Rain Part 1 2. Black Rain Part 2. 3. Encore. Extraordinary.

He died 70 years old. It was very fast to be gone. We cannot forget his wildness and smile.
At first He was a drummer of the first Korean rock group ADD4 formed by Shin Joong Hyun who is the godfather of Korean rock. Then he formed his own band called Kim Trio (the principle of this band was never performing the same songs), and so on.
He joined the first Korean free music group Kang Tae Hwan Trio in 1978. After that, he had performed by solo musician, and collaborated with many kinds of artists till his death.
And also he was a famous calligraphist. His work, 346 letters on a gain of rice, appears on Guinness Book. He had performed calligraphy on his stage every time.
Only this was his leader album put on the market formally before he died. He played very simple drum sets that constructed with a roto-tom and cymbals and Korean traditional drum, with six sticks in his hands. It was very silently. Above his drum sound, haegeum (Korean traditional instrument) by Mrs. Kang Eun Il was crying bitterly or weeping gently. http://www.yogiga.com/yukie/English/11-1_KoreanFree/01_3%20kings/index.html

Gran parte de la percusión presentada en este CD es coreana, pero los instrumentos melódicos son saxofones y trompetas; Kang Unil aparece con el haegum. Las tres pistas incluidas están interrelacionadas como se ve claramente por los títulos: Black Rain 1, Black Rain 2 y Encore. http://www.rutadeseda.org/corea/musica/guiadeloyente188.html

01 - Black Rain 1 (30:29)
02 - Black Rain 2 (19:13)
03 - Encore (2:39)

03 - Encore

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

P.L.J. Band - "Gaspar" {Greece} [1979] (Single)

The first ever official vinyl reissue of these Greek legends. Originally released in 1982 by Vertigo this is a very rare album nowadays. Progressive, space rock, psychedelic, Byzantine and mid-eastern elements create the ultimate Greek "rock" album, as many prog-minds around the world declare. The lyrics based on the "Apocalypse of John" and the "Prophecies of Ezekiel". The surprise is the "GASPAR", which accompanies this album. It was a privately pressed 7" EP, released in 1979 as a limited edition of 1000 copies and it had been distributed by the band through their gigs. Nowadays, it's an ultra rarity and almost impossible to find a copy. It contains 4 tracks, all self-penned and sung in English and it's closer to the late 60's - early 70's psychedelic music than to the "Armageddon's" space progressivism. It has never been rereleased in any format. This is an official reissue. From the master-tapes. Exact reproduction of the gatefold cover and the Vertigo labels. Includes extra 2-pages insert with photos and the reproduction of an original full-coloured poster which announces the just-released (!!!) album by Vertigo back in 1981. Yet, the set contains the ULTRA RARE, 4-tracks,7" EP "Gaspar", made by the band in 1979. With its original B/W picture sleeve, this 7" re-release is licenced by P.L.J Band members. 500 copies. http://www.shinybeast.nl/catalog/view.php?item_id=319408

More info here http://www.termitesband.com/ http://www.myspace.com/termitesgr

01. Wake up (3:07)
02. Summer will come for me again (2:52)
03. Gaspar (3:15)
04. Transmigration (3:19)

- Laurentis Macaeritsas / Lead Vocals, 12-String Guitar, Keyboards
- Antonis Mijelos / Lead guitar, Acoustic Guitar
- Jimmy Vasalakos / Bass, Backing Vocals
- Pavlos Kikrilis / Rhythm, Classical Guitar
- Tolis Skamajouras / Drums, Percussion

Thanks to Antony :)
Thanks to Pavlos Kikrilis :)

03. Gaspar
04. Transmigration

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fred van Zegveld "Hammond organ dynamite" [1969] (organ, soft groove cocktail)

Im a fan of oragn music and have always been a little bit curious about this one. So what to say then. Well its not something special not so progressive it is an ordinary late sixties hammon organ album. If you have heard Merit Hemingsson's early album that is what this album sounds like, cool cocktailparty music. The best song is Dynamite that also appears on some collection but also the Beatles cover is pretty good.
Fred van zegveld did also play in Roeks Family a pop/rock act that released one album.
The story goes that the studio was booked but the artist didn't show up so Fred and his friends recorded this album.
Who knows? I hope you will like it.


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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Molendinar - "Folklore aus Schottland" {Germany} [1979] (celtic/trad. folk)

All i know that this lp released from East German label -Amiga- at 1979, typical celtic folk with some nice moments on it. There is a warm invite on this music, any info welcome. Enjoy!

marry me now - ale is dear - dancing feet

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alain Renaud - "Renaud" {France} [1975] (psych/prog - spacey/hard)

"Very little info on this musician. The first album: sort of spacey sound, with lots of echoing guitar work, a bit similar to Richard Pinhas in style (who also co-produced the album). The second I know nothing about. Back And In Again: here we have participations from Patrick Gauthier, Benoit Widemann and Richard Pinhas. Guy Delacroix plays bass (he will later appear on Jean-Michel Jarre's Revolutions). The style is reportedly more Jazz-Rock than EM, but with already three Heldon dudes giving a hand you can't go wrong, can you?." review taken from http://www.pugachov.ru/eem/rafram.html back cover seems more interesting than the front, and the music: is nice!

