Thursday, August 18, 2011

Serpentine - "In the Grass" {Netherlands} (1970)

Rock group from 't Gooi, launched in 1967. The first line-up lasted until 1969 and consisted of: Peter van der Sande (v, g, ex-Sexton Five, Highschool Five, Smokey and Kingbees), Rob Morel (b, ex-Dean Allen Set), Ralf Dragstra (o, p, trb, ex-Dean Allen Set), Bob de Laat (s, ex-Dean Allen Set), Patrick Verboom (tr), Frank van Tijn (v, dr, to OPMC) and Dick Pels (g, ex-Guardians, to Dean Allen Set). In 1969, Peter left the group temporarily. Serpentine started accompanying Amos Tamela (ex-Mustang Soul) and Sandra Reemer.

Peter then recorded a single for Polydor with his new group Blech, featuring: Fije Jasky (dr), Ton Jasky (b), Theo Andriessen (p), Ad le Conte (o). Nevertheless, the single was released under the name Serpentine, because Peter had soon returned to his old band. The line-up was then narrowed down to: Peter van der Sande (v, b), Onno Lopulalan (g), Frank van Tijn (v, dr) and Ralf Dragstra (o, p). Band members also did a lot of session work - for California License, Big Boy & Bouncers and OPMC, amongst others. On account of legal reasons, later records were released under the moniker Apartment One. Serpentine fell apart in 1970; Peter joined Focus.

A1. Tell me Some More
A2. The Doctor Said
A3. Gymnastics in the Morning
A4. Belinda Tomorrow
A5. Wake Up (It's a New Day)
A6. I've Only Got Myself
B1. Powerful Jim
B2. Love is Turning Me On
B3. Instant Alison
B4. Hey Dreamer
B5. One Legged William
B6. Big Man

- Bob de Laat (saxophone, 1967-69)
- Dick Pels (guitar, 1967-69)
- Frank van Tijn (drums, vocals)
- Patrick Verboom (trumpet, 1967-69)
- Peter van der Sande (vocals, guitar, cello, organ, bass, 1967-69, 1969-72)
- Ralf Dragstra (keyboards, trombone)
- Rob Morel (bass, 1967-69)
- Onny Lopulalan (guitar, 1969-72)

Tell me Some More...
Instant Alison...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vårsøg - "Vårsøg" {Norway} [1977]

Norwegian folk rock / pop group.
Sommerro started a pop group called the Tramps in 1963 or 1964, they changed name to Mad Movies and later to Vårsøg in 1976 and disbanded in 1980.
The Melody Vårsøg from their first album is often used in funerals in Norway.

- Henning Sommerro (vocals, keyboards)
- Knut Blekken (bass)
- Johnny Gausemel (drums)

A1 Vårsøg 3:14
A2 Bruramarsj 1:48
A3 Storstangvikgjellingen 1:40
A4 Brudlaupsvise 2:20
A5 Klavakonas marsj 1:15
A6 Ein under altet 2:04
A7 Ka ska æ gjerra 2:22
A8 Tjeka tjeka på kalveknok 0:50
B1 No vil vi søng 0:34
B2 Nedpå Moå 3:04
B3 Nordmørsminne 2:17
B4 Fram kom ein skreddar 1:30
B5 Gravøl e Merradala 3:12
B6 Julverset 1:34
B7 Dans dans dans dele 0:39
B8 De er trygge til jul i Sauda 2:46

Fram kom ein skreddar...

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