thanks to my friend gilles :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

I Pyranas - "Tanti Successi Per i Pyranas" {Italy} [1969] (beat fusion/early prog)

the only english review that i found at google -taken from ebay vinyl listings-;
"Tanti Successi Per I Pyranas Lp. Original Italian pressing on RCA ARC label (ALPS 11014), from circa 1970. Seldom heard and obscure session from this cult group! I Pyranas were the Italian equivalent of, say, the Ivan Jullien big band and there is even speculation that the 2 were possibly involved in joint projects?!? The name Jullien appears as a writer on the label and this Lp includes Mohawks style hammond tunes, one of which is called Wake the Monster (complete with funky drum breaks on the intro) that is also the name given to a track on Ivan Jullien's Riviera No 1 Lp! Whatever, I Pyranas really were a funky bunch with a psych jazz / mod jazz sound, blasting horn section and they could also sing! Expect raw hammond solos / clipped funky guitar riffs / tuff drumming / groovy congas / psychedelic soul covers / funky mod tunes et al on here! Great stuff for DJs so listen to the soundclip. Rumours aside, this is a record with similar motifs to certain UK hammond exploitation sessions like the Sugar Loaf - Soul Struttin' Lp. I Pyranas are one of our favourite bands of all time too"

not my rip, nor my friends, it may also be sent to other blogs as well, i knew the name of the band for a long time, but i was somehow expecting that this band is yet another boring flower power pop/beat, i was wrong, i cant stop myself to listen some songs over and over again, there are 3 more albums from same band which i would like to listen, if any friend have them, make me happy :) well Enjoy!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Moonlyte "Better Late Than Never" {USA} [1974] (funk/psych rock)

funk oddity that has power to put a smile on faces for santana lovers with a few songs in it, there are some nice moments and overall a good atmosphere, makes this album need to be remembered, any infos welcome.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chilliwack "St" {Canada} [1970] (Heavy-Rock Progressive)

Ohhh no not a boring north american heavy rock band again! You think, but I think you should give this band a chance. They mix some kind of Heavy rock with a slightley Jethro Tull feeling one some tracks. I get a feeling that they didn't know what kind of music they wanted to play. Some tracks have flute and saxophone and some have riffing guitars. How ever a really good album my favourit tracks are "Sundown" and " Seventeen" the song "I got you" have marvelous guitar solo and a cool cembalo and organ ackompained. So please enjoy this legendary Parrot label release. This is their first album Chilliwack is a little bit confusing becuse both their first and second album are self titled.
Btw this is a vinyl rip just so you know.


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bazaar - "Live" {Denmark} [1978] (world/prog folk)

from a review at rym;
"The first album from the little know Danish act is an eclectic mix of diverse music styles. Flagged as a Danish folk act, Bazaar could be a lot of things. There are folk influences a plenty here but it is a folk drawn from Northern European as well as Eastern European influences. In fact the band draw heavily from the folk scenes of countries like Bulgaria and Turkey, but play with a twist of Latin music and hints of rock, though they do so with a conservative approach. Bazaar Live, their debut release, is a double album which includes both live and, I think, studio live performances. Recording live in the studio allows the band to retain a chemistry in the improvisations of the music, which keeps fresh and alive. So what we have here with regard to instrumentation includes a mixture of clarinet, bassoon, organ, guitar, timbales, bongos etc... played by the Peter Bastian, Anders Koppel, Mehmet Ozan and Flemming Quist Møller. Much of the album was recorded live in a small hall in Christiania in Denmark. Christiania has a certain notoriety. Founded, well they actually just broke into the unused army base and took over, by a bunch of hippies in the early seventies and is basically an alternative society, while the use of drugs there is quite liberal to say the least, and its inhabitants are something of a law unto themselves. Though in recent times the law has been keeping close tabs on the goings on there. The eclectic mix of the music and free flowing dope must have made for a great night, the album swings and flows with a gentle humour here and there, and all around the music is packed with tightly arranged instrumentation. Fans of diverse folk would be advised to pick up Bazaar Live, and as a piece of useless information; It was engineered by Flemming Rasmussen, the man who would go to produce Metallica's Master Of Puppets album in 1986."

This 2lp set album has released at 78 and reissued at sometime in 90s, It has a little something from everthing, that everyone may find something interesting. Listening this album is like travelling.


Hodja vender tilbage..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Panos Savvopoulos - "Domatio & Episodio" {Greece} [1968-71] (folk rock)


Thanks to Antony :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Total Music Association "Walpurgis" - free kraut rock - 1971

hi folks,
here is another elusive morsel from the ever surprising Krautrock bunch.
The only lp by TMA presented an original free jazz fusion a la kraut, a bit like an outrageous Annexus Quam.
It has been totally ignored for years, so I guess it's time it gets the attention it deserves.

side b...

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Third Ear Band "Abelard and heloise" [1970] (Progressive- Experimental, Classic, Medieval, Drone)

Strange album that mix medieval elements with progressive and then add a drone feeling (maybe the first real drone album?).
Some information:

Abelard & Heloise
was the first of two soundtracks to have been commissioned from Third Ear Band; the other was forRoman Polanski's Macbeth. Abelard & Heloise was recorded in 1970 for a film made for release on German television based on the great medieval love story. Like most of their work, this album features the improvised chamber music Third Ear Band developed during the 1970s. While this album is heavy on the hypnotic drone, there are several nice melodic improvisatory sequences, especially on tracks two and five. It's also worth noting that they go don't period with their music for this period film. Simply as a part of a genre, this soundtrack departs significantly from what one expects from a film score, ranging into territory shaped byMick Jagger's work for Kenneth Anger. More than simple counterpoint to the visual information, Third Ear Band seems to have created an independent sonic world, one that would draw the narrative into its very dark space. This album was re-released on the Blueprint label (BP310 CD) in 1999.

track 2...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Povl Dissing - "Nøgne Øjne (Med Benny Holst & Beefeaters)" {Denmark} [1969]

A1 - Ingen (4:20)
A2 - Godt nyt idag (3:20)
A3 - Honningland (4:20)
A4 - Anemonesml (3:55)
A5 - Jeg gør dig rig igen (4:35)
B1 - Du er fjerm (4:20)
B2 - Tape fra en halv mand (11:30)
B3 - Nøgne øjne (4:50)


B2 - Tape fra en halv mand...
B3 - Nøgne øjne...

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Rävjunk - "Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner" {Sweden} [1977]

Initially named Libbet Sväller. The band started around 1975 and are a pre-punkband. Rävjunk means a foxes piss. Played at Hinseberg, a prison for women, alot of times.
Their EP Bohman, Bohman got banned on national swedish radio for mocking a political party leader. The band split up in the early 80´s. http://www.swedishpunk.com/bands.php?id=445

A1 - Sherry, Vermouth, Vin å Öl
A2 - Hey Little Girl
A3 - Jag é så skitig jag é så paj
A4 - Uppsala Stadshotell brinner
A5 - Inferno
A6 - Säg mig Andersson
B7 - Nåsten (Den tysta skogen)
B8 - Snöspår (Del 1,2 och 3)
B9 - Vi Ses (Vid Taj Mahal)

- Sören G Andersson - vox, stringmachine
- Christer "The road grader" Lindahl - guitar, organ, vox
- Wilhelm Wallin - bass
- Peter Ericsson - guitar, drums
- Hasse Bruniusson - drums
- Olle Sjöstedt - guitar, vox
- Gert Hedov - guitar
- Kenneth Sylwan - harmonica
- Henrik Lind - guitar

Homepage: http://medlem.spray.se/ravjunksweb/

A4 - Uppsala Stadshotell brinner...
A5 - Inferno...

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Epizootic - "Daybreak" {Sweden} [1976]

A1. Epizootic (2:43)
A2. Sunset, Emotin (3:29)
A3. Eye Ball (5:19)
A4. Fantacy (5:04)
A5. Daybreak (3:01)
A6. What Mercy Is This (3:14)
B1. Indian Reservation (5:29)
B2. Pictures Of All Ordinary Life (4:47)
B3. Pluto (4:57)
B4. Sinbad (3:59)

- Pär Ericsson (vocals, bass, flute)
- Bengt Fischer (guitar)
- Lars Liljegren (piano, synthesizer, vocals)
- Lars Johansson (drums)

A3. Eye Ball...
A5. Daybreak...

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missus Beastly - Two live lps - 1972-73 - KrautPsych

Here are the two mistery lps documenting the great Missus Beastly live in the early Seventies.
- Volksmusik - 1972

- Superrock made in Germany - 1973
(aka "In garten des schweigens" - with Weramean)
They were issued on the obscure Electric Bird label, and are impossibly rare now.
It's classic psych krautrock with a raw edge, and a holy grail for kraut collectors!

A Better Life

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Óðmenn "ST" {Iceland} [1970] (Heavy Rock Progressive)

Okey I cant find any kind of information about this band. Some sources says that they were founded in 1966 in the city Keflavik on Iceland and disbanded 1970 the same year they released their one and only album. And I think they released one album and three singles. The singer did also appears on albums with Nattura and Trubrot.
The album it self its some kind of ordinary hard rock/rock (but not boring) album with some progressive moments. Imagine Cream or something like that with over drieen guitars etc but without the blues. But the real masterpiece on this one is the 18 min killer track with a lot of good guitar masturbation.

The line up during the years:
Johan G Johansson (vocals, bass), Eiríkur Jóhannsson (bass, 1966-68), Valur Emilsson (guitar, 1966-68), Engilbert Jensen (drums 1966-67), Pétur Östlund (drums 1967-68), Magnús Kjartansson (keyboards, 1967-68), Shady Owens (vocals, 1967-68), Finnur Torfi Stefánsson (guitar 1969-70), Ólafur Garðarsson (drums, 1969-70), Reynir Harðarson (drums, 1970)


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